Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) have a powerful team of breeders

After his old birds' sale in late 2012 (minus the pigeons from 2012), Norbert Ally started from scratch with a breeding team comprising direct descendants of the greatest Ally stars. A group of descendants of the outstanding breeding dam Federa Beauty proved particularly important during his comeback.

When talking about the pigeon family of father Norbert and his son Stefan Ally, we automatically think about such renowned Ally birds as Schumi, Neymar, Gouda, Lucas and Angoulême Vooruit, as well as some of their almost equally famous descendants. It was thanks to each one of these birds that Norbert and Stefan gain an international reputation. This pigeon family can really excel in the most demanding conditions; think of sunny weather, high temperatures and a strong headwind.
They demonstrated their potential again in 2018, in a memorable race from Angoulême, which marked the end of the long distance season. It was a particularly hot day, with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, as well as a notorious headwind. It was in this type of weather that Angoulême Vooruit really stood out, claiming a 1st Nat. Angoulême of 5,030 yearlings and beating all 9,555 pigeons that day, with an impressive 17 minute lead. This was an unprecedented feat in this type of weather.

This Angoulême Vooruit originates straight from Ally stars Schumi and Gouda. And we often tend to forget about the dam of the fantastic Gouda, Federa Beauty. She is a terrific breeding hen and she features in the pedigrees of numerous other top birds as well. She proved an invaluable breeder, not only in Norbert and Stefan's pigeon loft but also in the lofts of other successful fanciers at home and abroad.

Descendants of Federa Beauty excel both at home and in other lofts

As with most early youngsters, Federa Beauty BE09-3018195, which was born in the winter of 2008-2009, was destined to be racing in the young birds' competition. But Stefan found that she was a very special bird, so he and Stefaan agreed to put her in the aviary before she even did her first training flights. It proved the right choice. This Federa Beauty stems from the foundation bloodlines of Norbert Ally.

Sire: Federer BE04-3005674
A brilliant racing bird (check his palmares here). This Federer was the star of the Norbert Ally racing team from 2004 to 2008, alongside the now world famous Schumi BE04-3006131. Unlike Schumi, Federer comes from a round of early youngsters from 2004, bred from top pair Andre BE98-3242978 x Steffie BE03-3050827. These two super class birds are closely related, since Steffie is a half sister of Schumi (from the same sire). And the dam of Steffie is a full sister of Blesse (the dam of Schumi). These are all stock breeders within team Ally.

Dam: Lena BE03-3050719
A summer youngster of 2003 from Ronaldo x Daughter Zorro 618 (a direct N. & F. Norman from their golden stock breeder Zorro x Aske). They are the parents of a 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YLs in 2004, and of several other talented racing & breeding birds. This is a pair with tremendous breeding potential, across many generations.
Lena is also the dam of top breeder Bolleke BE05-3083812. She was probably the most prominent breeding hen in the December 2012 auction, along with Federa Beauty. Bolleke had already bred 2 provincial first prize winners when she became the dam (paired to Schumi) of the absolute star of the December 2012 auction: Lucas BE10-3075506 (see pedigree). The team from Aarsele bred quite a number of stars from this pair, including:
-Zora BE03-3050711 (summer youngster from 2003), a pigeon with many great references as a breeder. Zora is the dam of a 1st Provincial Narbonne '06 and a 2nd Provincial Souillac '07. She is also the grandmother of Beauty 248, the best yearling of the loft in 2019. This bird won two first prizes in the club in two weeks' time, in Argenton and Limoges, as well as a 38th Nat. Argenton of 22,826 p. and a 14th Nat. Limoges of 10,783 pigeons.
-Luna: she was one of the leading breeding hens for grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele. She was paired to Mister Magic, and together they bred four provincial first prize winners.
-Blauwke 489: purchased from B. & K. Deltour. A joint breeding with this excellent breeding hen led to the birth of super class bird Aron Aaron BE12-3111421, born in Aarsele.
-'295/08’: a summer youngster from 2008 that was sold to Demely Liliane (Moorsele). She is the dam of Evoque, which excelled in 2014 as a young bird, winning a 1st Chateaudun of 420 p. (45th Prov. 5,374 p.), a 1st Pontoise of 204 p. (26th Prov. 20,341 p.), and a 2nd Chateaudun of 323 p. (64th Prov. 4,869 p.).

The sire of Lena -  Ronaldo BE98-3243085 - was obtained from Roland Dewaele, an excellent middle distance fancier. This bird was repeatedly put to the test as a young bird, and he proved to be quite a talented pigeon, gradually developing into of the most important breeding birds in the lofts of Norbert and Stefan (click here for his breeding references).
For the full pedigree of Federa Beauty, click here.

The fantastic Gouda, a world famous daughter of Federa Beauty

Gouda, the gold of Federa Beauty

Federa Beauty was easily the most wanted hen in the December 2012 auction. This was no surprise, especially given the achievements of her daughter BE12-3111204 that year, which was later renamed Gouda. According to the KBDB criteria from 2011, this top class racing hen was on her way to becoming a 1st National Ace Pigeon (longer) middle distance YBs KBDB, with a 0.75% across four races of +400km. Unfortunately, the KBDB decided not to grant this title in 2012, so Gouda did not get what she deserved.
Federa Beauty was paired to Gaston 033 BE11-6119033, one of the two grandsons of the world famous Kaasboer of Gaston Van de Wouwer, which Norbert & Stefan obtained from Gaston, who was only racing hens at the time. Given the link with 'Kaasboer' (cheese maker) and the fact that their hen failed to claim a 'gold' medal (gouden in Dutch) as national ace pigeon, they came up with the name 'Gouda'. Today, most of us are quite familiar with the enormous breeding value of Gouda.
That other grandson of Kaasboer happens to be the widely praised Gaston 039 BE11-6119039, an outstanding breeder. He was paired to different partners, with which he bred as many as three generations of super class descendants.

In the spring of 2012 Federa Beauty was paired to Primus 195 BE06-3061195, which can look back on some very successful racing seasons (2006-2010). Together they bred Halfsister Gouda BE12-3118818 (pedigree), which went straight to the breeding loft. And this proved another smart move. Halfsister Gouda became the dam of quite a few talented pigeons in Aarsele, including most notably:

-Jarnac BE17-3011653

  4. Best pigeon of Belgium across 5 long distance races (PIPA ranking)
  5. Best pigeon of Belgium across 4 long distance races (PIPA ranking)
  2. Nat Jarnac      4,940 p. ’18 (642 Km)
 13. Nat. Montauban  5,408 p. ’19 (789 Km)
 75. Nat. Tulle      6,206 p. ’19 (618 km)
 85. Nat. Limoges I 13,569 p. ’19 (631 Km)
140. Nat. Libourne   4,605 p. ’19 (731 Km)
1038 Nat. Limoges II 9,661 p. ’19

Click here for Jarnac's pedigree.

-La Souterraintje BE14-3147210

1. Nat. Zone La Souterraine II 2,877 p. ’14 (547 Km)
2. Nationaal La Souterraine II 2,549 p. ’15 

-Nestbrother Jarnac BE17-3011654click here for his palmares.

The bloodline of Federa Beauty continues to shine, and not only in the pigeon lofts of Norbert & Stefan in Aarsele. Many other fanciers, even outside of Belgium, have done really well with her descendants. Among them is Team CFTT (Candotti-Trunet) from France, which obtained a son of Federa Beauty in the December 2012 auction: Ally 1 BE11-3122905. This pigeon proved a fantastic stock breeder. He is the sire of such talented racing birds as El Torro and Le Bouddhiste:

-El Torro FR15-306510

1. Jarnac CALC      - 1,366 p. (580 km) (fastest of 4,408 p.)
2. Jarnac CALC      - 5,490 p.
2. Brive CALC       - 2,824 p. (603 km)
2. Châteauroux CALC - 3,471 p. (420 km)
7. Montoire CALC    - 2,950 p. (340 km)
25. Tours CALC      - 2,683 p.
26. Pontoise rég    - 1,087 p.

Click here for El Torro's pedigree

-Le Bouddhiste FR16-007816

14. Chateauroux - 1,808 p.
16. Blois rég   -   776 p.
20. St-Junien   - 4,962 p.
26. Blois rég   -   439 p.
28. Ecouen      -   470 p.
49. St-Junien   - 1,479 p.
54. Ecouen      - 1,675 p.
101.St-Junien   - 5,360 p.

These are excellent references, and they go as far as China, where the Ally descendants are world class birds.

A superstrong breed

If you take a closer look at the fantastic pigeons of Norbert & Stefan Ally, you will discover the fantastic bloodlines of Schumi, Bolleke, Lucky, Ronaldo, and of course Federa Beauty and daughter Gouda. These pigeons have tremendous breeding potential, and they are likely to lead to long term success for team Ally. They are prepared for the future.