A perfect weekend for F&J Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) with 1st Prov Limoges & 2 times 2nd Nat. Chateauroux

How close can you get? The fanciers from Zingem must have been wondering why they took two second places at national level from Chateauroux and a fourth place national from Limoges, but could not manage to take the first place.

We had good weather conditions for the first weekend of June, but the slight east to north-east wind gave the pigeons a hard day after all. That is when the Vandenheede pigeons are at their best and they can show their strength. But from Chateauroux they were unlucky: this weekend’s national winner belongs to the same club, so they were beaten by that fancier at every level; from local to national, they had to be satisfied with second place! Take a look at the general results of the Vandenheede colony from Chateauroux:

Local 399 old birds:
2-3-4-8-20-32-44-52-53-76-91-106-122 (13/19)
Prov. 3.852 old birds:
2-14-16-23… (only the top-50 is available)
Nat. 16.479 old birds:
2-48-54-73-245-354-673-770-792… (14/19)

11 of their pigeons managed to classify per 10.

Local 464 yearlings:
2-4-5-11-13-15-20-21-24-28-34-37-40-41-42-44-47-49-52-53-69-71-73-80-81-82-83-84-87… (39/97)
Prov. 3.960 yearlings:
2-5-9-30-32-40… (ony top-50 available)
Nat. 15.902 yearlings:

97 pigeons were sent in, 51 of which were successful, with 34 per 10!

But it was a third time lucky for this colony: from Limoges they finally pulled off a great win at provincial level.

Limoges Local 372 old birds:
1-6-8-13-17-18-19-25-28-31-32-38-44-46-56-57-65-66-67-68… (26/31)
Prov. 3,420 old birds:
1-28-35… (only top-50 available)
Nat. 13,781 old birds: 4…

The provincial winner from Limoges is the cock Chiadoo BE10-4101078, which stems from a crossing of the golden Freddy-line x Limoges De Rauw-Sablon. Last year this cock was already the best yearling from Limoges, so his victory in 2012 does not really come as a surprise. Here are some of his best results:

-Chiadoo BE10-4101078

’12 Limoges Prov  3,420 p. 1
            Nat. 13,781 p. 4
’11 Limoges Prov  3,548 YL 1
            Nat. 14,686 YL 2
’10 Gueret  Nat. 16,838 p. 57
’11 Chateauroux   6,148 p. 135
’11 La Châtre     7,487 p. 239
    Ablis           685 p. 12
    Ecouen          559 p. 26

Sire: Myachoo BE04-4277100… winner of the Guldensporen race from Blois against 7,485 youngsters and a 4th Prov Vierzon against 3,298 pigeons. He stems from a grandson of the breeding couple Antigoon x t Krijt: Wandaad 710/98 coupled with Christina 355/00.

Dam: Dochter Limoges BE07-4093399, which is dam of, for instance the 1st Prov Vierzon 2010, 7th Nat La souterraine against 17,814 pigeons etc. She is a daughter of the renowned breeder Limoges 261/91 De Rauw-Sablon (a son of the dream couple Albert x Paola) x Super Duper Love 243/04 (a granddaughter of Frans 875/94, and a son of Delirium x Dodo).

The full pedigree can be found here

This makes Chiadoo a full brother of Annika BE10-4101204, which won the 1st Prov Vierzon yearlings last year, and also winner of, for instance:

Vierzon Prov  4,366 YL 1
Bourges       1,294 p. 2
Angerville      436 p. 3
Ablis           685 p. 7
Ablis           173 p. 10
Argenton Nat 22,442 p. 845

It appears that there is plenty of talent in this family.

It was another successful weekend for Freddy & Jacques, another one in their already successful career. Limoges was their first provincial first place this season! A good start is half the battle; we wonder what will come next. They are well on their way this season, everything seems to work out fine in Zingem. This means that they are ready to take a few great results and probably some important victories! Congratulations!