Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) have made a great contribution to the PEC

The PIPA Elite Center (PEC) breeds super talents around the clock, the input of Ally bloodlines has made a great contribution to this success.

The name Ally has been synonymous with sensational pigeon racing, especially on the heavy middle distance and long distance this stock excels. Spectacular results, national victories, KBDB ace pigeons and almost seems as if pigeon sport is practiced on another level in Aarsele. This is all thanks to the high quality pigeons that resides on their lofts. It won't be a surprise to find out that their good friend Gaby Vandenbeele his bloodlines form the foundation to these successes. 

This came to the attention of the PIPA Elite Center, also known as PEC. They quickly decided to integrate the Ally stock into their breeding strategy, and several descendants of Norbert & Stefan's stars were crossed with the illustrous Porsche bloodlines. The rest is history, as the input of the Ally pigeons was an immediate success. Something which was made clear in past seasons. Even more so in 2023, it seemed as if the combination of Ally & PEC lead to successes everywhere. These offspring were active on an incredibly high level...

In 2022, there was the 1st National Tulle won by Casaert-Senechal from Russeignies with Schumi Porsche (BE21-4152958). This winner was bred at PEC from an Ally hen: Golden Gouda jr (daughter New Schumi x Gouda) paired to Brother Porsche 482/19: a 18 carat diamond from the PEC.

In 2023, the combination Ally - PEC was well represented on the National races. The champion Karlo Van Rompaey from Sint-Truiden won 1st National Souillac against 6,085 pigeons with Triple Porsche (BE22-4151087). This superstar descends from the best bloodlines around. Bred at the PEC, father of this National winner is "De Maurice" who in turn is a descendant from Porsche 911. Mother is a daughter of the De Angouleme Vooruit (fastest on National Angouleme with a 17 minute lead at Norbert & Stefan Ally).

The beautiful wing of Triple Porsche

The 4th National Aurillac at Karlo Van Rompaey (BE22-4151079) was also bred at the PEC, from the phenomenal Shumi bloodline which was already so successful for the Ally family. 

Moreover, the 11th National Limoges (BE22-4151045) in the extraordinary season of Van Rompaey, is another top athlete where we find the name Ally back in the pedigree. Karlo clearly benefits from the input of the Ally stock via PEC. 

Rising star Sam Bostoen from Adegem won the title 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings. This national title was won by Andre Remi (BE22-4150512) who won this title by achieving the following results in Adegem: 

  • 1st Zonal Souillac against 1,802 p.
  • 2nd Zonal Limoges against 2,701 p.
  • 3rd Zonal Tulle against 1,966 p.

A fantastic feat managed by the phenomenal Andre Remi. On father's side he descends from PEC bloodlines whilst on mother's side we find the best from the Ally stock. 

As previously mentioned, Casaert-Senechal also performs extremely well with pigeons from PEC carrying Ally genes. After a national victory in 2022, this season was also one to remember partly thanks to the Ally stock. One of the eye-catchers this season was BE21-4152914 who achieved two Provincial victories. Again, the names Angouleme Vooruit, Schumi, Porsche, ... are found in her pedigree. It is clear that this genetic material is from the highest order of quality. 

The 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Heavy Middle Distance Yearlings (BE22-4150188) was also won on the lofts of Casaert-Senechal. He is a son of Angouleme Vooruit (Ally) paired to a half-sister of Porsche 183. 

The cooperation between Ally and the PIPA Elite Center couldn't have turned out any better. On the national races this season, there was reason enough to celebrate which will translate into National KBDB titles later this year. Various fanciers have excelled thanks to the input of this golden combination. Quality always comes first, and those who had the opportunity to race these talents were not disappointed.