One Loft Race Kuźnica 2015

Season 2015 turned out to be very difficult and demanding for all Polish pigeon fanciers. The young bird racing was the main reason for astonishment, disappointment and sleepless nights.

Even the best fanciers had to face mass losses of their birds. Such a situation didn't set an easy task for OLR organizers.

In this article I'll try to summarize the final race in OLR managed by Bartosz Morel - OLR Kuźnica.

At first, a few words about the main organizer of the event. Bartosz Morel is a significant pigeon fancier. He is young, energetic and very hardworking. In his breeding loft there are birds from the best lofts in the whole world. After a few years he returned to club racing and participated in young bird racing. His return appeared to be very successful and despite the tough season, his birds achieved significant results in his club, region and even the country (which needs to be officially confirmed) In addition, his birds participate in many European OLRs with significant achievements. Breeding pigeons is nothing new for him, as he has been involved in it for many years. He has made friends with many top European fanciers which helped him gain a lot of knowledge and experience.

Information about his OLR reached fanciers from Poland, Europe, Asia, Africa, America or Australia, many of whom decided to participate. Season 2015 had 250 participants from 14 countries, who sent 1,258 pigeons. The birds settled into the newly built loft immediately. It is situated in Lgota Murowana near Zawiercie. The pigeons were taken care by the organizer himself and by his loft manager - Krystian Nowak. The veterinary care was provided by clinic Dawet. The birds were also examined by world famous specialists: Dr Henk De Weerd and Raf Herbots. They assessed pigeons' condition as excellent. The birds were fed on best quality mixtures and supplements provided by sponsors Rohnfried, Belgica De Weerd and Ropa-B kept them in very good shape.

The pigeons were sent gradually and as they came they began their adaptation process. They could use the aviary to spend time in the open air and learn the neighbourhood. When they became ready they started flying in small groups. The organizer gained a lot of experience, visiting many OLRs in the whole world and that's why his solutions are modern and functional. Proper health care, deep knowledge and true committment altogether helped him to achieve another organizational success.

Having finished the adaptation process, the birds participated in their first weekly training to the flying scheme: basketing - sleeping in baskets - releasing. Then came the first training flights, which proved to be a real challenge for Mr Morel and as it happened to many other OLR organizers, he ended up with losing many pigeons. Why do young, healthy and vital birds disappear in such numbers? The question was asked by many Polish fanciers this season. Thanks to the proper diet and supplemetation, the birds dealt well with the difficulties and were able to return even after a few days. An additional challenge this year was the long and destructive drought that was in Poland in the summer. It was a hard time for all Poles and it was the same in all Polish lofts.

After two competitive races the organizer and his committee basketed 152 pigeons for a final race from Pasewalk. The distance was 504 km which is one of the longest OLR distances in Poland. On 10 September 2015 many fanciers were waiting for their pigeons' return from this race.

Wind map of the race day

The race appeared to be very demanding. The significant distance together with a strong side wind was a real challenge. The first pigeon came back to the loft after more than 8 hours. It belonged to the Belgian team of Van Gaver De Vroe - DVV Pigeons. The second pigeon came soon - It belonged to a Pole - Leszek Nowak. Only 9 pigeons managed to return on the first day; others gradually came back the next morning.


Some of the birds which returned will be sold on PIPA.BE, some on other auctions. To have the birds auctioned on PIPA.BE is a great honour and it proves that the level of competition in this loft is really high.

The organizer is not only committed and persistent, but also very sensible about his successes. He never overrates them. Mr Morel has time for every person who wants to talk to him. He accepts both congratulations and critical comments. He has already gathered some comments about what should be changed to raise the level of the competition. Let's hope that the weather will allow for just rivalry. We wish luck to Mr Morel and we hope to meet and write the summarizing article about his race next year as well.