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Paul Gevaert already received several new top references in 2023

With a 1st Prov. Vierzon, 1st Prov. Lorris, and the 1st Prov. Chateauroux Old birds, Paul Gevaert has already received some fantastic references in the first weeks of this tough 2023 racing season.

After the restart in 2021, the focus of Paul Gevaert (formerly known as Gevaert-Lannoo) is solely on racing young birds. Nonetheless the Gevaert-Lannoo pigeons stand in the spotlights, especially in the tough racing conditions pigeons have to endure this season. Many fellow fanciers were successful with Paul Gevaert pigeons and have recently achieved provincial victories, top results on heavy middle distance races. We have made an overview of the most noteworthy references. 

Super hen Maaike at Luc Standaert

On the lofts of fellow fancier Luc Standaert from Landegem-Nevele, super hen Maaike is the moral winner on the provincial race from Chateauroux old birds. Maaike was the first old bird to be found on the results list of the provincial result Chateauroux old birds in O-Vi on 3rd June 2023, beat only by 4 yearlings. There was no separate result for old birds. Would this Chateauroux have been a national race, she would have won 1st Provincial Old she has to do with the title of 'moral winner'.  It was not the first top result Maaike has flown, she previously won 4x 1st Prizes in the club on heavy middle distance races. 

- Maaike BE20-4137813

1st Chateauroux Club 236 p. 2023 – 5th Prov. 3.904 p.
1st Chateauroux Club 180 p. 2021 – 97th Prov. 5.710 p. – 556. Nat 22.196 p.
1st Bourges II Club 97 p. 2022 – 63th Nat. 7.606 p.
1st Issoudun Club 73 p. 2021 – 53rd Prov. 3.125 p. – 280. Nat 14.758 p.
7th Bourges I Club 186 p. 2021 – 451st Nat. 25.096 p.
9th Argenton Club 192 p. 2022 – 554th Nat. 20.467 p.


Maaike is a 100% Gevaert-Lannoo from Plastron BE14-4277622 x Mother Rollo BE14-4277625...both direct Geveart-Lannoo, from the success lines of King Gaby, stock hen Chateauke, Crayonné Plastron, Bliksem Rik, Kaafje...the ironclad foundation to this wonder colony from Meigem. 

1st Prov. Lorris at Stefaan Mantels

In the Province Limburg, the BE21-5032712 wins 1st Prov. Lorris against 4,640 pigeons on the lofts of Stefaan Mantels. The father BE15-4146153 of this winning cock is a direct Gevaert-Lannoo, and son of golden stock breeder King Gaby BE07-3034700 paired to Sister 05 Kaafje BE09-4338105.

1st Prov. Vierzon Jaarse at Bert Vanden Berghe.

On the Interprovincial race from Vierzon on May 20th 2023, Bert Vanden Berghe from Wortegem-Petegem wins 1st Provincial Vierzon against 3,239 Yearlings and 2nd Provincial against 6,489 Old birds with the BE22-4100075. Mother of this winning pigeon is the BE19-4081107, a direct Gevaert-Lannoo and full sister to wonder hen Platina. 

The success line Platina ensures new winners

Wonder hen Platina is an exceptional pigeon. She herself won 1st Prov. and 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Young birds KBDB 2015. Later, as a breeder, she proved to be worth her weight in gold. Her list of breeding references is taking enormous proportions. 

The breeding line of Platina has phenomenal qualities and great hereditary power. The proof hereof is not only found on the lofts of Paul Gevaert and his wife Daisy, but also on lofts of countless of other fanciers in Belgium and far beyond its borders. 

The best current pigeons of Paul and Daisy are bred from Brother-91 Platina BE20-4083091 (late youngster 2020). A mighty top breeder and father of 1st Prize winners and ace pigeons. The most famous offspring of this youthful breeding sensation is without doubt the super hen Ace Orleanske, superior 1st Prize winner, 1st Prov. winner and 1st Ace Pigeon: 

- Ace Orléanske BE21-4167001, winner of

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2021
2nd Nat Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2021

6th Belgian Olympiad Middle Distance Young birds ‘21
1st Orléans Prov      3,049 p.
1st Sermaises             285 p.
1st Sermaises             148 p.

Ace Orleanske, her first offspring from 2022 already became 1st Prize winners: 

-Funny BE22-4135029

1st Orléans                 354 p.

-Happy BE22-4135030

1st Fontenay              366 p.

Brother-91 Platina, besides having bred Ace Orléanske, is also father to: 

- Berlus BE22-4135001

1st Toury                     506 p.
1st Fontenay              487 p.
1st Fontenay              204 p.

Sister-22-Ace Orléanske BE21-4167022

1st Clermont              279 p.

Moreover, both children from Ace Orléanske - Funny and Happy - lie at the foundation of winning the title 1st Provincial Champion Middle Distance Young birds KBDB 2022. 

This breeding line, in combination with the other top lines from the renowned Gevaert-Lannoo stock, will ensure successes for Paul Gevaert in the years to come. A breeding gem from which Paul Gevaert as well as other fanciers will benefit, and will undoubtedly achieve even more top results in the tough racing conditions of the 2023 season. True super pigeons, and born winners!