Pascal Molle (Mettet, BE) - winner of the 1st national Bourges from 14,571 yearlings and highest speed of the entire convoy of 58,069 pigeons!

A performance that will feature in the history of the pigeon sport as this victory was obtained with a really disconcerting advantage!

Indeed, clocked at 11 h 04 min 13 sec for a distance of 395,427 kilometers, the blue cock from the Molle loft achieved an average speed of 1,619 m/min, so 59 m/min more than its closest opponent, the super yearling of Olivier Flamand from Noirchain (1,560 m/min), himself ahead of the pigeon from the Herbots brothers by 53 m/min. Nobody could believe their ears when they heard about the time of the clocking. He is also the fastest pigeon of the entire race of 58,069 pigeons... an unbelievable performance! A fantastic performance by the excallent fancier - Pascal Molle.

A new beginning

Pascal is certainly not unknown in the pigeon world. He has won everything he could have won in the championships of his province of Namur and he has always clocked his pigeons well in the groupment of the ACN. In 2009, he won the prestigious title of National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB with his Rossi, a superb pigeon who was crowned as best Belgian pigeon with an extraordinary coefficient of 0.5011%. At that time he was still racing in partnership with his wife under the name Molle-Fallay. Since then, the couple have divorced and Pascal decided to continue in the pigeon sport on his own. He is descended from a whole family of passionate people. When he bought his house in Mettet in 1990, a pigeon loft was quickly built and Pascal filled it with pigeons from François Collard (Marbaix) and from Daniel Dutranoit. This basis was later strengthened with pigeons from the late Eugène Simon and Etienne Devos to lengthen the distance. This is what the main basis of the loft contains. Recently, he has also added pigeons from Pierre Mathijs and André Allemeersch.

The racing is essentially centred on the old birds and Pascal had a team of 35 widowhood pigeons to begin the season, just a little more than the half the team they used to race in days gone by. The youngsters (one hundred) are only well trained and he didn't succumb to the total widowhood method, which means that the hens are never raced. The widowhood pigeons are paired at the beginning of March and they have the opportunity to sit for a few days before being put on widowhood. The main objective of the loft is to shine in the longer middle distance races but he also likes to enter a few pigeons in the long distance ones (especially in the Rhône area) and he has already been successful as Pascal has won a few national top 100 positions. The pigeons are basketed by team (by loft) and they are raced each week. They receive a week of rest when Pascal feels it is necessary. The racers are always fed well and they can have different seeds at different stages of the season. Before the season, the pigeons are given preventative treatments for a few diseases (tricho, worms, coccidiosis) so they are healthy to begin the season. 
Concerning the selection, the principle is quite simple: 'many are called, but few are chosen'. We already talked about this phrase in our previous report and we must note that it is still relevant. The rhythm imposed on the racers is devilish and only the best are kept. Pascal just gets rid of the others. A simple and obvious method, that can only lead you to success. 

- Hamilton (BE 11-8007344)

'Hamilton' in his motivation box.

Father: Blue Roosens (BE 05-9054212), direct from the late Marc Roosens, nephew of the Sinistré who won the 3rd national Pau at the begining of the 2000's.
Mother: Sister Rossi (BE 07-8008134), sister of Rossi 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB '09, out of the pair Blue Flori' (2 x 1st provincial) x Mother Rossi (direct from Joseph Schmitz, Schmitz x Theelen)
(If you want to check the pedigree of the national winner, click here)

The national winner was basketed for Bourges being highly motivated. Pascal: 'I locked another pigeon in the half of his box and Hamilton wanted to beat him. He was put in the basket without having the opportunity to do it!' A motivated pigeon in good shape with favorable flying conditions: you know the result!

Pascal, congratulations on this wonderful victory and good luck for the rest of your racing career!