PEC Racing Team ADK (Houwaart, BE) wins 1st Nat. Bourges 19,736 olds

The team also won a 2nd National Bourges yearlings, which makes this national victory even more impressive. The two prize winners have in fact the same dam, and their sires are full brothers of each other.

Nikolaas (with the 2nd Nat. Bourges) and Pascal (with the 1st Nat. Bourges)

Not a surprise win

The PEC Racing Team ADK runs like a well oiled machine; they are basically unstoppable. The team consists of a group of highly experienced players, based around Pascal Ariën and Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, who met in 2007. They got along very well and they grew even closer when PIPA organised the total auction for Verreckt-Ariën in 2011. They have been brainstorming about a joint project ever since.

After his total auction in 2011 Pascal took a fresh start in early January in 2013 in the town of Houwaart (Tielt-Winge). A group of yearlings was raced in Houwaart for the first time in 2014, and the Ariën-De Keyser combination showed its potential right away, already winning a 2nd, 3rd, 10th and 12th National Ace Pigeon KBDB.

Meanwhile Nikolaas Gyselbrecht introduced several top quality pigeons in his PIPA Elite Center (PEC), with New Freddy as the central figure. The biggest challenge would be to put these top class bloodlines to the test in competition. The PEC wanted to start racing pigeons independently in 2015, but this was not an easy thing to do: the team simply did not have enough time available. Instead they started looking for a fancier who was suited for the job. That fancier was Pascal Ariën, who started working together with Nikolaas in the end of 2014. The pigeons are raced under the name of PEC Racing Team ADK, focusing mainly on the middle distance and the one day long distance (400-800km).

It was an instant success. Pascal Ariën is widely considered to be a fancier who can get more out of his pigeons than anyone else. He masters the art of breeding super class pigeons. He has quite a list of achievements already, including many national titles KBDB and a number of national first prizes as well:

1st National La Souterraine 16,665 YB in 2011
1st National Argenton        6,033 p. in 2008
1st National Argenton (hens) 1,340 p. in 2004
1st National Tulle           6,698 p. in 2010

How long would it take them to win a national first prize from the new loft in Houwaart? It was one of the most commonly asked questions among fanciers these days.

The PEC Racing Team ADK had an impressive start in 2015, with no less than five provincial first prizes and four pigeons in the top eight of the national ace pigeon championship KBDB. Unfortunately they could not win a national first prize in 2015, despite being very close a few times (with a 2nd Nat. Chateauroux I against 25,710 p.). They had to wait until 2016 to add a national win to the palmares.

The racing team showed excellent form already in the first few weeks of 2016: the preparatory race from Vierzon was a great success, and last week the team won a 1st Prov. Blois against 1,930 yearlings. They were ready for a memorable race, and that race was Bourges 2016, the first important national classic in the longer middle distance. They claimed the national first prize against 19,736 old birds, as well as a 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. against 19,889 yearlings. Quite an achievement! The two pigeons were clocked within just four seconds of each other. This is already the 5th national and the 50th provincial victory on Pascal's palmares since his debut in 2002, which is nothing short of impressive!

Celebrating the victory

The team of yearlings did great overall, winning 25 prizes per 10 and 41 prizes per 95 (at national level per 4), starting from 2-47-102-122-210-333-348-422-464-etc. against 19,889 yearlings.

It is remarkable that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th clocked pigeon (47-102-122 national) are once again three grandchildren of the number one stock breeder of the PEC New Freddy. Two other grandchildren of the invaluable New Freddy won a 1st Provincial Blois last week (old birds & yearlings in Flemish Brabant), while a direct son of him won a 1st Zone Blois. This is quite exceptional indeed.

Click here for the impressive number of breeding references of New Freddy

Seven provincial victories were to be won so far this season in the province of Flemish Brabant, and no less than four of them have been won by a pigeon that was bred by the PEC, which is simply amazing. The PEC Racing Team ADK won three provincial first prizes so far, and Jespers-Vanderwegen won a provincial victory with a pigeon of the PEC as well this season.

A national first prize won by a top quality hen fighting for territory

The team's national winner, which is now called Louise (after the daughter of Pascal & Lieve), did a great job, and her national victory did not really come as a surprise. She was already the first old bird in the flight from Vierzon on 15th of May, which gave us a hint of what was yet to come.

The breeding pigeons are kept in Knesselare; the racing loft is located in Houwaart. The racing birds are raced in total widowhood or in total choas, as Pascal likes to call it. Louise was the first nominated in 2015 as well, with Porsche 911 acting as second nominated (he was the star of this loft in 2015, and a descendant of the renowned Freddy breed - see pedigree). It shows that Pascal Ariën has great confidence in this hen. Interestingly enough these two pigeons also formed a breeding pair in Pascal's racing loft. Apparently the two pigeons motivated each other, and that was the key to success.

In the end of 2015 Porsche 911​ was moved to the breeding loft after an impressive racing season. He was actually the only racing bird of 2015 that was transferred to the breeding lofts in Knesselare. Pascal assumed Louise would quickly find a new partner in his racing lofts, and that new partner was a brother of Porsche. However, it quickly turned out she was not so much interested in her new partner as she was in expanding her territory. When Pascal opened her old living box (where she was kept in 2015 with Porsche 911) she came over right away. This was still her territory; it was here that she and her beloved partner Porsche 911 achieved some brilliant results. She continued to defend her spot from any possible intruders, and her new partner was not welcome either. This strong urge to defend her own spot has probably helped her win her national first prize.
​It almost looks as if Louise realised that she could only be reunited with her beloved Porsche 911 by claiming a national first prize, which would result in her being moved to the breeding loft in Knesselare.

-Louise BE14-2230926 Click here for the full pedigree of Louise

 1st Nat Bourges       19,736 p. ’16
12th Prov Vierzon       6,422 p. ’16
30th Nat Chateauroux I 25,710 p. ’15
33rd Nat Tours         24,097 p. ’14
 1st Soissons           1,891 p.

Sire: Dali BE13-5065127
A son of Pascal Ariën's favourite breeding pair, bred from his old breed: Tarzan BE11-5035555 (winner of a 14th Nat. La Souterraine 16,665 p.) x New Patricia BE11-5035751.

Dam: "Magic 700" BE13-6143700
A direct Bart Geerinckx. She is a daughter of the Olympiad Pigeon Allround 2013 in Nitra: super class hen Miss Magic BE10-6143162. She was paired to top breeder Fluwelen 18 BE05-6052018, the sire of First Lady (2nd best young bird of Belgium over 4 national races) and Primera (winner of 1st Prov. Chateauroux 3,147 p.).

Louise bids farewell to her friend, racing hen Louise, which has moved to the breeding lofts in Knesselare

Another interesting detail is that the ​2nd National Bourges 19,899 YL, the 025 BE15-4013025, shares the same origins: the dam is also Dochter Miss Magic BE13-6143700, but she was paired to Salvador BE135065189. Click here for the pedigree.

Close-up of the 2nd Nat. Bourges 19,889 YL

A story of knowledge, insight and breeding potential

The pedigrees of Porsche 911 and Louise show that they are both closely related to the stock pair of Verreckt-Ariën, and to Gladiator of Geerinckx. We could even say that all of the PEC's current prize winners are related to each other.

It will be great to see ​Porsche 911 x Louise being reunited as a breeding pair in the PEC in a few weeks' time. They are likely to play a fundamental role in the PEC breeding loft in the years to come.

The legendary Porsche 911, which was paired to Louise in the racing loft, and soon in the breeding loft as well.

This is the dam of both the 1st and 2nd National, bred by Bart Geerinckx

The combination of stock breeder New Freddy​ and the invaluable bloodlines of ​Pascal Ariën (Tarzan x New Patricia)​ quickly led to spectacular results, and they are the main building blocks of the PEC, along with the bloodlines of Bart Geerinckx.

Top level guidance…

There are not that many secrets behind running a pigeon family. Your number one objective should be to keep them in great health. A good loft is very important. The team has been using Wonder Pigeon on a daily basis since 2015, both in the breeding and racing loft, and all year round. Pascal uses the Matador feed with great satisfaction. Side products include DHP Cultura, Jaap Koehoorn and Backx. And that's it. Your pigeons will have to take care of the rest.

A return to nature

Natural resistance and immunity are key considerations in this loft. The breeding pigeons are never treated, and the racing birds only get a cure if there is a medical issue. The PEC has great confidence in the pigeons' natural abilities and they try to make them highly resistant. They also avoid breeding youngsters from pigeons that use antibiotics.

The majority of the youngsters are bred by their own parents; feeding parents are hardly used here. The breeding pigeons are not kept in breeding boxes but are kept together in lofts with 9 boxes. Each loft has its own aviary with a half-open roof, where pigeons can hide or sit in the rain if they want.

Vision, hard work and decisiveness pays off

The young and enthusiastic PEC Racing Team ADK works hard every single day to try and achieve great results in pigeon racing. Top prizes, ace pigeon titles and prestigious victories have only motivated them to work even harder. They will be particularly satisfied with this national first prize, which is first of all a reward for their hard work, and of the vision behind the entire team. Many congratulations!

The racing lofts with the aviaries. The pigeons have plenty of space and fresh air

The breeding lofts in Knesselare, led by Nikolaas & Sam