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Peter and his daughter Gwen van de Merwe (Dordrecht, NL) achieve great results at the highest level again in 2016

Season after season the pigeon breed of Peter and Gwen van de Merwe shows its exceptional strength in the Netherlands and at international level, with the descendants of Replay, Amigo and many other champions playing a key role.

Peter and his daughter Gwen

Since he made his entry in pigeon racing in 1985, Peter van de Merwe has been one of the top players at international level, having won a countless number of races at national level and in the NPO competition. His daughter Gwen, who has always been in a team with her father, has played an important role in this success story as well. The two fanciers have been particularly tough to beat due to the strength of their Dynastie breed, which can be found throughout this pigeon family. The youngsters and grandchildren of Dynastie continue to leave their mark season after season. We will discuss some of the team's greatest chamions of today but first let's take a look at the results of Gwen and Peter over the past two years:

Chateauroux NPO 5,907 p.: 1-10-27-28-32-33-41-51-58-63-64-67-79-95-99-etc. (33/55)
Ruffec NPO      4,133 p.: 1-10-12-14-26-32-46-55-61-69-81-89-etc. (20/45)
Quievrain       2,993 p.: 1-3-4-6-9-16-28-29-35-41-46-50-53-54-55-58-68-69-71-etc. (62/123)
Asse-Zellik     2,155 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-14-34-36-41-42-46-58-etc. (46/65)
Duffel          1,064 p.: 1-2-34--8-9-12-13-16-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-30-etc. 966/104)
Nanteuil        2,192 p.: 1-4-6-7-8-9-15-16-17-18-23-24-25-26-27-30-32-34-40-42-43-55-
                          56-etc. (77/113)
Pontoise        1,930 p.: 1-2-3-9-12-13-16-17-21-26-etc. (40/87) (and 2-6-9 16,611 p.)
Pt.-St.-Maxence 2,163 p.: 1-5-8-9-10-11-12-14-16-22-24-30-36-38-39-40-41-etc. (55/106)
Chateauroux     1,163 p.: 1-2-9-12-13-19-21-24-25-29-30-31-32-33-35-36-
                          37-etc. (61/104) (national 8-13 44,332 p.)
Ruffec            422 p.: 1-2-4-5-8-9-14-16-19-etc. (30/57) (NPO 6-9-11-12 3.770 p.)
Peronne         2,812 p.: 1-2-3-11-12-20-21-27-34-37-etc. (56/149) (and 1-2-3 9,000 p.)
Quievrain       2,069 p.: 1-3-5-10-12-13-15-16-24-25-27-28-34-36-37-38-40-
                          41-etc. (73/103) (and fastest of 6,734 p.)

Their list of national titles across the past two seasons (only the top 10 prizes) is quite impressive as well:

1st National Chateauroux 37,819 p.
1st NPO Ruffec 4,133 p.
1st NPO Nanteuil 15,640 p.
1st national ace pigeon YBs PIPA ranking 2015 (6 prizes)
2nd national ace pigeon YBs WHZB/TBOTB 2015
3rd national ace pigeon YBs PIPA ranking 2015 (6 prizes)
4th national ace pigeon YBs WHZB/TBOTB 2015
4th National champion YBs nominated NPO 2016
4th national ace pigeon YBs PIPA ranking 2016 (3 prizes)
7th national ace pigeon sprint/middle distance PIPA ranking 2015 (10 prizes)
2nd Golden Pigeon winner The Netherlands 2015
1st Golden Pigeon winner Youth 2015 (Gwen)

The Replay dynasty

Like we said, Replay has proven invaluable to this pigeon loft. He is a 100% C&G Koopman obtained through Marcel Sangers (Eefde, NL). Click here for the impressive pedigree of Replay. Replay is the sire of:

Nathalie:      1st NPO Chantilly 30,074 p.
Pikeur:        1st Province 5 Ablis 40,268 p.
Graz:          3x 1st prize
               9th Nat. NPO Bourges 12,905 p.
               29th Nat. NPO Tours 10,976 p.
Replay Junior: Its youngsters have won 10 top 10 prizes NPO/Prov.
Amigo:         9th national ace cock WHZB/TBOTB 2007
               2nd Ablis 4,568 p.
               4th Peronne 44,240 p.

This is the palmares of a few of his grandchildren:

Miss Lucky:                 1st Nat. NPO sector 2 Blois 15,172 p.
Mister Ablis:               1st Nat. NPO sector 2 Ablis 18,911 p.
Joy:                        1st Nat. NPO Ablis 15,871 p. and 2nd Nat. Sezanne 21,720 p.
Marcel:                     1st Nat. NPO Blois 13,155 p.
Black Jack:                 8th Nat. Chateauroux 44,332 p. and 
                            7th Prov. 5 Pt.-St.-Maxence 12,189 p.
Black 747 (zus Black Jack): 20th nat. ace pigeon middle distance NPO '15 and 
                            37th nat. ace pigeon middle distance WHZB/TBOTB '15
NL14-1061481:               1st Nanteuil 1,351 p., 1st Duffel 931 p., 6th Roye 1,773 p, 
                            8th Pt.-St.-Maxence 12,189 p. and 27th NPO Chateauroux 5,907 p.
NL15-1708670:               37th nat. ace pigeon YLs PIPA ranking '16, 
                            40th nat. ace pigeon YBs NPO '15 and 
                            72nd nat. ace pigeon allround PIPA ranking '16
NL15-1060736:               1st Duffel 3,544 p. and 1st Asse Zellik 1,202 p.
NL14-1060755:               1st Peronne 602 p. and 3rd Fontenay 15,222 p.
NL15-1708787:               17th nat. ace pigeon YBs PIPA ranking '15 and 
                            92nd nat. ace pigeon YLs PIPA ranking '16
NL14-1060721:               21st NPO Chateauroux 5,907 p., 21st NPO Ruffec 3,780 p. and 
                            55th NPO Argenton 7,374 p.

Amigo is one of the most valuable youngsters of Replay - click here for his pedigree. He is not only the sire of Joy (1st NPO Ablis 15,871 p. and 2nd NPO Sezanne 21,720 p.), he is also the grandfather of:

NL15-1708719 with a 1st Duffel 2,474 p., 1st Quievrain 2,069 p. and 1st Peronne 1,008 p.
NL15-1708720 with a 1st Duffel 2,355 p. and 12th Duffel 1,064 p.
NL15-1708747 with a 1st Quievrain 3,752 p., 8th Pt.-St.-Maxence 6,160 p., 8th Duffel 1,064 p.
NL15-1708044 with a 1st Bourges 1,550 p. (15th NPO 13,341 p.)
NL15-1708701 with a 2nd Ruffec 422 p. (9th NPO 3,770 p.)
NL14-1061639 with a 4th NPO Nanteuil 15,640 p. and 12th Prov. Peronne 19,772 p.
Shane        with a 1st NPO Argenton
Tiesto       with a 1st Prov. 5 Nanteuil 13,814 p. and 1st Sens 1,332 p.
Amine        with a 4th NPO Ruffec 3,839 p., 6th Peronne 5,184 p. and 6th Peronne 3,199 p.

In addition to the list of achievements above, we would like to discuss a few more pigeons bred from Replay and Amigo.

NL14-1060732 Black Jack

Black Jack, which is raced by Gwen, was one of the eye-catchers in recent seasons, winning 40 prizes at the age of 2, including 18 prizes 1:10. This season he finished in 5th place in the one day long distance race from Chatearoux against 10,029 pigeons. These are some of his best results:

 1st Chateauroux     595 km  1,163 p. (8th National 44,332 p.)
 7th Pt.-St.-Maxence 316 km 12,189 p.
28th Nanteuil        326 km  9,866 p.
23rd Mantes-la-Jolie 377 km  7,517 p.
37th Nanteuil         326 km 8,709 p.
 8th Roye            270 km  1,773 p.
 3rd Asse-Zellik     106 km    620 p.
23rd Duffel           79 km  2,637 p.
11th Peronne         243 km    889 p.
14th Pt.-St.-Maxence 316 km    750 p.

The sire of Black Jack is Tygo, and Tygo is a son of Replay, which we already mentioned. The dam of Black Jack is Blacky 380, and she is the grandmother of a 3rd NPO Nanteuil (15,722 p.) and an 8th Morlincourt (18,848 p.). Click here for the full pedigree of Black Jack.

NL14-1060736 Daughter Metall

Daughter Metall is another grandchild of top breeder Replay - see pedigree. This hen was raced by Gwen as well, and she won an impressive 48 prizes as a racing bird, including 11 prizes per 100:

 1st Duffel       79 km  3,544 p.
 1st Peronne     243 km    127 p.
 1st Asse-Zellik 106 km  1,202 p
 2nd Duffel       79 km  1,243 p.
 3rd Menen       154 km  1,751 p.
 3rd Quievrain   170 km  1,057 p.
 5th Duffel       79 km  1,023 p.
 1st Peronne     243 km    127 p.
10th Asse-Zellik 106 km  3,891 p.
23rd Peronne     243 km 11,680 p.
16th Duffel       79 km  2,533 p.

She now has a proven record in the breeding loft as well; her youngsters have already won a 17th Quievrain (2,366 p.) and an 18th Nanteuil (2,192 p.).

NL14-1061481 Daughter Caitlin

The last grandchild of Replay in our overview is Daughter Caitlin. The sire of New Replay is a full brother of such prize winners as Nathalie and Pikeur. The dam of Daughter Caitlin is Caitlin, winner of a 1st Peronne against 25,458 pigeons. Caitlin is a daughter of Bauer, winner of a 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance European Countries Cup, 4th National Ace Pigeon TBOTB and 7th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance NPO. Click here for the pedigree of Daughter Caitlin. Daughter Caitlin won 40 prizes in total, as well as 6 podium spots:

 1st Duffel           79 km 3,544 p.
 1st Asse-Zellik     106 km 1,202 p.
 2nd Duffel           79 km 1,243 p.
 3rd Menen           154 km 1,751 p.
 3rd Quievrain       170 km 1,057 p.
 1st Peronne         243 km   127 p.
27th NPO Chateauroux 595 km 5,907 p.
46th NPO Ruffec      722 km 4,133 p.
76th NPO Bourges     549 km 9,747 p.

NL15-1708719 Sister Tiesto

Sister Tiesto is a daughter of Olivi (Ad Schaerlaeckens) x Tess, a daughter of the aforementioned Amigo. Click here for the full pedigree. As the name suggests, Sister Tiesto is a full sister of Tiesto, winner of a 1st Prov. 5 Nanteuil (13,814 p.) and a 1st Sens (1,332 p.). This talented young pigeon has three first prizes on its palmares:

1st Duffel     79 km 2,474 p.
1st Quievrain 170 km 2,069 p. (and fastest of 6,734 p.).
1st Peronne   243 km 1,008 p.

NL14-1061499 Cocktail Saffier

Cocktail Safier is a crossing of a 100% Heremans pigeon (NL13-957) x one of Peter's champions (Esmee). The NL13-957 is a son of Eros (Gust Janssen) x Miss Clijsters (Leo Heremans). Esmee had quite a palmares as a racing bird before turning into an outstanding breeder. Click here to learn more about Cocktail Safier. These are some of the best results of Cocktail Safier:

 3rd Quievrain       170 km  3,900 p.
10th Pt.-St.-Maxence 316 km 10,189 p.
11th Pt.-St.-Maxence 316 km  7,614 p.
17th Bourges         549 km  9,742 p.
 4th Asse-Zellik     106 km  2,155 p.
 3rd Duffel           79 km  1,023 p.
13th Asse-Zellik     106 km  3,891 p.
55th Ruffec          722 km  4,133 p.
35th Pt.-St.-Maxence 316 km  1,857 p.

NL14-1061557 Don Diablo

The last pigeon in our overview is Don Diablo; he is a son of top pair Arie x Jacqueline. The pedigree of this racing cock features nothing but pigeons of the Dutch champions G&S Verkerk, Kees Bosua, Heni Van Venrooij and Peter's own breed. The sire of Don Diablo is Arie, 1st Nat. NPO Sector 2 against 14,753 pigeons. Arie is a son of Mister Ablis (1st Nat. NPO Sector 2 of 18,911 p.) x daughter Blauwe Figo and Marion (Kees Bosua). The dam of Don Diablo is Jacqueline (1st NPO Sens 29,164 p.), a daughter of Bentley (G&S Verkerk) x Areza (H. van Venrooij). Click here to find out more about the pedigree of Don Diablo. This is the palmares of NL14-557:

 1st Pt.-St.-Maxence 316 km 1,857 p.
 2nd Quievrain       170 km 1,057 p.
 6th Asse-Zellik     106 km 2,155 p.
 7th Peronne         243 km 2,465 p.
14th Nanteuil        326 km 3,306 p.
10th Peronne         275 km 2,247 p.

A nationally and internationally renowned pigeon breed

A well thought out breeding strategy has allowed Peter to create the top level breed that he has today, with such top class pigeons as Replay, Amigo and many others that continue to play a crucial role. In fact, his pigeons have been achieving great results for other fanciers as well, both at home and abroad. For instance, the national champion middle distance not-nominated 2016 Maarten Hijsmans won a 1st NPO Creil (12,496 p.) with a grandchild of Replay. The Italian fancier Luca Campanini did great with Peter's pigeon breed as well: a son of Replay became 3rd National Ace Pigeon Yearlings, and he also represented Italy at the Nitra Olympiad (2013) with two pigeons that were heavily based on Van de Merwe. Christiano Paltrinieri, another Italian fancier, finished in 4th place in the final race of Sofa 2016 with a 50% Van de Merwe pigeon. The renowned Potten Laenen combination (Ijsselstein, NL) and the Van Zoeren combination (Putten, NL) have been winning top prizes regularly with pigeons of Peter as well. Click here for a full overview of references. These references clearly show that the pigeons of Peter van de Merwe are among the very best both at national and international level.