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Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) had reason enough to celebrate in 2021

Father and son Ally belong to Belgium’s best long distance fanciers. They performed at an exceptional level in 2021 with, amongst others, a national victory from Cahors and several other top results.

Aarsele, located on the border between West and East Flanders, where the long distance specialists concentrate and the competition is fierce. This is the home of Norbert & Stefan Ally, the duo that has been doing well on the national long distance classics for many years. After Norbert & Stefan Ally held an extremely successful auction of all their pigeons from 2018 and older at the beginning of 2021, they were dependent on pigeons from 2019 and 2020 this past season. As usual, only the cocks were raced on classic widowhood.

In contrast to 2020, the 2021 season was characterized by remarkably variable weather... resulting in a difficult season! However, with the quality of the Ally colony, this didn’t turn out be an insurmountable problem. Especially the team of 2-year-old widowers, who had already performed outstandingly as yearlings in 2020, confirmed their exceptional class in 2021. To top it all off, they took the National victory from Cahors under very difficult circumstances. In addition, Son Angouleme Vooruit 645 won the title of 12th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB and this crack was also 6th and 7th Best pigeon in Belgium across 4 and 5 long distance races.

1st National Cahors

This classic on the race calendar was won by one of Norbert and Stefan's athletes from their wonderful team of 2-year cracks. His name was quickly chosen after this feat : De Cahors (BE19-3100707) managed to finish first out of the 3,651 old birds that were basketed on Cahors. The conditions were tough, only 5 pigeons of the entire convoy reached an average speed above 1000 m/min. In terms of his pedigree, we find that this winner descends from the lines of Eric Limbourg (Blue Ace, Gilbert) and Gaby Vandenabeele (Bliksem), crossed with a full sister of their own stock breeder: Schumi.

De Cahors : 1st National under very difficult conditions

However, this national victory was certainly not the only major achievement of the Ally colony in 2021. With their young racing team, Norbert and Stefan repeatedly managed to hit hard on the races that counted. Especially under difficult circumstances they manage to reach the top of the charts, typical for top quality lofts. The natural class and quality of these strong long distance pigeons become evident under these conditions. High price percentages with an abundance of top prizes proves that we are dealing the best of Belgian pigeon sport.

An overview of the best results on long distance races in 2021:

28/06 Brive (666 km) :         34-57-77-125-... / 8.807 old birds (9 out of 15)

11/07 Limoges (627 km) :    16-30-... / 6,986 old birds (7 out of 11)

11/07 Limoges (627 km) :    16-72-... / 9,218 yearlings (9 out of 15)

17/07 Cahors (736 km) :      1 and 161/3,651 old birds(2 out 3)

23/07 Perigueux (678 km) :  37-111-116-124-... / 3,783 old birds (7 out of 9)

23/07 Perigueux (678km) :   20-86-... / 4,779 yearlings (5 out of 11)

08/08 Souillac (697 km) :       2-10-13-21-34... 780 old birds (9 out of 12)

Son Angouleme Vooruit 645

The best widower in 2021 was Son Angouleme Vooruit 645 (BE19-3100645). As the name suggests, he descends directly from the famous Angouleme Vooruit: the fastest pigeon on National Angouleme in 2018 with a 17 minute lead. In 2021, Son Angouleme Vooruit 645 took place amongst the very best long distance pigeons in Belgium by achieving the following top prizes: 16th Nat. Limoges, 57th Nat. Brive, 13th Prov. Souillac, ... with a total percentage of just 2.54 % across these 3 long distance races,  he won the title of 12th National Ace pigeon KBDB long distance. Furthermore, he became 7th and 6th Best pigeon in Belgium across 4 and 5 national races with percentages of 6.18 and 13.61%.

Son Angouleme Vooruit 645 : 12th National Ace Pigeon KBDB

Excellent references worldwide 

In addition to the strong performances on their own lofts in Aarsele, the Ally colony is known for the many references from other lofts all around the world. Handfuls of enthusiasts worldwide are successful thanks to the input of this breed. In the past month, new references have arrived at the Ally home from China. An absolute top reference came in from PIPA agent Green Xiang. He won the 1st Ace pigeon Wuhan Fuqi International Pigeon Club title with a 50% Ally pigeon (in one of the 10 most prestigious competitions in China in which all the 'greats' participate). The title of 1st Ace pigeon was won with the following performances, from 4 different release locations, each across more than 500km: 36th/2,212 p ., 10th/1,423 p., 10th/1,238 p. and 47th/947 p.

The dam of this 2021 Wuhan Fuqi winner comes directly from the Ally loft and she has a wonderful pedigree. Golda (BE19-3116175) comes directly from the stock couple Schumi Junior x Belle and is therefore a full sister of Gueretje (mother 1st National Angouleme), New Schuma (mother 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance in 2020, mother 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2017) and New Schumi (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Heavy Middle Distance 2015)!

1st Ace in one of China's largest competitions is a 50 % Ally pigeon.

A second reference comes from Mr. Chen Shiyi. He bought Lucas (BE10-3075506) during the Ally auction at the end of 2012. This son of Schumi was the best widower of the Ally loft in 2011 and 2012. A granddaughter of Lucas was bought by a friend of Mr. Chen and is the mother of the 1st Ace pigeon Shanghai Lanse Haiwan Club OLR 2021. In the past, Mr. Chen Shiyi was extremely successful with descendants of Lucas. In 2017, he won the 1st Ace Pigeon 2017 in the Pioneer Pigeon Racing Club of Beijing with a grandchild of Lucas. In 2018 and 2020 he also won the 18th and 19th Ace pigeon, also with Lucas' grandchildren, in the same Pioneer Pigeon Racing Club of Beijing (the most highly regarded competition in China).

Other 2-year-old stars 

From the fantastic 2019 generation, De Cahors and Son Angouleme Vooruit 645 were already discussed above. The following 2-year-old stars definitely deserve to be mentioned in the presentation of the new Ally racing team. Favorite 708, Witslag Beauty and Lucas Jr. are 3 champions that are responsible for absolute top prizes on the long distance (and heavy middle distance).

Favorite 708 

As a youngster, this top athlete (BE19-3100708) won the 1st Provincial and 8th National Argenton on the only national race in which he participated. As a yearling, he continued where he left off, hitting hard on the most difficult competitions on the calendar : 8th Prov. Argenton, 12th Nat. Souillac, 81th Nat. Aurillac, ... As a 2-year old he managed a 77th Nat. Brive, 116th Nat. Perigueux, 263rd Nat. Souillac, ... and finished with 12.14% across 4 long distance races, good enough to become 30th Best Long Distance pigeon across 4 races. The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree, as this Favorite 708 descends directly from Schumi Jr. x Sister Belle.

Favorite 708 : a.o. 1st Prov. Argenton

Witslag Beauty

By winning the 1st Provincial Brive yearlings in 2020, Witslag Beauty (BE19-3100648) also placed himself in a long line of winners from the Ally colony. As a youngster, Witslag Beauty showed to belong to the best by finishing amongst the top 1% on his only national race (Argenton). As a yearling, Witslag Beauty flew 5 races (heavy middle distance and long distance) with a total percentage of only 5.8%!! In 2021, as a 2-year old, he finished with 11.73% across 4 long distance races, with which he became 28th Best Pigeon in Belgium across 4 races. The fact that the well-known Schumi can be found on both father and mother's side explains a lot ...

Witslag Beauty : winner on Brive

Lucas Junior

The last champion born in 2019 that we would like to introduce is Lucas Junior (BE19-3100661). As a yearling he flew a 17th Prov. Argenton, 21st Nat. Limoges, 66th Nat. Brive, ... He achieved a percentage of only 4.9% in 2020 and thus became the 22nd Best yearling in Belgium across 3 long distance races. In 2021, he further supplemented his results list with a.o.: 34th Nat. Brive, 109th Nat. Bourges, 144th Nat. Perigueux, ...

Again, we find Schumi on both sides of his pedigree. As his name suggests, he is also a descendant of the famous Lucas, well known in China as mentioned above. Stefan has only been able to breed from Lucas for a few months on their own loft. Nonetheless, they managed to breed a super son : Nestpender Lucas (BE12-3078407). He was bred after the 2012 season and was trained in 2013 together with the youngsters. Nestpender Lucas achieved absolute top prizes on the long distance races during the 2015-2016 season with a 3rd National Limoges and a 10th National Cahors! Nestpender Lucas is the father of Lucas Junior.

Lucas Junior : superstar from Aarsele

Promising young birds team  

Before the big auction at the beginning of this year (start 31/01/2021) they were still able to breed for a short while and this was mainly done with the best racing pigeons that never ended saw the breeding lofts because of the sale.

Despite that the young bird game is not a priority at the Ally house, Norbert and Stefan do want to test their youngest generation of racers. In addition, the experience that the youngsters gain is a bonus for their races as yearlings. The young cocks are treated a little more carefully than the young hens. The latter are usually only raced during their year of birth.

The condition of the youngsters this year was at its best towards the end of the season. We picked out the results from Montoire at the beginning of September. The entire team of youngsters (68 pigeons) was basketed, in clear weather with an increasingly stronger wind from the East/Northeast it became an impressive result:

At local level 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-11-12-13-13-17-18-20-21-24-... / 280 pigeons and 37 prizes out of 68. Also on a provincial level, this resulted in a similar top performance, starting with a beautiful Top-5 ranking against 3,334 young birds. Amongst the competition are some of the best young birds specialists.

The future looks bright once again 

The name Ally has become synonymous with pure class, in Belgium and abroad. Stefan has a stroke at the beginning of 2021, which resulted in a heavy rehabilitation process. Father Norbert was forced to take over some tasks from Stefan. Nevertheless, the Ally family can look back on the 2021 racing season with great satisfaction. Spectacular results, a national victory, classifications in the KBDB championships, new references, ...  the Ally name was back on top in 2021, barely a year after their big sale!