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Our 'Barcelona Special The Nederlands' auction will have nothing but world class pigeons on offer

No other race is quite as captivating as the classic from Barcelona. The 2017 race was one of the hardest ever. We are offering for sale a group of youngsters from the national top 10 and the international top 20 (of 17,026 p.) in our "Barcelona Special The Netherlands", which will be a sale of exceptional value.

The 2017 race from Barcelona 2017 will go in history as one of the hardest races ever. The pigeon of the international winner Leon Roks reached a velocity of no more than 882 m/m, covering 1,148km. Given the race conditions and the average distance that the pigeons from The Netherlands had to cover, it is quite remarkable that no less than 10 Dutch pigeons were able to finish in the international top 20 of 17,026 pigeons. The following international top 20 prizes have been won across The Netherlands:

 1st Int. Barcelona 1,148 km NL10-3025405 (L. Roks, Standdaarbuiten)
 4th Int. Barcelona 1,258 km NL14-1559574 (J. Jellema, Nijverdal)
 5th Int. Barcelona 1,270 km NL15-1259266 (T. Berlijn, Kampen)
 7th Int. Barcelona 1,210 km NL15-1467327 (C. van Haarlem, Terborg)
10th Int. Barcelona 1,120 km NL12-1866951 (M. Scheijvens, Thorn)
11th Int. Barcelona 1,097 km NL14-1350772 (M. Cox, Stein)
12th Int. Barcelona 1,210 km NL14-1710772 (C. van Haarlem, Terborg)
14th Int. Barcelona 1,281 km NL13-1112279 (K. Droog, Andijk)
15th Int. Barcelona 1,281 km NL13-1112240 (K. Droog, Andijk)
20th Int. Barcelona 1,082 km NL15-1105618 (H. Wijnands and son Maastricht)

We are eager to introduce you to some of these prize winners.

NL10-3025405 Sumerain Fighter, 1st National Barcelona

1st National Barcelona 2017 (4,504 p.)

The 1st National Barcelona was won by Leon Roks (Standdaarbuiten) with racing bird NL10-3025405 Don Leo, which is now called Sumerain Fighter. This 1st prize also resulted in a 1st International of 17,026 pigeons. Summerain Fighter is a 100% Leo Kouters pigeon, and his pedigree includes such stock breeders as Huibje, Mistral and Willeke, which have led to great results over the years for Leo Kouters. Click here for the full pedigree of Sumerain Fighter. This first prize winner had already shown his potential earlier on, winning a 1st NPO Dax and a few other top prizes:

  1st Nat. Barcelona 4,504 p. (and 1st Int. 17,026 p.)
  1st NPO Dax        1,180 p. (and 13th of 8398 p.)
 71st Tarbes         2,538 p.
419th St. Vincent    2,780 p.
 89th Bergerac       1,201 p.

NL14-1559574 Saar, 2nd National Barcelona

2nd National Barcelona (4,504 p.) right after her arrival

Racing bird NL14-1559574 Saar, wins a 2nd National Barcelona for Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal). She was basketed with a youngster of 8 days old, and this is what she looked like shortly after her arrival, together with her youngster. Besides a 2nd National she also won a 4th International of 17,026 pigeons. Last year Saar won a 182nd National St. Vincent and a 275th National Perpignan. She also did quite well in the race from Limoges as a one year old. Saar stems from Jellema's own pigeon breed, coming from the bloodlines of Klein Kweekstertje and Zwart Goud, combined with the lines of the renowned German fancier Peter Brockamp and some Arjan Beens birds. The dam of Saar is Lauren, which was quite successful in the long distance. She won two teletext prizes: a 6th NPO Orange 2013 and an 8th National Cahors 2014. The sire of Saar is a son of Waldeck, winner of a 5th NPO Orange 2011 teletext. In other words, this hen originates from nothing but renowned bloodlines. Click here for the full pedigree of Saar.

NL15-1259266 Luna May, 3rd National Barcelona

3rd National Barcelona (4,504 p.)

The 3rd National and 5th International were won by Tony Berlijn (Kampen) with racing bird Luna May. This pigeon is a 100% Verweij-De Haan (Mijdrecht), inbred to stock breeders Milos, Toon and Heintje. Click here for Luna May's full pedigree. Milos has won a 1st NPO Montauban, and he is the great-grandfather of a 3rd Nat. Barcelona, a 2nd Nat. Tarbes, a 2nd Nat. Narbonne, etc. Toon is the grandfather of:

 1st Nat. Agen ZLU    7,135 pigeons
 5th Nat. Cahors      5,571 pigeons
 6th Nat. Cahors      5,359 pigeons
 7th Nat. Bergerac   12,423 pigeons
 8th Nat. St.-Vincent 3,714 pigeons
10th Nat. Tarbes      5,423 pigeons
15th Nat. Cahors      5,571 pigeons

NL15-1467327, 4th National Barcelona

4th National Barcelona (4,504 p.)

Coen van Haarlem (Terborg) has done really well in Barcelona, winning a 4th and 7th place national. His racing hen NL15-1467327 ​claims a 4th National and 7th International. The sire of this hen is also the sire of the 2nd best European one year old across all international races in the PIPA ranking (2 prizes), having won a 60th Int. Agen (9,043 p.) and a 92nd Int. Narbonne (7,811 p.). Click here for the pedigree of NL15-1467327.

NL12-1866951 Second Speedy, 5th National Barcelona

5e Nationaal Barcelona (4.504 d)

This fantastic pigeon, Second Speedy of W. Scheijvens (Thorn), wins a 5th National and 10th International Barcelona. He has been a great star in the marathon competition for many years, having won the following prizes:

   5th Nat. Barcelona    4,504 p. (and 10th Int. 17,026 p.)
  15th Nat. Dax          8,398 p.
  60th Nat. Tarbes       4,670 p.
  91st Nat. Bergerac     4,663 p.
 180th Nat. Cahors      10,624 p.
 427th Nat. St. Vincent  9,757 p.
 793rd Nat. Dax          4,616 p.
 914th Nat. St. Vincent  6,169 p.
1141st Nat. Tarbes       5,392 p.
1472nd Nat. St. Vincent  6,228 p.

The 5th National Barcelona 2017, Second Speedy, is a youngster of Speedy Bang, winner of a 15th Nat. St. Vincent and a 2nd Nat. from Dax the following season. Speedy Bang comes from the pigeon breed of Jan Theelen from his father's side; the dam comes from the late Willie Molin. The dam of Second Speedy comes from the line of Cassartelli of the neighbouring loft of J. Corstjens. Click here for the full pedigree of Second Speedy.

NL14-1350772, Kleine Barcelona, 6th National Barcelona

6th National Barcelona (4,504 p.)

De Kleine Barcelona van Thjeu Cox (Stein) had a fantastic 2017 season, winning the following ace pigeon titles:

Best extreme long distance pigeon in The Netherlands (2 prizes) PIPA ranking
Best European old bird across all international races (2 prizes) PIPA ranking
Best pigeon ZLU for Whzb/Tboth

These championship titles were based on the following prizes:

6th Nat. Barcelona (4,504 p.) 11th Int. (17,094 p.)
8th Nat. Narbonne  (4,568 p.)  8th Int. (10,421 p.)

He had already won a 369th Prov. Cahors (3,173 p.), 535th Prov. Valence (2,316 p.), 103rd Prov. Limoges, 1346th Nat. Agen, 151st Nat. Marseille (3,320 p.) etc. The sire of Kleine Barcelona is the 681 of ’02, and he is a son of De Marseille. Click here for the full pedigree of Kleine Barcelona.

NL14-1710772, 7th National Barcelona

7th National Barcelona (4,504 p.)

The second pigeon of Coen Van Haarlem that finished in the top 10 is NL14-1710772. This hen wins a 7th National and a 12th International (17,026 p.). This renowned racing bird had already won a 7th NPO (teletext) Limoges of 1,279 pigeons. The sire of this hen is a son of top breeder Zoon Yes 66 x Grandchild Diplomaat of Noël Peiren (Zedelgem, BE). The dam of the 772 is also the dam of a 12th Nat. ZLU Narbonne (5,042 p.) and a 330th Nat. ZLU Agen (4,690 p.). Click here for the full pedigree of NL14-1710772.

NL15-1105618, 10th National Barcelona

10th National Barcelona (4,504 p.)

The NL15-1105618 of H. Wijnands & Son claims a 10th National Barcelona, as well as a 20th International (17,026 p.). He has a 375th Int. Narbonne of 7,811 yearlings on his palmares as a one year old as well. The sire of the '618 is a son of top breeder Blauwe Brouwers x a daughter of a 4th Nat. Barcelona and a 4th Nat. Bordeaux. The dam is an Inteelt Lamme, and she is also the dam of a 41st Nat. Narbonne, an 85th Nat. Narbonne and a 59th Nat. Marseille. Click here for the full pedigree of the NL15-1105618.