Olympic Yoni will not shine for Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL) at Olympiad in Romania

Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL) with the recently deceased Rien van Oss in the middle
With Olympic Yoni, Team van Oss (Velddriel) would have shone at the 37th homing pigeon Olympiad held in Romania this year. With the passing of Rien van Oss, this decision had to be reversed.

37th Homing Pigeon Olympiad Oradea Romania

The opening of the 37th Carrier Pigeon Olympiad will take place on Friday 12 August at 10:00 AM in Oradea (Romania). During this event, various countries will present their best athletes from the years 2020/2021 to the general public. For the Netherlands (as 3rd Dutch Olympiad Pigeon Cat. Allround) the NL18-1222348 Olympic Yoni would make its appearance for Team van Oss. With the death of patriarch Rien van Oss on July 16, Team van Oss decided differently. Olympic Yoni will remain in the Netherlands during the Olympiad.

Olympic Yoni

There is a story behind the Olympic nomination of Olympic Yoni. That hen was bred by Mr. Kees de L'or, who raced under the name Mrs. Snellen & Zoon (s'-Hertogenbosch, NL), out of 2 pigeons directly from Team van Oss. Then it was Geert-Jan Meuwese (Lewedorp, NL) who picked her up in Den Bosch in exchange for a receipt that he had acquired. In 2020, all eyes of Team van Oss were already on Olympic Yoni after she won two flights that year, finished as Ace pigeon Allround in Zeeland '96 and also finished as 4th best allround pigeon in national competition "de Allerbeste" (‘The Very Best’) . In 2021, those achievements were built up further, as she was again the best all-round pigeon in Zeeland '96 and she was crowned 1st All-round Ace pigeon of the Netherlands. With her achievements of 2020/2021 she earned a ticket for the Olympiad in Romania as 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon in Cat. All round.

NL18-1222348 Olympic Yoni, 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Romania Cat. All round.

With the following accomplishments, Olympic Yoni achieved a coefficient of 63,590 in category D Allround:

05-09-2020 Arras 149 km 1 - 1609 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
19-09-2020 Roye 210 km 1 - 1501 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
29-05-2021 Fontenay 380 km 1 - 1299 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
06-06-2021 Pont St. Max 257 km 4 - 1209 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
11-07-2020 Fontenay 380 km 2 - 555 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
11-09-2021 Breuil l.v. 254 km 2 - 532 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
20-06-2020 Melun 327 km 10 - 2309 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
28-08-2021 Roye 210 km 8 - 1629 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
01-08-2020 Issoudun 520 km 4 - 409 p. Dept. 1 CC Zuid-Beveland
09-07-2021 Melun 327 km 44 - 3089 p. Dept. 1
03-07-2021 Issoudun 520 km 36 - 2046 p. Dept. 1

Olympic Yoni back to Velddriel

After Olympic Yoni became Zeeland's best pigeon again in 2021, Rien van Oss contacted Geert-Jan Meuwese with the question of whether she was for sale. Rien and Geert-Jan came to an agreement with the understanding that Olympic Yoni would finish the 2021 racing season in Lewedorp. With the achievements that followed, Olympic Yoni was able to secure her place in the national Olympic team. It quickly becomes clear from her pedigree why Team van Oss was so eager to bring the 2018 hen to Velddriel. Her mother NL17-1412345 Golden Harriët is a daughter of super breeder NL13-1395608 Harry 608 (son NL07-2007621 Harry of Jan Hooymans) x NL16-1663942 Golden New Harry (daughter NL14-1219811 New Harry of Jan Hooymans).

End of an era

With the passing of Rien van Oss, the Dutch pigeon sport has once again lost a leading figure. For wife Diny and son Irving, the linchpin has disappeared from the Team van Oss. The fact that he had a good eye for pigeons was proven with performances and, as one of his last feats, with the investment in Olympic Yoni, which would have been able to shine in Romania these days under the watchful eye of Rien.