Party "La Colombe Joyeuse" season 2010.

After what everyone considered as the “frugal” party of 2009 in the "Sheraton Hotel", in the heart of Brussels, "La Colombe Joyeuse" launched a party like never before in the Sports centre in Zaventem. Danny Vanbael and his crew have even more plans for 2011.... our curiosity has been aroused...


Chairman Danny Vanbael during his short speech  in which he said that following "the cinema" it was time to party, with this he was clearly referring to the criticism from higher authorities because he decided himself when it was the right time to liberate  in Pau.

 Danny Vanbael expanded his committee with the appointment of a PR manager, no-one less than the national winner Bourges for youngsters 2010 Andre Moonens from  Strombeek Bever

1st pigeon from Pau per province 

1st pigeon per country 

Prize of honour honorary solicitor Jan Dons, furthest distance : Outhuyse J. & S. Harlingen   (NL)

1st series of 2 pigeons:
Belgium = Bourlard P & F - Harveng
Netherlands = Janssens-Hausoul - Eupen
Germany = Karl-Heinz Koers - Mandelbachtal
France = Toulotte Michel - Sailly sur La Lys 

1st National France , Dumas J-L.

1st international (+hens) Karl Heinz Koers (Ger )