Overwater A. & P. from Strijen (NL)



I noticed the fancier A.P. Overwater for several years. I saw his 1st Ace Pigeon national and international Mistral Gold Cup 2003. I followed his results during several years and I decided to visit him in the winter. I was really amazed by the lofts, the birds, his results on very long distances. This man is a legend!

The fancier AP Overwater
A.P. Overwater (AP is short for Arie Pieter) was born in 1959. He was only 10 when he got in touch with pigeon racing. A racing bird got lost and stayed at the home of AP. He took care of the bird and started with more birds of his own. AP raced on the short and middle distance for many years. He got married with Ria and moved to USA for one year. The family Overwater did not have any birds in the USA but they started again in The Netherlands. Ria and Mister AP bought a big farm ‘Veezicht’. They started a company in cattle. Some years later, they changed this company and started a farm for horses. Now Ria and AP take care of 40 horses!

The birds
AP got to know the pigeonsport by a bird that did not belong to him. The same happened in 1988. A pigeon from this famous Peter van de Eijnde (Deurne NL) came on the loft Overwater. AP phoned Peter and they talked for several hours about racing very long distances. AP wanted to race this races. He went to Peter van den Eijnde and bought him some birds. His basic cock ‘NL2966010/88’ is direct from P vd Eijnden. He had noticed the excellent results of Batenburg &son and got some birds from his loft too. The third important strain was Eijerkamp-Muller. ‘The Oude Muller Kweker 158/90’ came via Hennie Schaap on the long distance loft Overwater. The loft 2006 , also know in Holland as ‘The Turbo Diesel loft from Oudendijk’, has 90% birds strains P. vd Eijnden,B. Batenburg &Son and Eijerkamp-Muller. The other birds come from the friends Saarloos, Jan Ouwerkerk, Klip-Verhagen, Piet de Vogel…These birds are mainly used for cross-breeding.

Basic birds
The first success on the long distance came from the hen ‘ De Perpignan NL88/1814196. She became a special basic hen. She won 688th nat. Dax 9973p, 21st Perpignan 1990 and 7th international Pau and 180th nat. Perpignan 3448 p. in1991. Some fanciers and some brokers got interested in this hen but AP did not want to sell his first good bird on long distance. She was direct from the strain Batenburg & son. She was a direct daughter of their basic pair ‘Bonte Kweker’ x ‘Lourdes duivin’. Ria and AP put the hen on the breeding loft and became winners. This basic hen became the mother of basic hen 2 ‘074’. This hen ‘074’ won 5 times in top 100 on a big national race: 9-65-88-89-95! And became the mother of the famous ‘Pietje Pau’ (84-93-99 nat. Pau). AP knew that he had to cross inbreed with inbreed from another strain. He wanted more success.

The strains Overwater is based on 5 basic pigeons:

direct from Peter van de Eijnde. He is direct father of 11 winners in top 100 national race. Children of him won 21-22-36-53-56-79-84-93-97-99 national on ZLU long distance races. It’s inbreed to famous ‘131’ Jan de Weert.

the hen that won 5 x top 100 and mother of ‘Pietje Pau’, strain Batenburg & son. The father is ‘NL447/88’ ( son Ruffec) and the mother is ‘NL 196/88’ (basis mother, daughter of ‘Bonte Kweker’.)

De Dure: This cock was bought direct from Batenburg & son, son from’ Bonte Kweker’ x ‘Braakhuishen’. Its is father/grandfather of 3de nat. St-Vincent ’03, 5th Bordeaux, 8th Montauban, 38th St-Vincent, 47th Bordeaux, 63rd Pau, 76th Bordeaux etc.

Oude Muller Kweker: strain from the famous Wim Muller (Wilhelminadorp) via Henny Schaap. He is the father of the special hen ‘NL99/2338085 Fast Leny’. She won:
28th nat. Bergerac 12.870p (clocked at 03.29 AM)
124th nat. Marseille 8730p
128th nat. Mont de Marsan 3902p
137th nat. Montauban 5711p
232nd nat. Bordeaux 8525p
275th nat. Bergerac 9354p

NL97/1500710: 1ste Ace Nat/Intern. Ace Pigeon Mistral Gold Cup 2003. He won :
Perpignan 5890p-9
Barcelona 3915p-19
Dax 5617p-29
Bordeaux 3746p-165
Bordeaux 10.033p-249
St-Vincent 7377p-331
Bordeaux 4748p-804
Marseille 6699p-1008
Bergerac 11.953p-1385

Natural system
AP used to race widowers and natural system with hens. He is so busy with the horses that he changed to the natural system for both sexes in 2003. He created a system that I have never seen in other lofts. I write articles for 15 years but never have I met someone who uses this system the same way. I will try to explain:
The racing couples are matched on 15th of March. When the youngsters are 6-10 days old, the nestpans are put on the floor. The boxes are half closed (like the widow-system) and ALL nestmaterial is removed from the loft. Both the hens and the cocks stay on the loft and feed the youngsters on the floor. AP says that the partners ‘stay in love’ but the hens do not lay more eggs. The youngsters are moved to another compartment when they are about 25 days old. The racers stay on the loft and are tossed in some races. They can stay in the half box or on the floor. They train together two times a day, in the morning and in the evening for one hour. It is important that the cocks and the hens train very well and do not sit on the roof. The urge to begin another nest goes away because of the daily training, no nest-material and the races every weekend. One month before a big race the box of a couple is opened. These racers get a nestpan but no nest-material. (the other pigeon on the loft could steel it!). AP can race this couple on eggs or youngsters.

Medical system
AP knows that modern racing needs medical support. He uses the products of Belgica De Weerd (Breda) and the advice of vet Jan van Wanrooy. Also vet Vincent Schroeder is a big help. AP has the natural product ‘BIO-EVEN’, it is homeo-paty product. It is no drugs , can only works when the birds are healthy.

System for late-breds
Mister AP matches his best hens and cocks by the end of racing season (after the race Perpigan in the beginning of August). At he same time he also gives the breeders other partners. ‘The youngsters of these pairs are best for racing in the future’, says AP. ‘I let them train every day in September and October. I will put them in my special pigeon-trailer for one week. The youngsters eat and drink while in the trailer . This helps get rid of the stress. Now I start tossing them for many time along the cost. Days are shorter in the Winter and the birds are fast to be in the loft again. I think the fly harder than in the Summer. I never look at the weather. The birds must train daily. These youngsters are raced (as yearling) to Ablis and finally Bordeaux ZLU or Narbonne. Cocks are not raced on widowhood but do get a hen after each race. This is their reward. The cocks Sure 90% of my best racers are late-breds from this system.’ Most of the long distance fanciers don’t have time in racing season for the youngsters. AP can put all his energy in the old racing birds in Summer and all his energy in the youngsters during the Winter. AP is a good fancier, you can be sure about that.

Fantastic result on Bordeaux with yearlings 2006
The Bordeaux race was very hard in 2006 for the yearlings. AP had a very good result with 4 birds in top 100 national. Let me look at the best yearlings in this race:
NL1375653/05: 23rd national Bordeaux ZLU ’06 and 253rd national Narbonne ZLU ’06; a son of ‘933/00’ (‘Super As 334/95’ x ‘basic hen 074/91’) X ‘Jacqueline 854/02’ (strain P. de Vogel)
NL1375602/05: 42nd national Bordeaux ZLU ’06 and 502nd national Narbonne ZLU ’06: a daughter of ‘414/02’ (brother basic ‘074/91 x ‘074/91’ ) X ‘987/03’ (direct Klip-Verhagen)
NL1375614/05: 61st national Bordeaux ZLU ’06 and 314th national Narbonne ZLU ’06: a son of ‘651/96’ (14th -299th -771st national Barcelona) X ‘091/98’(daughter ‘074/91’ )
NL1375644/05: 80th national Bordeaux ZLU ’06 and 246th national Narbonne ZLU ’06: son of basic cock ‘710/97’ x ‘496/02’ (basic cock Dure 050/92 x basis hen ‘074/91’

Best birds 2006

The Ferrari NL1866518/01
63rd nat. Bordeaux S2 - 177th nat. Marseille - 1158th nat. Mont de Marsan


262th nat. Pau - 652nd nat. Marseille


180th nat. Marseille 3671p - 200th nat. Pau 3077p - 286th nat. Perpignan 6300p - 6th Ace Pigeon FBZ 2005
12th Ace Pigeon ZLU Fondspiegel 2005


21st nat. PAU 2413p - 76th nat. Dax ZLU 3260p - 929th nat. Perpignan 4719p
The father of this cock is ‘Super As 334/95’, a son of ‘De Dijk’ (strain B. Batenburg) x ‘279/94’ (strain P vd Eijnden).
The mother is ‘Ouwerkerk 360/96’ (excellent hen from friend Jan Ouwerkerk).

Arleen NL1116358/03

366th nat. Bordeaux S2 against 7264p


155th nat. St-Vincent 6621p - 242nd nat. Perpignan 6300p - 747th nat. Mont de Marsan 4595p


11th national St-Vincent 6829p - 138th national Perpignan 4719p - 581st national Mont de Marsan 3699p
This hen was a late-bred of 2003 but raced excellent in 2005 and 2006. She is bred from cock ‘NL414/02’. This is very much inbreed. The father ‘150/91’ is full brother of the mother ‘074/91’ (she is one of the basic hens on this loft). The mother of ‘Arleen’ is ‘NL938/00’, a daughter of ‘Dure 050/92’ (basic cock) x ‘170/94’ (daughter of famous ‘super 05 batenburg).

Son As 710 NL2032141/04

54th nat. Narbonne 2992p ‘05 - 823rd nat. Bordeaux 4220p ‘05 - 119th nat. Carcassonne ’06 - 262nd nat. Perpignan ‘06 - 491st nat. Bordeaux ‘06
This late-bred of 2004 (born September 2004) is a son of the basic cock ‘710/97’ x ‘962/98 Old Muller Hen’ the best of the famous loft Eijerkamp-Muller and Wim Muller.

NL1116349/03 Dochter Dure

39th national Marseille ‘05 - 202nd national Dax ZLU ‘05 - 441st national St-Vincent ‘05 - 198th national Pau ZLU ‘06 - 249th national Narbonne ‘06
She is a direct daughter of basic cock ‘De Dure 050/92’ x ‘De Jacqueline 854/02’ (P de Vogel)

NL1954745/00 Night Hawk

29th nat. Bergerac ‘01 - 83rd nat. St-Vincent ‘04 - 229th nat. Mont de Marsan - 334th nat. Carcassonne ‘06
456th nat. St-Vincent ‘06 - 682nd nat. St-Vincnet - 731st nat. Bergerac ‘02 - 709th nat. Mont de Marsan - 966th nat. St-Vincent
This hen is direct from basic cock ‘De Oude Muller 158/90’ (direct Eijerkamp-Muller) X ‘849/98’(breeding hen line A. Saarloos & son from Klaaswaal)
The nestmate of Night Hawk is ‘NL746/00’. He won also 24th nat. Bordeaux ‘02, 94th national Bordeaux ‘01,227th nat. Bordeaux ’05, 533rd nat. Marseille ’02, 587th nat. Bordeaux ’06, 757th nat. Bordeaux ’01.

NL00/1954802 Cortine
415th Bordeaux 8152p - 71st Montauban 4944p - 103rd Montauban 6718p - 3rd nat. St-Vincent ’03 CEEFAX - 63rd nat. S-Vincent ’04
The father of this hen is ‘NL703/92 De Blauwe 03’. He is from NL149/91 (brother of basis hen 074) X ‘914/91’ (daughter 3rd nat. Perpignan strain Batenburg).
The mother is ‘NL200/99’. She is from basis cock ‘De Dure 050/92’ x hen from Ad Pegels , Numansdorp.

NL02/1615635 De Sven

9th national Bordeaux 8854p ’04 CEEFAX
The father is ‘NL500/01’, a son of ‘Super As’ (168th nat. Perpignan, 216th nat. St-Vincent, 231st and 273rd nat. St-Vincent, 231st nat. Marseille ) X ‘NL360/96’ (C vd Velde x Ouwerkerk).
The mother is ‘NL801/00’ , daughter of strain Scheele brothers X basis hen 074.

NL02/1615417 De Nachtbraker

72nd nat. Pau ’04 - 161st nat. Dax ’04 - 10th nat. Pau ‘05 - 256th nat. Dax ‘05
The father is the basic cock ‘NL 158/90 De Oude Muller’ and the mother is ‘NL846/98’ (from strain A Saarloos & son)

NL2338115/99 ‘De As 115’

1st Ace pigeon FBZ 2005
2nd Ace pigeon ZLU Fondspiegel 2001-2005 - 4th Ace pigeon ZLU Fondspiegel 2005 - 26th nat. Perpignan ‘05 - 194th nat. Marseille ‘05 - 380th nat. Perpignan ‘02 - 382nd nat. Marseille ‘01 - 443rd nat. Barcelona ‘05
Father is ‘270/94’ (halfbrother ‘074/91’ x granddaughter Witbuik) and mother is ‘795/92’ (P vd Eijnden x Batenburg)

NL1954832/00 Stijntje Lucretia

35th nat. Munchen ‘02 - 45th nat. Bergerac ‘03 - 47th nat. Bordeaux ‘06 - 84th nat. Bergerac ‘04 - 231st nat. Bergerac ‘05 - 236th nat. Bordeaux ZLU - 503rd nat. St-Vincent ‘06 - 518th nat. Bordeaux ‘01 - 882nd nat. Montauban ‘04
This hen is again direct from basic hen ‘074/91’ X ‘102/98’ (line Scheele brothers)

Results 2004
Midday release:
Bordeaux 8854p: 9-90…(18/38)
St-Vincent 6385p: 63-82… (11/20)
Bergerac 12.125p: 84… (7/22)
St-Vincent 5909p: 83…(3/10)
Montauban (at 10.00 AM) 8346p: 15… (19/39)
Morning release:
Pau 3571p: 161 (2/5)
Barcelona 7875p: 178…(9/20)
Dax 5782p: 72-86 (10/15)

Results 2005
9th nat. Pau
26-30-35th national Perpignan
39th nat. Marseille
54-55th national Narbonne


11-61st national St-Vincent S2
21-103rd nat. Pau
23-42-61-81-129-130th national Bordeaux ZLU
47-80 nat. Bordeaux S2
56th nat. Barcelona ZLU
76th nat. Dax ZLU
119th nat. Carcassonne ZLU
121-138th nat. Perpignan ZLU