Olivier & Willy Tordeur (Braine l'Alleud, BE) achieved a fantastic season in 2012!

During the 2012 season, it was one of the most competitive lofts of the province from Brabant Wallon. Indeed, Olivier & Willy Tordeur have won six provincial victories and this season will stay as one of the best of their entire career.


Olivier (44 years) & Willy Tordeur (69 years) have been running this loft since 2006. Before that, Olivier had been racing for more than 20 years and he was one of the very best specialists in the sprint races, as he won several titles of provincial champion and even a few classifications in the national championships of the KBDB, mostly thanks to his super Speedy, a dark cock who won several first prizes. But around 2003, he decided to stop racing his pigeons, mostly for family matters. Moreover, he had just bought his piece of paradise, a huge piece of ground with a pond that he built. That's how he began to organise some fishing parties and barbecues with his friends, not really compatible with the practice of the pigeon sport! However, the virus that we all contracted is really strong and that's how he thought of racing again in 2006. There were to be some small changes in his objectives: to start with, his comeback was done with a new partnership, as his father is now involved a lot in the care of the loft. Secondly, it was time for a new challenge and the new father and son combination decided to race the national races (longer middle distance & long distance). To be able to suceed, they needed some new reinforcements. At first, Olivier decided to recover his old lines with a few descendants of his old basis (formed amongst others with the pigeons from Louis Deleus and the Engels brothers), a strain that he strengthened with some new purchases made from Erik Limbourg, Deno-Herbots and, last but not least, Frédéric Beukenne.
With such material, the results just had to be explosive and here we are in 2012, the loft running at full speed!

Olivier & Willy Tordeur

Composition of the loft / the chaotic system

After his comecback, Olivier decided to race with a modern system and he choose total widowhood. However, due to the lack of space in his accommodation, he does not have enough room to keep a lot of pigeons and that's why a few racers simply have no partners. For 2012, the team consisted of 35 cocks and 20 hens, old birds and yearlings included. 'Before basketing, I open the door for 1 hour and I let them do what they want. A few pairs recognize each other directly but most of them are going here and there. It is the same with the youngsters who are raced with the sliding door system. It is more simple for us and then all our pigeons are basketed.'

Concerning the preparation before the season, only the old pigeons are paired (at the end of January) and they can breed two youngsters. The yearlings were not paired. The breeders (a dozen pairs) were paired around the 6th of December. This year, the young birds were not raced due to lack of time but it was the first time it was done this way. For medical guidance, they visit the vet, Delhove, before and after the season. In case of a problem, he is contacted directly. 

- Cécile (BE 09-1521729)

2012: 21 single prizes with
22/04 Trelou                     4th -    382 p.
07/05 Angerville                72th -    855 p.
12/05 Orléans                    7th -    447 p. 
                                20th -  1,868 p.
19/05 Orléans                    3rd -    533 p. 
                                21th -  2,342 p.
26/05 Bourges                   39th -    397 p.
02/06 Châteauroux    loc         9th -    144 p.
                     prov       17th -    252 p.
09/06 Châteauroux    loc        13th -    219 p.
                     prov       45th -    518 p.
17/06 Orléans                   21th -  1,041 p.
30/06 Argenton       loc         1st -    108 p.
                     prov        1st -    400 p.
                     Noyau 1000  1st -  1,970 p.
                     National  290th - 12,447 p.
07/07 Nevers         prov        1st -    283 p.
                     Noyau 1000  4th -  1,466 p.
                     CFW         6th -  2,135 p.
21/07 Nevers         prov       11th -    202 p.
29/07 Bourges        loc        11th -    131 p.
                     prov       34th -    513 p.
04/08 Toury                      7th -    456 p.
11/08 Argenton       prov        1st -    282 p.
                     Noyau 1000  2nd -  1,138 p.
                     National   60th -  4,782 p.
18/08 Toury                     12th -    348 p.
25/08 La Souterraine loc         1st -    100 p.
                     prov        1st -    279 p.
                     Noyau 1000 16th -  1,035 p.
                     National  217th -  4,699 p.

As you can see, this hen was basketed each week from the weekend of the 1st April until the 25 August, which gives a balance of more or less 7.000 prize / kilometers only in 2012! What could be better?

Father: The Louis (BE 01-1536506), his parents were directly obtained from the former middle distance fanatic of Belgium, Deleus Louis from Boortmerbeek. This pigeon has won 6 first prizes during his whole career and since he moved to the breeding loft, he has produced excellent youngsters!
Mother: Sister Gaby (BE 08-9040049), direct from Frédéric Beukenne from Bruyelle, she is a full sister of Gaby who was crowned as 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB in 2008. She is then, a full daughter of the couple Blue Vandenabeele x Orchidée II. Since 2010, the descendants of this wonderful breeding pair have managed to win numerous top 100 national positions in the longer middle distance races and this in various different lofts in Belgium. Cécile is yet more proof of this!

Let's say that Cécile missed out by a small point. In fact, she managed to achieve a coefficient of 0.81% for the national championship of the Longer Middle Distance Ace Pigeon KBDB. She was just outside the 8 best ones on the result but with this coefficient she would have been classified third: too bad!

Long distance races

After the comeback in 2006, father and son decided to enter the long distance races. After a few problems due to lack of experience, the engine is now working well as the results won by the 626/09 prove, a wonderful chequered cock who, with a little bit more sharpness, could had been classified in the national long distance Ace Pigeons Championships of the KBDB: no more, no less! In fact, the race from Bordeaux wasn't included in the national championship.

- The 626 (BE 09-1521626)

16/06 Cahors   1st Provincial   209 p.
               3rd Noyau 1000 1,807 p.
               5th CFW        2,637 p.
              76th National   8,348 p.
02/06 Limoges  2nd local        188 p.
               2nd Provincial   285 p.
               8th Noyau 1000 2,533 p.
              27th Zonal      3,986 p.
             299th National  13,781 p.
30/06 Bordeaux 4th Régional     238 p.
              54th National   4,971 p.
              81th Internat  10,724 p.
21/07 Souillac 7th Provincial   215 p.
              30th Interprov  1,285 p.
             213th Zonal      2,447 p.

We just have to wish to this partnership good luck for the new racing season and, if doing better will be difficult, it has to stay the main objective! Our sincere congratulations!