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Peter & Gwen van de Merwe (Dordrecht, NL) show their potential in Argenton with a 1-2-5-6 against 8,125 pigeons

The pigeons of Peter and Gwen van de Merwe have shown to be in great shape in recent weeks. They demonstrated their form in the NPO race from Argenton, winning a 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th against 8,125 pigeons.

The pigeons of Peter and Gwen have been performing really well throughout the year. They have won several top prizes, as well as many great overall results. Last weekend's race from Argenton was another great success, with the team winning a 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th teletext prize. We take a closer look at their last four races, just to give you an idea of how successful they have been along the way.

The pigeons were released from Pontoise on 17th of June, for a race of 354km against 6,521 pigeons in Rayon East (Prov. 5). Here are the results:

Gwen  : 2-5-11-32-263-299-508-511-548-etc. (13/20)
Peter : 3-34-44-46-49-60-63-68-77-116-158-159-166-220-246-264-296-304-308-319-333-426-469-500-
      : 503-549-637-640-644-etc. (49/73)

2nd Pointoise 6,521 p. NL16-1528009 (pedigree)
3rd Pointoise 6,521 p. NL16-1527959 (pedigree)
5th Pointoise 6,521 p. NL15-1708799 (pedigree)

The race from Bourges took off on 24th of June, a flight over 549km. Gwen and Peter won the following prizes against 1,186 pigeons in Entente Drechtsteden (Prov. 5):

Gwen  : 4-6-21-90 (4/15)
Peter : 3-8-9-23-27-34-35-38-51-52-53-54-55-57-59-64-72-75-80-82-86-112-114-etc. (38/65)

A middle distance race was due to take off on 1st of July but was relocated to Arras (214km) due to bad weather. Team Van de Merwe clocked the fastest two birds overall of 12,475 pigeons in this teletext race. Here are the results in Rayon East against 4,115 birds:

Gwen  : 12-19-109-155-etc. (9/19)
Peter : 1-2-4-5-13-14-15-17-18-38-39-40-45-55-76-95-102-104-121-141-159-220-246-etc. (31/57)

1st Arras 4,115 p. NL15-1708775 (pedigree)
2nd Arras 4,115 p. BE16-6047206 (pedigree) - a direct Leo & Gerry Dockx (Koningshooikt, BE)
4th Arras 4,115 p. NL16-1528050 (pedigree)
5th Arras 4,115 p. NL16-1528037 (pedigree)

And last weekend (8th of July) we had the one day long distance race from Argenton. The team won the teletext prizes 1, 2, 5 and 6. The first pigeon had a five minute lead over the second in the race, and it proved the fastest racing bird overall in Province 5 and 6 (12,267 pigeons). Here is a look at the overall results of Gwen and Peter in Province 5 of 8,125 pigeons:

Gwen  : 1-411-622-etc. (6/12)
Peter : 2-5-6-56-75-85-151-176-181-188-221-249-308-364-561-616-660-722-747-811-etc. (27/52)

We will now take a closer look at the pigeons that won a 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th teletext prize from Argenton.

DV07274-16-1155 Dark Gwen, 1st NPO Argenton (8,125 p.)

Dark Gwen, 1st NPO Argenton (8,125 p.)

Dark Gwen won a 1st NPO Argenton against 8,125 pigeons. She had a velocity of 1,182 mpm over 624km, which gave her an impressive five minute lead over the second in the race. Dark Gwen was also the fastest overall in Province 5 and 6 (12,267 pigeons). This talented racing hen comes straight from the successful pigeon family of Hardy Krüger (Rommerskirchen, DE). Hardy Krüger has been one of the biggest champions in Germany for years, and the Krüger pigeons have been quite successful in a number of lofts both at home and abroad. The sire of Dark Gwen is Dark Alfi, and the dam is Adele, bred from super class pair Messi x Caprice. Click here to discover the pedigree of Dark Gwen. She showed her potential already as a yearling, winning several top prizes:

 1st NPO Argenton 8,128 p.
 1st Blois          145 p. (and 15th 1,777 p.)
 4th Fontenay     1,296 p.
 4th Pointoise      275 p. (and 11th 6,521 p.)
 3rd Bourges        234 p. (and  6th 1,186 p.)
10th Vierzon        235 p. (and 30th 1,280 p.)
22nd Arras          521 p.
27th Peronne      2,812 p.
23rd Roye           313 p.
29th Pont St. Max.  234 p.
44th Peronne        520 p.
50th Asse Zellik    529 p.
53rd Pointoise      493 p.

Dam of 1st NPO Argenton

NL15-1708783, 2nd NPO Argenton (8,125 p.)

The 2nd NPO Argenton was won by racing hen 783, a daugher of Tiesto x Tessa. Click here for the pedigree of NL15-1708783. The sire of Tiesto has won a 1st Nanteuil (13,814 p.) and a 1st Sens (1,332 p). Tiesto is a grandson of the outstanding Amigo. The dam is Tessa, winner of 12 top 10s and 8 top 100s NPO. This is the palmares of 783:

  2nd NPO Argenton 8,125 p.
  8th Bourges      1,186 p.
 16th Quievrain    2,993 p.
 16th Pointoise      493 p.
 21st Chimay         357 p.
 22nd Duffel       1,064 p.
 22nd Vierzon        235 p.
 30th Peronne        611 p.
130th NPO Argenton 7,374 p.
175th NPO Ruffec   3,780 p.

Sire of 2nd NPO Argenton

Dam of 2nd NPO Argenton

NL16-1527991, 5th NPO Argenton (8,125 p.)

Racing bird 991 finished in 5th place. His sire is a 100% Leo Heremans. He is a grandson of Gilbert (1st National Ace Pigeon YBs 2011); the dam is Daughter Janneke. Click here for the pedigree of NL16-1527991. Besides his 5th NPO Argenton the 991 has als won a 6th NPO Pointoise (16,661 p.), a 17th Arras (920 p.), a 19th Vierzon (235 p.) and a 20th Peronne (2,812 p.).

NL15-1708690, 6th NPO Argenton (8,125 p.)

Racing hen 690 claimed a 6th prize NPO from Argenton. This is her palmares so far:

 6th NPO Argenton 8,125 p.
 9th Arras          920 p.
12th Roye         1,812 p.
15th Arras          521 p.
22nd Peronne        539 p.
 4th Chateauroux    206 p. (and 76th NPO 10,029 p.).
10th Bourges        284 p. (and 91st NPO 13,431 p.).
54th Quievrain    3,900 p.

The sire of the 690 is Son Drum (Peter Fox). Her dam is Sister Miss Lucky, which is in turn a daughter of Gwen (1st National Ace Pigeon NPO). Click here for the pedigree of NL15-1708690. The sisters of Sister Miss Lucky have won several top prizes, including:

1st Nat. NPO Blois   15,172 p.
1st Nat. NPO Sourdun 18,339 p. (and car winner)
2nd Nat. Chateauroux 12,094 p.
3rd Nat. Chantilly   13,953 p.


Dam of 6th NPO Argenton

Replay dynasty still at the basis of the team's current successes

Peter and Gwen have won numerous victories in recent years, both at national level and in the NPO. Their 1st NPO Argenton is yet another top result on their excellent list of achievements. The Replay dynasty is still a fundamental part of this pigeon breed. The youngsters and grandchildren of Replay continue to play a major role in most of the team's best results, including the achievements that we talked about in this article. For instance, NL05-1400951 Amigo (one of Replay's most valuable youngsters) can be found in the pedigree of each of the four prize winners that featured in this report. This 1st NPO Argenton will probably not be the last major win for 2017. We have the national one day long distance race from Chateauroux and several young birds' races NPO coming up, so we expect Peter and Gwen to get a few other great results in the near future as well.