One Loft Success in the Emerald Isle - Hennie, Daniel and Anette Kallmeyer (Malahide, Republic of Ireland)

For the past two decades, Hennie Kallmeyer has been winning out of turn with his family of pigeons. Racing in South Africa and most recently in the Republic of Ireland, the Kallmeyer name has never been far away from the top of the result sheet.

His victory at the 2010 Emerald Classic International One Loft Race with the beautiful Baby Bear was achieved after an absence from the sport due to working and living in Sydney, Australia. The Kallmeyers have continued to develop their family through intensive performance testing in various one loft races around the globe. This has seen them amass a series of impressive performances year upon year.

Hennie and Anette Kallmeyer

The beginning in South Africa

Hennie’s story began in his native South Africa where as a keen, young pigeon fancier in the mid 1990’s he followed with interest the South African Million Dollar race. The name of David Clausing (USA) kept on appearing as his birds dominated week after week in the training and hot spot races. Based on the old original Houben family pigeons, they appeared to thrive in the harsh conditions of Sun City. Between the years of 2002 to 2005, the Clausing birds scored 8 times in the first 50 of the final race and this inspired Hennie to collect more birds from this world-class family of pigeons, following his earlier introductions with which he had immediate success.

His love affair with the Clausing birds began in 1998 when Hennie purchased his very first Clausing bird from a Million Dollar auction after the race series was flown. Named Leonda (AU1998CLAUSING0141), this young cock bird would go on to produce a double union winner in its first nest and, when paired with another Clausing Million Dollar bird named Olive Branch, sired a number of top performers and some super breeders; including a cock named Tears. Tears became one half of the South African Magic Pair along with his ‘click’ hen, Miss Money Penny. This pair is well known in South Africa with winners from their offspring being reported across the width and length of South Africa.

Settling in Malahide, Ireland

Following brief stints living and working in London and Sydney, the Kallmeyers moved to Malahide, a picturesque town near Dublin in Ireland. Between 2009 and 2011, 34 birds made their way to the Emerald Isle directly from Dave Clausing’s loft in Nocatee, Florida. They originated from all of the principle Clausing breeders such as #410, Trouble, 1383, Jay, David Jr, #217, Never Say Die and Ziko II. Breeding began in 2010 and success was instant. The small group of youngsters that Hennie and Anette entered into one loft events performed brilliantly with Baby Bear winning the Emerald Classic International One Loft Race and two other important victories were won: the Country Challenge race at the South Africa Million Dollar Race and also having the best Irish pigeon for the series of Hot Spot races. Hennie’s continued faith and trust in the Clausing family was justified.

The Kallmeyers continued to test their family in the ensuing years in one loft competitions. They also added to their existing Clausing family and constantly changed their matings to identify the most consistent and best polygamous breeders in order to evolve and improve their breed. By the end of 2014 they had a good understanding of their best lines however lady luck was to deal a cruel blow with Hennie being diagnosed with Pigeon Fancier’s Lung disease. Whilst this would limit the amount of time Hennie would be able to spend with his pigeons, in many ways his diagnosis focused Hennie’s mind to concentrate on a small core of pigeons that had proven themselves as super breeders or the ‘centre cream’ of breeders as he refers to them.

A culmination of the above factors has led to the selection of only 11 birds from the group of 34 original Clausing imported pigeons, comprising of 5 cocks and 6 hens for continued breeding purposes plus some of their proven offspring.  Another important decision was made in 2014 and that was to introduce a select few key breeders from the German one loft racing champion – Alfons Klaas. In the Kallmeyer’s opinion the Clausing and Klaas pigeons are the very best one loft racing bloodlines the world has seen in the past 15 years.

2015 - success across the globe!

This renewed breeding focus and the introduction of the Klaas crossings has resulted in some brilliant one loft performances in 2015. Breeding in 2015 began with a reduced team and pairing was much later in the year, due to family commitments. This resulted in only 5 one loft races being entered and with a reduced number of pigeons being entered into these races. Nevertheless, the team performed with distinction as the results in these 5 races show:

  1. French Young Bird Derby 2015 – the Kallmeyers scored regularly in the top 10 of the hot spot races and ended 24th in the final race with a son of Bear (Danny Whammy) which also ended as 13th Overall Ace Pigeon. He was bought back in October 2015 from the auction and has since been re-entered in the Derby Arona Race in Tenerife where training has already commenced for the 2016 race series. 
  2. Whodareswins O. L. R. - a son of Ziko III was one of the most consistent long distance/ channel birds in this race scoring 35th and 26th Open in the semi-final and final races respectively.
  3. Balkanic Fairplay International Race - a son of Baby Blue called Heartbreaker (IPB 2015 B 7864) ended as 2nd Hot Spot Ace Pigeon (only 1 minute behind the winner) with the following performances:
70th open Hot Spot 1
57th open Hot Spot 2
40th open Hot Spot 3
12th Semi Final Race

The team also finished 16th in the gruelling final race with a grandson of Baby Blue.

  1. Dracula O. L. R. - a daughter of Ginger Spice won 1st Overall Ace Pigeon and a daughter of MJ (son of Bear) won 3rd Overall Ace Pigeon. The Kallmeyers won an amazing 1st and 3rd Overall Ace pigeon titles from a 3 bird entry team only, as follows:

IPB 2015 B 7866 Aref (1st Overall Ace Pigeon)

109th open Hot Spot 1
2nd open Hot Spot 2 (equal 1st/first drop)
5th open Semi Final Race (equal 1st/first drop)
7th open Final Race (1 of only 7 day birds)

IPB 2015 B 7870 Draco (3rd Overall Ace Pigeon)

133rd open Hot Spot 1
29th open Hot Spot 2
20th open Semi Final Race
11th open Final Race

  1. Golden Race Algarve - a son of Baby Blue (Superman Dan) raced superbly in this year’s edition of one of the most prestigious international one loft races by finishing as 2nd Irish Ace pigeon and 11th International Ace Pigeon against an original entry of 4,300 pigeons from 27 countries. More importantly Superman Dan was also the best long distance Ace Pigeon (best average over the 3 longest races in the series including Hot Spot 3, semi-final and final races):

IPB 2015 B 7881 Superman Dan

2363rd open Hot Spot 1
153rd open Hot Spot 2
17th open Hot Spot 3
26th open Semi Final (Silver Race – semi-final race)
89th open Final Race (Golden Race – final race)

It seems that pigeon fanciers have taken note of these remarkable performances by the Kallmeyer pigeons as these ace pigeons have smashed auction prices and sold for new record prices at these OLR auctions in excess of an average of €2,500 each!

Top Clausing breeders of the Kallmeyer colony

Bear (AU 2006 CLAUSING 115) was bred by David Clausing of the USA and is a first generation cross of Jay, his foundation Imbrecht breeder and #217, his foundation breeding hen. Bear arrived in Ireland in August 2009 and reared his first babies in January 2010. Within a very short period of time he established himself as a foundation breeder of note. His children have been exported to all corners of the world within 3 years of his arrival in Ireland and winners have been reported down to the third generation already. In 2010 his son Baby Bear won the 2010 Emerald Classic International O. L. R. Three brothers of Baby Bear currently form the main cock line from Bear in Hennie and Anette’s loft. These are Luther, Young Bear and MJ. These 3 young cocks have produced numerous top scoring children in various one loft races in recent years. In September 2015 a daughter of MJ named Draco was the 3rd Overall Ace Pigeon in the Dracula One Loft Race Series in Transylvania, Romania. One of the best racing sons of Young Bear was Mr Spice. He was the best Republic of Ireland pigeon in the 2012 Emerald Classic OLR and is now in the Kallmeyer breeding loft. His mother is their top producing daughter of David Jr named Ginger Spice. Another son of Bear and Baby Blue, named Hennie, was gifted to David Clausing. From his first year at stock in the USA he has bred some top performing one loft racing pigeons. His granddaughter was co-winner of the 2015 California Classic One Loft Race winning $18,300+ in prize money in November 2015.

Baby Blue (AU 2004 CLAUSING 64 – old ring, bird is from 2008) is a small little hen who plays a major part in the loft’s current breeding strategy. She is the main breeding hen of the loft and clicks with a number of cocks, including Bear. Hennie and Anette try to preserve her genes such is their potency in one loft competition. She is the product of inbreeding, being from a brother x sister mating from the two most famous Clausing birds i.e. # 410 and his Million Dollar winning niece Never Say Die (winner of the Sun City Million Dollar Race 2003). They currently house a number of sons and daughters of Baby Blue in their breeding loft when she was mated to most of the key breeding cocks such as Bear, Dakteels, Sidekick, Mr Spice and her own son, Young Bear.

Mr Spice: top performer in the 2012 Emerald Classic O. L. R. and winner of 13th open in the Final Race.

Ginger Spice is also a key breeding hen of the loft. She is a daughter of Clausing’s famous breeder David Jr and granddaughter of the legendary #410. She is the Kallmeyer’s most versatile breeding hen having bred consistent O. L. R. prize winners over a 4 year period with 5 different cocks. In September 2015 a top performer was reported down from her son Camouflage with him being the grandfather of 2nd open (equal 1st/first drop) in the 2015 Superstar One Loft Race Final.  The same month, her own daughter Aref won 1st Overall Ace Pigeon in the Dracula O. L. R.

An exceptionally strong gene pool

Hennie and Anette Kellmayer are one of the finest exponents of one loft racing in the world today. It is now almost twenty years since Hennie first recognised the potential of the Clausing family and since this time he has honed and developed his own family that win wherever they are sent to compete. With such a strong gene pool to call upon in the future then surely more success will find its way to Malahide.

Author’s note - Hennie has kindly asked me to include a special word of thanks to his mentor and good friend David Clausing for all his support, friendship, advice and most importantly world class winning bloodlines.