Olympic Yoni realizes the ultimate goal for Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL)

 Olympic Yoni is a dream come true for Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL).
Rien van Oss had one mission in pigeon sport. His ultimate goal was to breed Olympiad pigeons and National Ace Pigeons. With the 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon and 1st National Ace Pigeon Allround ‘De Allerbeste’, Olympic Yoni made this dream come true.

Olympic Yoni, 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. D Allround 2020-2021

NL18-1222348 Olympic Yoni, 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. D Allround 2020-2021

Rien van Oss' mission was to breed the perfect racing pigeon that could battle with the best on an (inter)national level. In the last stages of his life (Rien van Oss passed away 16th July '22) he saw his mission was achieved. We may conclude that Team van Oss houses one of the best - if not the best - Allround pigeons of the century. Olympic Yoni has everything Rien van Oss imagined as the ideal pigeon. It is often the case that special pigeons have remarkable stories, this is also the case for Olympic Yoni. This hen was bred by Kees de L'or, racing under the name Mevr. Snellen & Zoon (s'-Hertogenbosch, NL) bred from two direct pigeons from Team van Oss. Although it was Geert-Jan Meuwese (Lewedorp, NL) who went to Den Bosch to bring this hen home, having bought a youngster coupon from Kees L'or. In 2020, all eyes were on Team van Oss after Olympic Yoni had won two 1st Prizes, became the Best Allround Ace Pigeon in Afd. Zeeland '96 and 4th Best Allround pigeon in the national competition 'De Allerbeste'. In 2021, these performances were outdone by becoming 1st Allround Ace Pigeon in Zeeland '96 for a second time and 1st Allround Ace Pigeon of The Netherlands. With her performances in 2020-2021 she became 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. D Allround 2020-2021 and thereby received a ticket to the Olympiad in Romania. Even before Olympic Yoni had ensured her titles in 2021, Rien van Oss had come to an agreement with Geert-Jan Meuwese that would transfer Olympic Yoni to the lofts in Velddriel. The 2021 racing season was successfully brought to a close in Lewedorp, where Olympic Yoni won the following titles;

1st National Ace Pigeon Allround 2021 ‘De Allerbeste’
2nd National Ace Pigeon 2021 PIPA Ranking Best NL Old bird
3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. D Allround 2020-2021
4th National Ace Pigeon Allround 2020 ‘De Allerbeste’
1st General Ace Pigeon 2020 Afdeling 1 Zeeland '96
1st General Ace Pigeon 2021 Afdeling 1 Zeeland '96

Below, you can find a beautiful video of Olympic Yoni which was recently made;


In the remainder of this article, we will try to discover how Rien van Oss came to his ideal racing pigeon. We do this by taking a closer look at the parents and grandparents of the phenomenon Olympic Yoni. 

Golden Harriët is the mother of Olympic Yoni

NL17-1412345 Golden Harriët is mother of Olympic Yoni.

On mother's side, NL17-1412345 Golden Harriët passed on her collection of top genes on to her daughter Olympic Yoni. Golden Harriët is a descendant to one of the most famous long distance pigeons in the history of Dutch pigeon sport: the NL07-2007621 Harry, bred and raced by Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL). Where her class comes from, quickly becomes clear when looking at her pedigree. 

Harry 608 is the father of Golden Harriët

NL13-1395608 Harry 608, grandfather of Olympic Yoni.

The NL13-1395608 Harry 608, a direct son of Harry, is father of Golden Harriët and thereby grandfather of Olympic Yoni. Harry 608 is not only a super breeder thanks to this wonder hen. Harry 608 is also father of a/o: 

2nd NPO Chateauroux 3,243 p.
5th Nationaal 10,300 p.
4th St. Quentin 10,974 p.
4th Niergnies 7,027 p.
7th NPO St. Quentin 7,407 p.

Another beautiful video was also made of Harry 608;

Golden New Harry is the mother of Golden Harriët

NL16-1663942 Golden New Harry, grandmother of Olympic Yoni.

The NL16-1663942 Golden New Harry is the mother of Golden Harriët and thereby the grandmother of Olympic Yoni. Golden New Harry descends from the best Hooymans bloodlines. She is a grandchild of Harry and his son NL12-1784621 Beauty Harry. The father of Golden New Harry is the phenomenon NL14-1219811 New Harry who was raced by Christian van de Wetering and won a/o 1st Niergnies (14,737 p.) and 1st Pt. St. Maxence (12,894 p.).

Discover more about Golden New Harry in the video below; 

NL17-1412388 Dark Mosquito is the father of Olympic Yoni

NL17-1412387 New Mosquito is the nest sister of Dark Mosquito, father of Olympic Yoni.

Due to the absence of a picture of NL17-1412388 Dark Mosquito, father of Olympic Yoni, we show a picture of his nest sister. With the NL17-1412387 New Mosquito you may get an idea of the (grand) parents of Olympic Yoni. New Mosquito stood out on the breeding loft as the mother of many top pigeons, including 1st NPO Nanteuil against 3,777 p. and 15th National Ace Pigeon NPO with a young bird. 

View the video of New Mosquito below; 

Noah is the father of Dark Mosquito

NL16-1665708 Noah is grandfather of Olympic Yoni.

The grandfather on father's side is the NL16-1665708 Noah. This checkered cock was bred from the bloodlines of pigeons from a/o Dick van Oort and a hint of Jan Hooymans. All grandparents of Noah have proven themselves on the breeding loft. Their (grand)children flew countless Top 10 results in National and NPO races. 

Miss Mosquito is the mother of Dark Mosquito

NL14-1211056 Miss Mosquito is mother of Dark Mosquito and grandmother of Olympic Yoni.

Lastly, we introduce the second grandmother of Olympic Yoni, the NL14-1211056 Miss Mosquito. Again, we find the lines of Dick van Oort in her pedigree, supplemented with pigeons of a/o  Kees Bosua, Pros Roosen and Gaby Vandenabeele. Miss Mosquito herself won a/o 8th NPO Morlincourt against 8,735 p. and 9th Pont St. Max against 6,682 pigeons

It all starts with super pigeons 

Olympic Yoni is the reward of the breeding strategy that Rien van Oss envisioned during his pigeon career. We therefore introduced the pigeons which led to the creation of this phenomenal racer. It quickly becomes clear from her pedigree that only one thing counts; super pigeons. The parents and grandparents of Olympic Yoni, which we introduced above and are shown in the videos, all have phenomenal breeding characteristics. Luck and coincidence exists, but is something you shouldn't rely too much on in pigeon sport.