Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE): tenors on the long distance

In recent years, father and son Ally have built up a strain of pigeons to be feared around the lines of Lucky Erik and Schumi.

The success in the grand middle distance and long distance have added up in recent years thanks to this strong breeding base. The following top 10 positions were achieved in the last 7 seasons:

Top-10 national (2013-2020)

1° National Montauban ‘15 (789km) 3990 p. & fastest 6119 p. 10 min lead (Neymar) 1° National Angoulême ’18 (652km) 5030 p. & fastest 9555 p. 17 min lead (Angoulême Vooruit) 1° National Zone La Souterraine ’14 (547km) 2877 p. (Sister ‘Jarnac’) 2° National Jarnac ’18 (642km) 4940 p. (‘Jarnac’) 2° National Brive ’14 (666km) 3850 p. (‘Neymar’) 2° National Jarnac ’14 (642km) 3726 p. (‘310/12’) 2° National Zone Gueret ’14 (549km) 2707 p. (‘Gueretje’) 2° National La Souterraine ’15 (547km) 2548 p. (Sister ‘Jarnac’) 3° National Limoges ’15 (631km) 8303 p. (‘Nestpender Lucas’) 4° National La Souterraine ’13 (547km) 11236 p. (‘Den 341’) 4° National Limoges ’16 (631km) 6946 p. (‘brother Aaron) 4° National Brive ’20 (666km) 3755 p. (‘Aaron Talent’) 5° National Souillac ’20 (697km) 6668 p. (‘New Neymar’) 7° National Limoges ’14 (631km) 7221 p. (‘Aaron’) 7° National Aurillac ’20 (680km) 2849 p. (‘New Neymar’) 8° National Argenton ’19 (509km) 23258 p. (‘708/19’) 9° National Libourne ’15 (725km) 5024 p. (‘Aaron’) 9° National Souillac ’19 (697km) 4056 p. (‘280/18’) 10° National Cahors ’16 (736km) 6164 p. (‘Nestpender Lucas’)

Also in terms of national ace pigeons and rankings the Ally household can be more than satisfied with the results over the last 7 seasons. The following overview of pigeons that managed to fly in the top 10 of these rankings is certainly worth a look.

Top 10 national ace pigeons (2013-2020)

2° Best long distance yearlings 3 races PIPA ranking ’14 (‘Neymar) 2° National ace pigeon grand middle distance youngsters ’15 (‘New Schumi’) 3° National ace pigeon long distance old birds ’20 (‘New Neymar’) 3° National ace pigeon small middle distance youngsters’17 (‘Neymar Junior’) 4° Best long distance old birds 5 races PIPA ranking ’19 (‘Jarnac’) 5° Best long distance old pigeons 4 races PIPA ranking ’19 (‘Jarnac’) 6° National ace pigeon long distance yearlings ’14 (‘Neymar’) 8° national ace pigeon long distance yearlings ’13 (‘Aaron’)

Lucky Erik

With Lucky Erik (BE10-3075591), Norbert and Stefan have had a real super breeder for many years. Lucky Erik also descends from well-known and proven lines. The father, Lucky, comes from the Wittenbuik line. Mother is Erika, a direct Erik Limbourg bird from the illustrious lines of the Patron and Broer Smallen of Marcel Aelbrecht.

As you can see in the family overview above, the descendants of Lucky Erik are not unknown. Even if we stick to his children only, the national top 100 rankings are commonplace. Get to know some of Lucky Erik's descendants below.


Besides the Lucky Erik line, there is another dominant breeding line that forms the basis for the Ally colony. Schumi, BE04-3006131, can be described as the base sire of the loft. How this breeder made an impact after the restart in 2012 was the base of the successes of recent years which you can read about here.

With the children of Schumi such as Lucas, Schumi Junior, Brother Lucas, Nestpender Schumi, ... Norbert and Stefan Ally were right back on track.


The number of references for the Ally pigeons is enormous. The production of the family is clearly not limited to the lofts in Aarsele...

National 'bingo' 3 times in a row in 2019

It has been known for a long time that Ally's pigeons are very suitable for crossing with other lines. After all, in 2019 this came to the fore in barely 3 weeks at the very highest level, namely 3 national long distance races.

In 2019 Youri Deblanc won 1st Nat. Libourne against 4,624 old pigeons. The grandmother of this winner is direct from Ally. She is a daughter of the couple Lucky x Ronaldantje. The latter is a daughter of Ronaldo x Bolleke (mother of Lucas).

Exactly a week later, D. & D. Platteeuw (Zillebeke) triumphed nationally from Souillac against all 7,793 old birds and yearlings in the race. The father of this fastest Souillac racer is Daniël, another Ally pigeon. Daniël was also a top racer at D. & D. Platteeuw and his father is a son Schumi who was paired with Zora, a full sister of Bolleke.

Another week later, Luc Tytgat won the national victory from Tulle. He also had the fastest pigeon of all 13,361 participating pigeons. The Great-grandmother of the winner is the top breeding hen Forette. She was bred by Norbert and Stefan Ally and is a grandchild of Ronaldo and Primus.

Successful purchases through PIPA auctions

Norbert and Stefan have regularly sold unflown youngsters in the online PIPA auctions in recent years. A remarkable amount of success was achieved from these in the buyers' lofts, an overview:

Rudi De Saer bought BE15-3142186 in such an auction, which is the mother of:

- BE17-3075236 - 8. National Ace Pigeon KBDB Yearlings Long Distance 2018 with a.o.

   5. National Angoulême ’18 - 5,030 p. (1011 m/min)
 26. National Jarnac ’18 -  4,940 p. (1070 m/min)

- and BE18-3030341 - 9. Best Limoges racer in  Belgium 2019-2020 (2 prizes) with a.o.

 17. National Limoges ’20 – 15,979 p.
 20. National Limoges ’19 – 10,783 p.

Team BDS got a daughter of "Neymar" x "Goudina" ("Gaston 039" x "Gouda") with the BE16-3131995 in the breeding loft. She is now the mother of:

- BE19-3039049 (raced for BDS - Speybrouck)

   2. National Brive ’20 – 4,238 p.
 25. Best Yearling Long Distance Belgium 2020 (3 races)
 Cowinner 3. National Champion KBDB Long Distance Yearlings 2020

- and BE19-3039050 (raced bt BDS - De Clerck)

   91. National Limoges II ’20 – 9,756 p.
 293. National Brive ’20 – 7,514 p.

Long distance matador Joël Verschoot also decided to draw from the strong gene pool of the Ally pigeons. With the purchase of the cock BE14-3147204, bred by father and son Ally from Gaston 039 x Gouda (= full brother 'Goudina'), it was a hit. He is the sire of 1st & 2nd Provincial Chateaudun '18 - 2,053 p. at Verschoot.

By BDS-Declercq he is grandfather of BE18-3106334, Lady Limoges: 1. Provincial Limoges I '20 - 3,037 p. & 16. National 15,979 p.

Tom Van Gaver A son of Neymar x Daughter Blue Gaston bred with BE16-3049962. He is:

-Father of BE19-4207212, King Jelle  (raced by Jelle Roziers)

    9. Best Yearling Belgium GHF 2020 (8 races, 34% in total)
    7. National Chateauroux II ’20 – 6,306 p.
   52. National Gueret ’20 – 12,888 p.
 393. National Chateauroux I ’20 – 33,833 p.
 479. National Argenton I ’20 – 26,085 p.

-Grandfather of BE19-4207116, Pollidor (raced by Tom Van Gaver)

   52. National Limoges ’20 – 9,756 p.
   71. Zone Bourges I ’20 – 4,801 p.
   51. Prov. Vierzon ’20 – 4,281 p.
 191. Zone Argenton ’20 – 7,262 p.
 330. Zone Chateauroux I ’20 – 9,511 p.

Heinrich Prenger-Millies bought BE15-3142175, a son of Schumi Junior x mother Gouda. He is the father of DV-04266-16-187 in 2020 winner of:

 5th best cock championship Westphalia (about 4000 fanciers)
 Co-winner of 1st regional (prov.) championship (about 250 fanciers)
 Co-winner of 1st regional (prov.) championship cocks (about 250 fanciers)
 4th best cock regional association (prov.) (Regional-Vb. 412 about 250 fanciers)
1st best cock of RV Werl with11 prizes on 11 races 982,65 Ace-Points a.o. 5., 9.,10.,10.,10.,17.,21.,40.,77. prize(Racing Federation) (39 fanciers)

The BE15-3142175 and his nest brother BE15-3242174 are dominate breeders by Heinrich Prenger-Millies.

But it doesn't stop there. Or what about these top references…

1° National Brive 2018  - 9,278 old birds & fastest of 13,762 pigeons by Jacques & Gino Mispelaere (speed 1165m/min)

Sire is ‘Nationaal Poitiers’ and 50% Norbert Ally (line Primus, Bordeaux.)‘National Poitiers’ himself won 1° national Poitiers 13,814 p. in 2013 by Jacques & Gino Mispelaere and was also the fastest pigeon of 26,948 p. (1112m/min). ‘Nationaal Poitiers’ was a real top breeder by Mispelaere and is (grand)father of 2. National Chateauroux, 4. National Angouleme, 13. National Limoges, 20. National Limoges,… .  

Also Contador, the super racer of Joël Verschoot has as a grandmother a direct pigeon of Ally from ‘Super Bliksem’ (Son ‘Bliksem’ Vandenabeele) x ‘Willequet Beauty’ (halfsister ‘Brave’).

The best racing performances of Contador again in a row:

   3. Nat. Angouleme ’18 - 4,525 p.
   5. Nat. Jarnac 4,167 p.
   6. Nat. Libourne ’18 - 3,176 p.
   8. Nat. Brive 5,952 p.
 15. Nat. Limoges 9,162 p.
 32. Nat. Brive 9,132 p.

Quality in abundance

With the lines around Lucky Erik, Schumi, Neymar, plus other top racers crossed with the best of top lofts such as Van de Wouwer, Limbourg and Pollin, Norbert and Stefan Ally have built up a colony to be feared in recent years. The bloodline also has the right genes to excel at the national level even in warm and harsh conditions. In the races of 500 to 800 kilometers, the Ally pigeons in both Aarsele and elsewhere proved their worth several times. Hats off to their craftsmanship!