Peter Theunis (Hoeven, NL) is off to a phenomenal start in 2023

Peter Theunis is off to a rocket start in 2023.
The 2023 racing season is just underway and Peter Theunis already booked a provincial and federation victory. On Morlincourt, Peter dominated the field with the first six prizes in the federation against more than 6,000 pigeons. 

Super 62 beats five loft mates


The NL21-2111062 Super 62 beats five loft mates on Morlincourt and thereby wins 1st in Rayon 2 against 6,117 pigeons

Last weekend the third short distance race of 2023 was flown in Afdeling Brabant 2000. The pigeons were released in Morlincourt, 248km away from the lofts of Embregts-Theunis in Hoeven. Peter saw a group of six pigeons dive for the lofts, of which the first two were clocked on exactly the same time, followed by three simultaneous times (16 seconds later). The sixth pigeon was clocked some twenty seconds behind the winning pigeon. In the end, there can only be one winner. In this case it was the  NL21-2111062 Super 62 who was beaten by only one pigeon in the province against 18,082 pigeons. Super 62 is a son of NL17-1371054 Avatar (son Millenniumkoppel) who became a super breeder after his racing career, in which he won a/o 1st NPO Quiévrain against 13,331 pigeons. Super 62 has several top results on his palmares besides the victory on Morlincourt with a/o a 7th NPO Issoudun (2,467 p.) and he became 10th Golden Crack at Fondclub Zuid-Nederland. 

Result Morlincourt 6th May (248km)
Rayon 2 against 6,117 pigeons 1-2-3-4-5-6-14-26-27-42-44-46-62-64-etc.(48/60)
Brabant 2000 against 18,082 pigeons 2-3-4-5-6-7-18-38-39-68-70-72-93-98-etc.(48/60)

Millennium Ava wins Provincial Niergnies against 18,456 pigeons

NL17-1371054 Avatar is the father od Millennium Ava, winner Niergnies against 18,456 pigeons

A week prior to the phenomenal result from Morlincourt, Peter Theunis already showed himself on the race from Niergnies. On this race his NL20-2002167 Millennium won the provincial race against 18,456 pigeons and Peter had three pigeons in the Top 10 of Afd. Brabant 2000. Millenium Ava previously won a/o 1st Chateaudun against 2,456 p. Millennium Ava, just like Super 62, is a child of Avatar. With three children amongst the first 10 arrivals from Niergnies and two children amongst the 15 first arrivals from Morlincourt, Avatar plays an important role in the successful season start. 

Children Olympic Millennium show themselves

Children of NL17-3714984 Olympic Millennium show themselves at the top of the charts

Besides Avatar, Peter houses another super pigeon NL17-3714984 Olympic Millenium (sister Avatar). She too has many successful (grand)children early in the season. From Niergnies her son New Olympic won 7th against 18,456 pigeons in Brabant 2000 and her daughter Perfect Millennium (84th against 18,456) won a great 1:100 prize. On Morlincourt, her granddaughter Athena was clocked on the same time as Super 62 and took 3rd against 18,062 pigeons in Afd. Brabant 2000. Daughter Olympia was also in the lead group from Morlincourt and took 4th in Brabant 2000. 

No secrets

Peter Theunis has no secrets when it comes to his pigeons. Quite the contrary, as he is open about his methods in his online blog. The difference in Hoeven is made through the ironclad stock of pigeons. He is truly off to a rocket start this season. We will continue to follow his results closely during the rest of the season. We certainly expect a lot from this super fancier!