Norbert & Stefan Ally (Tielt, BE) claim 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance YBs with Neymar descendants

Norbert and Stefan Ally have had quite a successful season, winning four provincial first prizes this year. In mid-October they added the title of 3rd National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance YBs to their palmares as well, with racing bird Neymar Junior. This adds to the already impressive reputation of his sire Neymar, and of top class breeding pair Schumi Junior x Belle.

Stefan and Norbert Ally showing two of their prize winners

Excellent season with 4 provincial victories and a 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon

Father and son Ally had an excellent start to the season in late April, winning a 1st Provincial Clermont WVOU yearlings. They also claimed a 1st Provincial Clermont WVOU on 25th of June, in the young birds' race against 10,250 pigeons. A third provincial first prize was won from Tours on 15th of July, followed by a provincial victory from Tours just two weeks later. These four provincial first prizes clearly show that Norbert and Stefan are still one of the leading names in our sport. The icing on the cake followed on 11th of October, when Neymar Junior claimed the title of 3rd National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance YBs. His origins show that this team has a very successful breeding strategy, founded on such bloodlines as Neymar and Schumi Junior x Belle. It also shows that the Ally pigeons have been able to perform very consistently throughout 2017. Click here for their best results of 2017.

Neymar Junior, 3rd National Ace Pigeon from two golden bloodlines

The number one racing bird this season is BE17-3011652 Neymar Junior, who claims the title of 3rd National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance YBs this season. Norbert and Stefan claimed their last provincial win of the season in the race from Tours, and it was then that Neymar Junior really started to deliver, winning a 4th Provincial of 6,741 pigeons. He continued to achieve good results in the following provincial middle distance races as well, winning for instance a 34th Provincial Pontoise of 18,184 pigeons on 5th of August. Eventually he managed to claim this title with a 1.6837% coefficient, after winning the folllowing results:

29/07/17  Tours    (447 km)  Prov.  6,741 p.   4th
19/08/17  Orléans  (357 km)  Prov.  3,398 p.  27th
26/08/17  Blois    (409 km)  Club     203 p.   1st  (15th Prov. 2,380 p.)
02/09/17  Tours    (447 km)  Prov.  1,483 p.   5th

As his name suggests, Neymar Junior is a son of top class racing bird and national winner and ace pigeon Neymar. The dam of Neymar junior is New Schuma, a daughter of the new stock pair Schumi Junior x Belle. Neymar and Schumi Junior x Belle are two fundamental bloodlines of this team, and they have bred numerous talented descendants already. We take a closer look at each of these bloodlines - Neymar Junior's full pedigree can be found here.

Neymar Junior, 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Shorter Middle Distance YBs 2017

Neymar dynasty

BE13-3126093 Neymar is a natural born prize winner that gained international fame in 2014 and 2015, winning the following prizes:

1st Nat. Montauban 3,990 p. in 2015 (fastest of 6,119 p. with a 10 minute lead)
2nd Nat. Brive 3,850 p. in 2014
2nd PIPA ranking Best Yearlings Belgian long distance races 2014 (3 prizes)
6th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings 2014 (2 prizes)

Norbert and Stefan took the risk of keeping Neymar in the racing team for 2015 after his exceptional 2014 season, and he went on to win a 1st National from Montauban that season. The two fanciers then agreed to keep him inside and to give him a spot in the breeding loft instead. He managed to breed some very successful youngsters in his first winter of breeding, as you can tell from the promising results of his three widower-sons last summer, which have each won a top result (within or around 1:100):

  • BE16-3131562 (late youngster of 2016): 2nd Clermont 251 p., 44th Nat. Jarnac 5,117 p., 26th Prov. Chateaudun 940 p., etc.
  • BE16-3131539: 57th Nat. Limoges II 10,554 p., 419th Nat. Tulle 9,578 p., etc. - 2/2 in the long distance this season
  • BE16-3073450: 142nd Nat. Limoges II 10,554 p., 965th Nat. Tulle 9,578 p., etc. - 2/2 in the long distance this season

In addition, the first provincial victory of the season was won by a pigeon from the Neymar bloodline: it was Neymar's half brother BE16-3131570 De Clermont Vooruit, a late youngster from the same dam as Neymar, that claimed a 1st Provincial Clermont WVOU of 8,501 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree of De Clermont Vooruit. And then there is Neymar Junior himself, a son of top breeder Neymar that claims a 3rd National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance YBs 2017. These results suggest that Neymar will continue to breed top class descendants in future seasons as well.

Neymar, twee jaar lang kopvlieger en sinds twee winters supervererver

Golden eggs from Schumi Junior x Belle

As we said, national ace pigeon Neymar Junior comes from Schumi Junior x Belle from his mother's side. Neymar Junior is currently the most successful descendant of these talented two breeders. Norbert and Stefan bred three talented youngsters from Schumi Junior x Belle in their first two years of breeding, and these have in turn bred some excellent descendants as well. These three youngsters are New Schumi, New Schuma and Gueretje:

  • BE15-3126131 New Schumi (youngster of Schumi Junior x Belle): 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs 2015, co-winner of 2nd National Championship Young Birds 2015 and 2nd National General Championship 2016 with 2nd Prov. Argenton 3,339 p., 15th Prov. Bourges 5,855 p., 15th Prov. Argenton 2,264 p., 28th Nat. Issoudun 11,984 p., etc. New Schumi started the 2017 racing season as a widower but he was transferred to the breeding loft after a race in bad weather in early May. A daughter of New Schumi of 2016 was placed in the breeding loft straight away; she became the dam of these two racing ibrds in her first year as a breeder:
    • BE17-3011571: 1st Clermont 178 p., 4th Orléans 218 p., 6th Fontenay 156 p., 19th Prov. Brionne 1,683 p., etc.
    • BE17-3011572: 19th Prov. Tours 6,741 p., 21st Prov. Tours, 3,478 p., 65th Prov. Orléans 3,398 dp., etc.
  • BE15-3126130 New Schuma (nest sister New Schumi): the dam of Neymar Junior and winner of 8 prizes per ten as a young bird, including a national Bourges. In the national race from Châteauroux III on 8th of August 2015 (disastrous race) she arrived home one week after the release, losing a lot of weight. This was the end of her racing season and her racing career, since Norbert and Stefan race their hens only as young birds.
  • BE 14-3119232 Gueretje (a full sister of New Schumi): 2nd Nat. Zone Guéret 2,707 p. (22nd Nat. 16,619 p.) as a youngster. Gueretje is the dam of:
    • BE 15-3142169 Charlene: 3/3 in the nationals (8% in total) as a hen from the third round, and thus co-winner of a 2nd National Championship YBs 2015.
    • BE17-3011637: 3rd Prov. Tours 3,478 p., 77th Prov. Pontoise 18,184 p., etc.

The 1st Prov. Clermont WVOU youngsters of 25th of June 2017 was won by a younster of Schumi Junior x Belle as well. The BE17-3011583 was the fastest of 10,250 young birds that day.

In fact, two full brothers of Schumi Junior, Red Nestpender 430 (BE12-3078430) and Blue Nestpender 431 (BE12-3078431), are part of this successful breeding strategy as well. Their latest youngsters won a 1st Prov. Tours 3,478 p. and a 5th Prov. Tours 6,741 p. in 2017. The dam of these talented breeders is Gouda (BE12-3011204), one of the number one stock breeders of today's pigeon breed. Her son BE16-3131555 did in fact do really well (2/2 in the long distance). This shows yet again the enormous potential of Schumi Junior x Belle and any related bloodlines.

New Schumi, nest brother of New Schuma, the dam of Neymar Junior, and a youngster of Schumi Junior x Belle

New Schuma, the dam of Neymar Junior, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance YBs 2017

Lean back

Norbert and Stefan have three invaluale breeding birds and two top class bloodlines in their collection with Neymar and Schumi Junior x Bellen, and they will probably lead to many more championship titles in future seasons. This means the two fanciers could lean back and take the next few seasons as they come. However, Norbert and Stefan are nothing like that; they will continue to work hard in the future as well, although their three invaluable bloodlines will continue to play a major role of course.