PEC-Techavichian Bros wins 1st prize 3 times in first 10 days in the Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race 2017

The Belgian-Thai partnership ‘PEC-Techavichian Bros’ has won 1st prize three times within 10 days in the first training races of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race 2017 with one of its 17 pigeons: BE17-4062375.

Nikolaas Gyselbrecht of PIPA Elite Center & Dr. Teerapol Techavichian of Techavichian Bros

BE17-4062375 is a grandchild of the PIPA Elite Center icon ‘Porsche 911’ (5th National Ace KBDB Great Middle Distance Yearlings 2015) and ‘Amalia’ (1st National Ace KBDB Great Middle Distance 2011).

Its father is ‘Son Porsche 387/16” and its mother is “Sister Louise 500/16”, a daughter “Dali x Magic 700”.

More and more people are starting to notice this pigeon since its first and second wins, after which no one thought it would be able to pull off another third win in a row, but it skyrocketed itself to another win in the third training race.

The distances flown in the 3 training races were respectively 55, 105 and 85 kilometers.

Will this pigeon be able to dominate the rest of the tournament? We can only hope it will.

This is not the first time there has been a successful collaboration between Nikolaas Gyselbrecht and Techavichian Bros. Back in 2000 the partnership “Techavichian-Gyselbrecht” entered the Thailand World Championship Race (560 km) and won 5th prize in the final race. The prize winning pigeon at that time was fathered by a ‘son Junior Marathon' X 'mother from Techavichian Bros’. The winner that year was a pigeon from the partnership ‘Techavichian-Thoné’. It was the first entry in a one loft race for Techavichian Bros and already a great start for them and their partners in the OLR scene.

This season, ‘PEC-Techavichian Bros’ has also entered the Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2017 of which Dr. Teerapol Techavichian is one of the organizing committee members. The participating team consists of pigeons bred by Techavichian Bros.

Current positions in the race are 6th and 11th with a distance flown of 100 kilometers.


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