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Paul Gevaert (Meigem, BE) wins 1st Prov. Orleans against 3,049 young birds

An incredible stunt from Paul Gevaaert, who takes the provincial win and 15 prizes (1:10) from 18 basketed pigeons on Orleans!

Restart as a pigeon fancier 

Paul Gevaert has mixed feelings about last year's racing season. This wasn't because of the pigeons, as they performed outstanding. It was his pigeon companion and friend Carlos Lannoo who became ill. A disease that was agony for Carlos, an unfair battle, that he lost on November 3rd 2020. For Paul it was the end to 15 years pigeon sport under the name Gevaert-Lannoo, but above all the loss of his great friend and sports companion. The Gevaert-Lannoo colony was auctioned via internet. The succes of this auction could not compensate the loss of his friend. A loss Paul still struggles with today. 

Life goes on...and Paul decided he wanted to continue his beloved sport. This is the reason he kept 1 round of summer youngsters from 2020 (24 pigeons, 12 pairs) from the best bloodlines. This time he got help from his wife. Daisy joined Paul on this new adventure, and helps take care of the pigeons. That Paul and Daisy take racing seriously is immediately reflected in their results, racing the youngsters bred from the 12 pairs they kept. The Paul Gevaert pigeons are back on top, even if they never truly left. 

Flashing start results in win: 1st Provincial Orleans young birds

After an impressive start on the first short and middle distance races, the Paul Gevaert pigeons show out on the first provincial classic of the 2021 season from Orleans. Besides taking 1st Provincial against 3,049 young birds, they manage an incredible series. Absolute class...with 15 prizes (1:10) out of 18 basketed young birds. The results in numbers: 

23/06 Orleans Prov. 3,049 young birds:
-107-130-154-155-193-240-241-275-304-877 (16/18)
Club 394 young birds: 1-7-8-14-22-25-29-36-45-46-57-68-69-75-80-179 (16/18)

In the weeks prior, on the preparing races from Clermont and Sermaises, the results were already promising: 

18/7 Sermaises 285 young birds: 1-6-10-16-25-26-29-31-48-61-64-65-77(13/20)

11/7 Sermaises 257 young birds: 6-18-25-30-43… (8/12)
11/7 Clermont 449 young birds: 2-38-48-54-55-112-207 (7/8)

03/7 Clermont 279 young birds: 1-14-19-21-27-29… (10/19)

26/6 Clermont 668 young birds: 3-5-13-15-16-26-73… (17/26)

The restart is immediately a success!  

Besides a restart for Paul and Daisy in 2021, it was also a step into the unknown. A round of summer youngsters were traded in for more than a decade of continuity. Despite that each of these youngsters come from Gevaert-Lannoo cracks, they haven't proven themselves and Paul has only their pedigree to go on. To pair the right cock to the right hen is possibly luck, or is this what they call "the pigeon-feeling"?

Of course Paul knows which bloodlines match well and which pairs have resulted in winners, super pigeons and cracks in the past. Knowledge that helped him couple breeding pairs, and that is likely to result in new super pigeons. 

- Provincial Orleanske BE21-4167001

1. Prov. Orleans 3,049 young birds – 1st Club 394 young birds (1160 m/min, 360 Km)
1. Sermaises 285 young birds – 2nd Region 1.462 young birds (1150 m/min, 316 Km)


Father: Brother 91 Platina BE20-4083091

Full brother to super hen Platina: 1st Prov. and 5th Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2015. Son to Willy BE13-4035076 x Perfecta BE BE13-4035080.

Mother: Rudia BE20-4083045

Full sister to New Rudy 15: winner 1st Nat. Zone Chateauroux 5,679 p. in 2020. Daughter to Bliksem Gaby BE12-3127548 (direct Gaby Vandenabeele, son to breeding superstar Rudy) x Crown Princess BE16-4248203 (daughter 1st Prov. Bourges; Rambo Junior x Princess 95: 1st Prov. Ace pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds & YL KBDB in 2016).

That Paul Gevaert has likely created a new super couple, is confirmed by a full sister to Provincal Orleanske from the 2nd round - ring BE21-4167022 - winner of 1st Clermont 279 young birds. Already two first prize winners from this young breeding pair!

Paul houses a young (only pigeons from 2020) but talented selection of breeders. The amazing performance on Orleans proves this, and shows a promising perspective for the future. Paul Gevaert and success in pigeon sport seem to go hand in hand. Taking the win on the first important race after a new start is truly impressive! Pigeon skills and experience in combination with top class birds...a recipe for super achievements at the highest level. Congratulations!