Paulien from Derwa-Luxem (Herent, BE) is a phenomenal breeder!

Last weekend Albert Derwa won a first zonal and first provincial from Gueret under the name of Derwa-Luxem. Winner of these two prizes was the one year old hen Pricilla BE12-2080130, a daughter of Paulien, the undisputed stock dam in the loft of Derwa-Luxem.

Pricilla won a great double victory for Albert Derwa, both at provincial level against 1,431 yearlings and in Zone B2 against 3,114 pigeons. Priscilla is obviously a talented pigeon: she has had a nice season already and she did very well as a young bird in 2012 as well. She was thirtieth best young bird in the PIPA ranking in the national races with three prizes. These are last year’s results:

Pithiviers          6/412
Pithiviers          10/978
Gueret nat.         33/16,988
Soissons            52/1,024
La Souterraine nat. 468/19,155
Bourges nat.        588/33,524

You can see she did equally well in 2013:

Gueret zon.B2       1/3,114
Pithiviers          1/822
Pithiviers          4/766
Soissons            4/301
Pithiviers          5/338
Pithiviers          8/1,185
Momignies           8/144 

She is quite a racing hen! Priscilla underpins the amazing value of the stock dam Paulien in the Derwa-Luxem family. She is not the first successful descendant. Priscilla is a sister of De Zoon, who took the title of First Nat. Champion yearlings KBDB in 2011. Primo is another outstanding pigeon bred directly from Paulien. Click here for the pedigree of Pricilla.

Paulien BE06-2090139, an amazing racing and breeding pigeon

Paulien is an invaluable breeding pigeon for Albert Derwa. She was a very good racing hen as well as winner of the following prizes:

8th  nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance KBDB 2007
1st  seminat. Châteauroux
1st  prov. Gueret
2nd  prov. Blois
10th seminat. Argenton

She proved to be even better as a breeding hen in the loft of Derwa-Luxem. In fact she has played an important role in other lofts in Belgium and abroad as well. We give you a few references from this season:

Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL) for instance won the first NPO Pithiviers 6,340 pigeons and the first NPO La souterraine 3,077 pigeons with his NL11-3014703 Geeloger. The dam of Geeloger if Fransiska, a direct Derwa-Luxem bird and a daughter of Paulien and full sister of De Primo, De De Zoon, Pricilla, etc.

Jos Thoné (As, BE) won a provincial first prize from Vierzon against 3,088 old birds with his Derwien, BE11-5010133 last season. The dam of Derwien was also a daughter of Paulien!

It would be fair to say that Paulien is a phenomenal breeder in today’s generation of pigeons. She will be of great value for Albert Derwa-Luxem  in the years to come!