PEC (BE) 204,500 EURO for 5 pigeons, Jelle Jellema (NL) 4,345 EURO / pigeon, Derby Arona 3,707 EURO / pigeon

The auctions of Jelle Jellema (NL), PEC (BE) & Derby Arona (ES) ended on Sunday 16 May. They achieved the following auction results.

Jelle Jellema (NL) - 11 pigeons - 4,345 EURO / pigeon
New Rena was one of the Dutch trendsetters at the Barcelona edition of 2020. She ranked 7th in the National result. The blue white feather son of New Rena, bred by Jelle, received the most attention today and was sold as the most expensive. His new owner pays 6,400 EURO for him. The other 10 pigeons from the auction also performed excellently and the auction raised a total of 47,800 EURO. Among those 10 were, for example, a daughter of Romy and Joyce, which were sold for 5,000 EURO and 5,200 EURO.

PEC (BE) - 5 pigeons - 40,900 EURO / pigeon
The five of PIPA Elite Center performed even better than the previous auction of PIPA Elite Center. In this Gaston van de Wouwer special a new record average of no less than 40,900 EURO / pigeon was achieved. The pigeons were sold as follows.

Dynamite Kim - 136,000 EURO
Miss Maria - 31,500 EURO
CTCT Kim - 11,000 EURO
Legendary Kim - 11,000 EURO
Eagle Eye Kim - 15,000 EURO

Derby Arona (ES) - 14 pigeons - 3,707 EURO / pigeon
This prestigious showdown on the Spanish island is known as the toughest one loft race in the world with many miles over water. Today the 14 best pigeons from the 2020/2021 edition were sold. The most expensive of this auction was the red hen that was flagged as the winner during the final. She was sold for EUR 11,400. The second most expensive was Sindy. She became 2nd in the final and is a granddaughter of New Laureaat and Porsche 911. 8,800 EURO were paid for her. In total the 14 go-getters ended with a total amount of 51,900 EURO.