Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) once again 1st General Champion in the Inter West Flemish Club

For the third time in the last four seasons Norbert & Stefan have been flagged as 1st General Champion in the prestigious competition from the I.W.V. It concerns a competition where the best from the whole West-Flanders competes with each other in the grand middle distance and long distance.

What’s more, in the battle for the title they have to remain at the top of the provincial result almost weekly with both the old birds as the yearlings and youngsters. It is obvious then that the competition is very tough, losing points in one race for example can be fatal in the battle for the highest title. 

Norbert & Stefan as 1st general champion in the I.W.V. honoured in Kuurne on the 13th of November 2011. 

In the following races points have to be scored in the provincial doublings:

  • O.b.: Tours (2X), Chateauroux, Argenton Nat., Poitiers (4X), Limoges Prov., Limoges Nat., Montauban Nat., Bordeaux, Brive Nat., Souillac Nat., Tarbes Nat., Narbonne Nat. and Perpignan Nat.
  • Yl: Chateauroux Nat., La Châtre Nat., Argenton Nat., Limoges Nat., Poitiers
  • Youngsters: Blois (2X), Tours (4X), Bourges Nat., Argenton Nat., Gueret Nat.

This means that in the three categories one has to own an excellent team to enter the arena. The fact that Norbert and Stefan scored 65 points in the general championship is a marvelous achievement in itself. Their second closest opponent achieved 62 points and they were not just any old fanciers …. 2nd place went to Joël Verschoot from Ingelmunster ( 2nd nat. General champion) and 3rd was F & N Norman ( who also have had a fantastic season).  But the Ally-pigeons were not put off and won with bravado …… By the 10th fancier in the general ranking there is a gap of 14 points. In addition  Norbert & Stefan also achieved an average coefficient of 10,4% which was the sharpest coefficient of the 16 highest classified fanciers, which gives even more weight to the title from 2011 ! 

Norbert & Stefan were 2nd champion by the old birds in the I.W.V. 

How did they win the title of 1st General Champion ?
As already stated, they had to score high every week with the old birds, yearlings and youngsters. By the old birds the 1st + 2nd + 3rd nominated qualify, by the yearlings it is usuallyl 1st + 2nd + 3rd nominated and by the youngsters it is the 1st + 2nd + 3rd + 4th
Norbert and Stefan ended in the 3 categories from the I.W.V. on the podium:  

2nd Champion by the old birds
2nd Champion by the yearlings
3rd Champion by the youngsters 

Within the Inter West Flemish Club they were also:

1st in the Interprovincial Criteria (in which fanciers from East-Flanders also took part) 

We can hereby state that the Ally household has an exceptionally strong team of yearlings ….. which indicates the class in the current breeding loft, bursting with exceptional quality.
Amongst other things, in 2011 they also booked 3 provincial victories: 

1st prov Libourne and at the same time the 2nd national
1st prov. Blois o.b.
1st prov. Blois yl 

We see here one of the greatest characteristics of the Ally-pigeon coming to the fore ….. they are “winners” . From the sprint to the long distance, Norbert & Stefan know how to achieve top prizes. It has been this way for years and was also the case in 2011! But these pigeons don’t only achieve such unique performances in their own lofts, but also in other lofts successes have been achieved with descendants from the oh……  so “rich” breeding stable. They bred champion pigeons every year, “pure winners” we could say and we illustrate this with the following unique performances achieved in other lofts. 

Norbert  & Stefan as 3rd champion I.W.V. youngsters 

First a short introduction on the subject !
After the umpteenth formidable season …….. we are referring to 2007 ….. Norbert was confronted with an enormous request for youngsters. At long last he decided to publicly auction a round of “late”  youngsters …. It was an unbelievable success whereby the auction room literally seemed to small.
And ……. the people below belong to the “lucky ones” …… it gave us more evidence of the “class” of the Ally pigeons.

  • Norbert Sierens from Zwevegem bought a daughter out the “Boris” , which self in turn is a full brother of classy pigeons so as the “Federer” and the “Rafaël” in the lofts in Aarsele. Norbert Sierens christened this hen the “Ally-duivin” . Now, this “Ally-duivin” is now already mother of the 1st national Chateauroux  against 17189 p. in the lofts in Zwevegem.
  • Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem bought a hen out the  “Ronaldo” x “Daughter Zorro 618” and bred from her a bunch of top racers so as the 1st prov. Blois , 1st prov. Bourges,…
  • Debaere-Opsomer from Avelgem bought a brother of “Steffie” and from him bred a.o. the 2nd prov. Souillac and the 8th nat. Limoges, etc….
  • Team BDS from Tielt bought a brother of the “Steffie” and here also descendants were produced which flew marvelously, so as 1st prov. Bourges I yl, 1st Ablis, 1st Ablis, and so much more…………
  • Joël Verschoot from Ingelmunster, the brand new 2nd general national champion bought his “Ally”, wherefrom descendants ensured a.o. 1st Ablis, 1st Clermont, 2nd prov. Brionne , etc …..
  • Linda Desutter from Pittem bought the “Speedy Boy Jr”  and his descendants helped win the national title in the middle distance championships youngsters 2008.
  • André Vaernewijck from Waregem was able to lay claim to a son of the “Boris” and he is now father of the 5th nat. Limoges and the 87th nat. Chateauroux, etc…..
  • Noël Claerhout from Wielsbeke bought a granddaughter of the “Schumi” and the “Bordeaux” . She is now mother of the superior ‘513/09’ by Etienne Devos from Deerlijk
  • Bernard & Karl Deltour bought 2  Ally pigeons in this auction and they also produced several 1st prize winners.
  • Vancauwenberghe – Ally from Ruiselede also bred many top racers from a hen he bought there.
  • Maurice and Luc Delaere from Anzegem also bred a very promising yearling from a hen they bought there.

As you can see, all references to the great class of the N & S Ally strain. (Note: a detailed overview of these references can be found at the bottom of this article.)

The “party” continues for Norbert &  Stefan! After the title of 1st General National Champion in 2010 and a 1st- 2nd and 4th national Souillac, they were able to once again end the 2011 season with bravado. Our congratulations. 

Norbert & Stefan honoured as 2nd champion yearlings in the I.W.V.

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