Olivier Carlier (Ophain, BE) achieved a super 2013 season!

The seasons are all the same for the lofts in Ophain. For many years, Olivier has been one of the top fancier from the club of Nivelles, one of the hardest basketing clubs from the of south of Belgium

The 2013 season was successful. Some great performances were achieved on a regular basis and this always with only a small group of pigeons basketed. However, it could have been even better if the pigeons were not infected by pox during July. Also, Olivier had not a lot of luck with his youngsters. Like everywhere else, he had to face several losses which made the season of the youngsters a little bit harder. But it's the same for everybody! Thank God, there are also some positives things! Like the discovery of his super champion, Benny, a gift coming from the sky! He became the main racer of the loft, the champion of the house. In 2014, this wonderful chequered cock will be aged 2 years and his opponents will learn his name.
During the month of May, we already published a report about this loft after the five star performances of Benny (click here to check this report). Unfortunately, Benny had to be stopped too quickly as he had pox. Small detail: he was the first pigeon of the loft to develop pox.

Benny (BE12-1514896)

20/04 Soissons (154 km) local -   342 yearlings : 1st
11/05 Pithiviers (317 km) Gen - 2,574 old birds : 1st
                          Gen - 1,090 yearlings : 1st
Highest speed from 3.664 pigeons
18/05 Orléans (352 km) local  -   182 yearlings : 3rd
                          Gen - 1,107 yearlings : 16th 
25/05 Orléans (352 km) local  -   208 yearlings : 1st
                          Gen -   832 yearlings : 15th
01/06 Orléans (352 km) local  -   199 yearlings : 4th
                          Gen - 1,029 yearlings : 14th
15/06 Orléans (352 km) Iprov  -   936 yearlings : 19th

Father: Chipo's Lad (BE 09-6354561), direct Geerinckx L,B,J and full brother of Nationaal, 1st Limoges Nat '09. He is also a grand-child of the legendary Gladiator & Chipo!
Mother: The black white flight (BE 09-1516265), daughter of the super champion of the loft, Jova (10 x 1st, 4 x top 81 national zone in the longer middle distance races), paired with a daughter of the Bourges, 6th national Bourges. A mixture of the best lines of the loft!
Click here to check his pedigree

Olivier is not a man afraid to look at his pocket when it's time to get some reinforcements. Over the last few years, he purchased several good pigeons, mostly from Erik Limbourg and Geerinckx L-B-J, always the cream of the crop. At Limbourg, he bought, for example, the Special Eye Patron, a confirmed racer in the lofts from Brussegem who became afterwards a superior breeder in Ophain. At Geerinckx, the first purchase was a direct hit with the Chipo's Lad (father from Benny) a full brother of the Nationaal from Geerinckx (1st Limoges nat), who became father of several first prizes winners in three different lofts, often in big birdages. After this purchase, he added to the collection youngsters from Gladiator, Luc, National Treasure, Xena, etc. Finally, at the total auction from Thibaut-Boons, he bought the super Red Bull, one of the best racers from the loft. Some superior pigeons there! All those purchased are testimony of his will to get better as he is obsessed by the fact that the goods are bred from the goods. With such breeding material, you will hear more from our friend in the coming seasons.

Olivier, congratulations and good luck for 2014!