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Norbert & Stefan Ally dominate on the latest long distance races with 1st National Cahors as highlight

That the Ally pigeons from Aarsele are currently in great form is an understatement. On the extreme long distance races in the past weeks their performances were outstanding, and they even came out on top on Cahors!

Earlier this year the Ally lofts stood in the spotlights for a different reason. In January 2021, the largest part of their colony was auctioned off. They therefore started the season with a young racing team, consisting of only two year old and yearling widowers. Nonetheless, Norbert and Stefan managed outstanding performances on the national races the past weeks! Enjoy an overview of their impressive results on the extreme long distance races: 

28/06 Brive Nat. old birds – 8,807 p.: 34, 55, 77, 125, 227, 259, 336, 670,… (9/15)
11/07 Limoges II Nat. old birds – 6,986 p.: 16, 30, 451, 611,… (7/11)
11/07 Limoges II Nat. yearlings – 9,218 p.: 16, 72, 861, 907,… (9/15)
17/07 Cahors Nat. old birds – 3,651 p : 1, 161,… (3/3)
23/07 Perigueux Nat. old birds – 3,783 p.: 37, 111, 116, 124, 145, 156, 281 (7/9)
23/07 Perigueux Nat. yearlings – 4,779 p.: 20, 86, 234, 288,… (5/11)

Let´s focus on several stars on the lofts in Aarsele, starting with the national winner from Cahors! 

‘De Cahors’, BE19-3100707

Cahors 2021 was no joke. The 3,651 pigeons were faced fwith a strong North-North Eastern wind from start to fininsh. It became clear that it was a race for the strongest of pigeons, as only 5 pigeons managed to achieve a speed above 1000 meter per minute. 

Norbert and Stefan their ´De Cahors´ was unbeatable that day and booked another national win for the Ally family. The pedigree of this pigeon says enough and it becomes clear where his superb racing qualities come from. 


De Cahors, shortly after his national victory

Father to De Cahors is Den 801, BE12-3118801. An excellent racer on the extreme long distance. Winnning amongst others:

21st Nat. Poitiers 12,379 p.
51st Nat. Montauban 3,990 p.
172th Nat. Montauban 4,327 p.
279th Nat. Cahors 6,576 p.

Den 801 is a son from Son Blue Ace, BE08-2239314, a super breeder and direct Erik Limbourg, who is furthermore father to 2nd Nat. Libourne 8,269 p. Mother to Den 801 is Schoontje 511, BE10-3075511, a granddaughter to Gaby Vandenabeele´s Bliksem. 

Mother to De Cahors is Halfsister Gilbert Junior, BE13-218431 also a direct Erik Limbourg. Her father is  Son Superbreeder Gilbert, BE12-2194435. Gilbert himself won 1st Int. Bordeaux 6,686 p. and 7th Nat. Limoges 14,199 p. Mother to Halfsister Gilbert Junior is Mother Gilbert Junior, BE04-4278829, an amazing racing hen:

2nd Prov. Ace KBDB '05
1st Prov. Chateauroux 4,639 p.
9th Prov. Argenton 5,066 p.
12th Prov. Chateauroux 5,831 p.
31st Prov. Le Mans 2,671 p.

Get to know more about De Cahors in the following video

Son Angoulême Vooruit, BE19-3100645

The best old bird in the 2021 season so far (4 out of 4 on the extreme long distance races) is Son Angoulême Vooruit, BE19-3100645. He managed he following great results on the marathon: 

16th Nat. Limoges II 6,986 p.
57th Nat. Brive 8,807 p.
281th Nat. Perigueux 3,783 p.
566th Nat. Limoges I 15,547 p.

Even as a yearling last season he immediatley showed what he was capable of. With 3 out of 3 on the exteme long distance he managed the following results:

117th Nat. Souillac 7,514 p.
377th Nat. Limoges 9,756 p.
408th Nat. Brive 4,238 p.

Son Angoulême Vooruit, as you might guess by his name, is a son to the legendary 'Angouleme Vooruit' (BE17-3011637), 1st Nat. Angouleme against 5.030 yearlings and fastest of 9,555 pigeons with a 17 minute lead in extremely tough conditions (35°C and a speed of 1060m/min). Angouleme Vooruit is a crossing between a direct Willem De Bruijn: NL13-1957868, son Zidane and Gueretje BE14-3119232, 22nd Nat. Gueret 16,619 p. and granddaughter to the infamous Schumi of Norbert en Stefan Ally. 

Mother to Son Angoulême Vooruit is Beauty zus 182/15, BE17-3011632, who performed well as a young bird and is sister to '182/15' who won i.a. 9th Prov. Tulle 1,176 p., 20th Nat. Chateauroux 2,780 p. and 31st Nat. Jarnac 5,134 p. Her parents are Zoon Bordeaux (BE11-3176396) a summer youngster that proved to be a worthy breeder, and Daughter Ullrich Jr. (BE11-4289914), direct Team BDS and full sister to Ulrike, 1st Prov. Bourges.

‘Witslag Beauty’ BE19-3100648

‘Witslag Beauty’ is the second best old bird of the season so far. She too takes 4 prizes on 4 races on the marathon! These are the results she flew on the extreme long distance so far in 2021:


30th Nat. Limoges II 6,986 p.
156th Nat. Perigueux 3,783 p.
227th Nat. Brive 8,807 p.
715th Nat. Limoges I 15,547 p.

As a yearling Witslag Beauty was also one of the best on the lofts with i. a. 1st Prov. Brive and a series of other top results. This was Witslag Beauty´s results list after a super season in 2020:

1st Prov. Brive 767 p.
16th Nat. Brive 4,238 p.
19th Prov. Blois 3,592 p.
56th Prov. Limoges 2,139 p.
58th Prov. Argenton 4,305 p.
66th Prov. Chateauroux 5,555 p.

Father to Witslag Beauty is 'Schonen 138', BE15-3126138, a great racer with the following national results on his palmares: 

37th Nat. Brive 5,929 p.
69th Nat. Chateauroux 29,591 p.
152th Nat. Tulle 7,447 p.
182th Nat. Libourne 3,927 p.

This father is a grandson to both Schumi and Super Bliksem (direct Gaby Vandenabeele) and clearly possesses the right genes. 

Mother to Witslag Beauty is the  '469-hen', BE16-3073469. She too is a proven racer, who continued to show her worth on the breeding lofts of Norbert and Stefan Ally. These are her best results as a racer: 

37th Prov. Chateauroux 2,328 p.
67th Prov. Tours 2,540 p.
58th Prov. Tours 1,076 p.
161th Prov. Tours 3,353 p.

Mother to Witslag Beauty is a daughter to the pair 'Den 341' (BE12-3111341) and Young Schumi Girl (BE13-3126130). Den 341 won 4th Nat. La Soutteraine against 11,236 p., 29th Nat. Souillac against 3,641 p. and 58th Nat. Argenton 25,949 p. Young Shumi Girl is a daughter to stock pair Shumi x Gouda. 

Norbert en Stefan with 'De Cahors'

‘Danilo’ BE20-3025684

Danilo is the potential new star on the lofts, and the best yearling this season. In 2021, he is working hard to polish up his palmares. He only missed the prizes on the race from Perigieux, but managed the following impressive results:

16th Nat. Limoges 9,218 p.
97th Prov. Argenton 4,095 p.
153th Prov. Chateauroux 4,366 p.
5th Prov. Sermaises 2,008 p.
12th Club Clermont 685 p.
13th Club Clermont 584 p.

Father to Danilo is a direct Gaby Vandenabeele:  Daniel, BE17-3008079, grandson to New Bliksem.

Mother is Arlene, BE13-3126500, a daughter to allround super racer Aaron (BE12-3111421) and granddaughter top super couple Schumi x Gouda.

‘Neymar Jr. Favorite’ BE20-3025660

Lastly, we would like to introduce ‘Neymar Jr. Favorite’ (BE20-3025660). Together with Danilo, they are the most promising yearlings. Neymar Jr. Favorite only missed the prizes on Limoges but he too already flew some impressive results in his young racing career: 

20th Nat. Perigueux 4,479 p.
328th Nat. Bourges 13,798 p. (7th Club 411 p.)
177th Prov. Montoire 3,291 p.
5th Club Clermont 584 p.
7th Club Clermont 293 p.


Those who thought the results and quality on the Ally lofts would have a set back after the auction couldn´t be more wrong. Father Norbert and son Stefan sold the largest part of their colony, but it was of such exceptional quality that even a small team is enough to continue racing at the highest level. Together with their pigeon expertise and drive, these fanciers from Aarsele (still) belong to the best and it is no suprise they continue to enrich their palmares with a national victory and countless other national top results. With the consistancy of their Ally pigeons on the marathon races, they will likely also be found ranking high in the ace pigeon competitions...class act!