Oscar & Koen Brackenier (Oosterzele, BE) winners of 1st National Brive 11,128 old birds

Oscar couldn’t have dreamt of winning the 1st national Brive at his age: this fancier is 91 years old. This is a new victory for the successful family of pigeons of Oscar Brackenier.

For the national from Brive the organisers of the Belgian Entente had 11,128 pigeons to be released. This was an increase of about 10% compared to last year: 10,448 were basketed in 2011. Unfortunately we had changeable weather and rain was predicted on Saturday afternoon. That is why it was decided to release the pigeons early at 6h15. The plan was to stay ahead of the rain, but that plan was not completely successful. There was some rain in the region of the Bourges-Tours line up to Paris. There was also rain in Belgium in the afternoon. But of all the national races this Saturday Brive was the most hassle free. Still, we think this race will have a number of losses as well. Many of us thought that the weather in July last year was terrible, but this year's seems to be even worse. This is of course very annoying, not only for the fancier but also for the race organisers.

Koen & Oscar Brackenier triumphant

The victory of Oscar and Koen Brackenier is of course a prestigious win for the people of the Belgian Entente. These two fanciers from Oosterzele were already awed as General Champions Belgian Entente in 2006, the season in which their super champion Shrek 2 was in the form of his life. Shrek 2 was the winner of the first provincial and second national ace pigeon middle distance KBDB 2006! It will not be for the first time that Oscar and Koen are called onto the stage in Wevelgem. They will be awarded as champions and laureates 2012 Entente Belge.

Oscar (91) and his grandson Koen clocked their national winner at 12h37:49 after a race of  667.501km which resulted in the highest velocity at national level: 1743.65 m/min. The winner was closely followed by another pigeon (at 12h40), but that was one of their pigeons from Barcelona, which has won 7th locally against 295 old birds.

The national winner is Little Dax BE10-4232310, their first nominated bird from Brive and an inbred cock of Brackenier's stock cock Dax BE94-4102018 (himself winner of 16th international Dax). He stems from a pairing of half brother x half sister, both direct descendants of stock cock Dax.

Sire: Secret Dax BE05-403310 is a very talented breeder: he is father of this season's 1st national Brive, 5th provincial ace pigeon middle distance KBDB 2011, 71st national Brive 10,089 pigeons, 56th Prov Souillac 1,296 p, 14th Prov Montélimar 979 p, 147th Prov Bourges 6,154 p, 48th Prov Argenton 1,440 p. and many more. He is a son of stock cock Dax coupled with his own grandchild Bonte Dax Duivin BE04-4417565 (a daughter of the 1st prov Dax 1,244 p, 2nd Nat 6,138 p, 9th International 17,416 p. the Dax Frans 669/00 x Blue Provincial 217/03, 1st Prov Brive and 1st Provincial Cahors.)
Dam: Fine Dax BE00-411247. An excellent breeding hen which is mother of 96th Nat Dax 6,138 p, 78th Nat Dax 4,534 p. etc.  She is also a daughter of Dax, this time she was paired to Geschelpt 906 BE99-4517906 (a daughter of Argenton 101/89 Waerniers x Witstaart 321/98).
Click here for the full pedigree

As a youngster the Little Dax was already one of the favourites of Oscar and Koen. As a yearling he did about five shorter races as preparation and from which he won three prizes from Noyon Ecouen and Angerville. Shortly after he took a prize from Chateauroux (125th against 585 pigeons) in his first big race. It was his only big race in 2011 as he had a pox in his eye that season. This season, as a two year old, he could show his talents in the previous races, with the following results:

Brive     Nat 11,128 p. 1
Limoges   Loc    575 p. 12
          Nat 13.781 p. 749
Montauban Loc    243 p. 36
Vierzon   Loc    692 p. 59

On the day before basketing for Montauban he enjoyed the company of an unknown hen and it took a while before he entered the loft again. In order to divert his mind from this unknown pigeon Koen showed him a hen of similar plumage, which he could sit together with for almost an hour before being basketed for Montauban. This seems to have motivated him for a national win.

Years and years of top level pigeon racing

Oscar has always been a busy man. He was on the road purchasing pigs from farmers, bringing them to the slaughter and cutting the meat in his own meat processing company. At a certain point in time the parents of Koen took over the company of father Oscar, so they were often at work in the house of Oscar. That explains why Oscar’s grandson Koen was always around his grandfather when he took care of his pigeons. As a seven year old Koen was captivated by the pigeons of his grandfather. Meanwhile Koen (33) is a chef running his own business. He runs the restaurant ‘Onder den Toren’ close to the church in the town of Gijzenzele. At the weekends he prepares and serves delicious meals. By the way, we highly recommend a visit to the restaurant of Koen to anyone who fancies a good meal and a glass or two of wine!

In the Brackenier family pigeon racing has always been a form of entertainment to escape from everyday life. But we have to say that they were very successful: just take a look at the impressive list of achievements throughout the years. You can read some of the previous PIPA reports on the achievements of the Braceknier family to get an idea.

They started the racing season in 2012 with 45 widowhood cocks (including old birds and yearlings). They have no time for racing hens. They did not breed before the start of the season either, they were only paired in early March and then they sat a few days in widowhood. Sometimes the cocks can see their hen before they are basketed, sometimes not, for the sake of variety. For the race from Brive all of the Brackenier pigeons could see their hen before being basketed. And we know the result from that! 

This is the first big win in Oosterzele this season and probably not their last. The Brackenier pigeons are known for their top performances and this season won’t be an exception. Congratulations Oscar and Koen on this new success!