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Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) are crowed National Champion Heavy Middle Distance Young birds 2022 in another top season

This wasn’t all, several Ace Pigeon titles for old birds and yearlings were also added to their palmares.
Trusted supporter 'uncle Andre' on the left, the 13 year older brother of father Norbert, Stefan (middle) and Norbert Ally (right).

Young birds

Starting off with the young birds. In Aarsele, these are raced on 'the door'. A type of double widowhood system with young birds. Less risk is taken with the cocks compared to the hens. The widowers racing career is most important. The young hens from the first rounds were raced on several National races. 

It is clear that father and son Ally housed an exceptionally talented team of young birds in 2022. Two young hens won them the title National Champion Heavy Middle Distance Young birds 2022.

With Lotte, BE22-3062402, Norbert and Stefan won the 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young birds. This hen quickly became their regular first nominated pigeon. 

Her descent is 'pure Ally', so to speak. We find various cracks from this loft back in her pedigree. Father of Lotte is a son of the famous Angouleme Vooruit (1st Nat. Angouleme 2018 with 17 minutes lead) paired to his own mother Gueretje at the time. Gueretje flew a/o 22nd Nat. Gueret as a youngster and became a super breeding hen. As daughter of the super pair Schumi Junior x Belle she is a direct full sister of New Schumi (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Young birds KBDB 2015) and New Schuma (mother of the national ace pigeons New Neymar and Neymar Junior). 

Mother Lotte is a daughter of Nestpender Ronaldo and stock hen Gouda. 

Like we said, a true Ally pigeon from the best of this colony...

The other racing star was Mone, BE22-3062486. She too contributed to the success by a series of beautiful results. 

These results led her to the title of 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon Allround Young birds 2022 and 7th Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young birds. 

Mone her father is Mister 688, an excellent racer himself from the bloodlines of Gouda and Gaby 026, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele. 

Mother is the 645-hen, a full sister of Ace 688, 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2022. She was bred from Provincial Blois, 1st Prov. Blois 3,367 yearlings and Beauty Sister Angouleme, a full sister of national winner Angouleme Vooruit, who was kept on the breeding loft after she was bred, with great success! 

Not directly involved in the National title, but surely another athlete with multiple top results on her palmares is Judith, BE22-3062420. She is the third young super hen born in 2022 of Norbert and Stefan which stood in the spotlights thanks to her great performances. 

Looking at her pedigree, it becomes clear where she got her talent. On father's side we once again find Angouleme Vooruit, the father is a son of this national winner: Son Angouleme Vooruit 645. He was one of the stars of the widowhood loft on which he won the title of 12th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB in 2021. 

Mother is Angèle, she is a full sister to Angouleme Vooruit! Judith, inbred to the bloodlines of 1st Nat. Angouleme at Norbert and Stefan Ally, is the living evidence of the phenomenal breeding potential of these pigeons! 

Successful widowhood cocks: Ace 688, Lucas Junior Bis & Boss 

One of the most prominent old birds in 2022 was Ace 688 (BE20-3025688), winning the title of 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB. Ace 688 was already mentioned above, the mother of Mone (5th Prov. Ace Allround Young birds '22 & 7th Prov. Ace Long Distance '22), the 645-hen, is a full sister of Ace 688. The parents of this 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance are Provincial Blois (1st Prov. Blois 3,367 pigeons) and Beauty Sister Angouleme, indeed, a full sister of Angouleme Vooruit. 

Thanks to fantastic results including a/o 9th Nat. Libourne 3,317 p., 14th Nat. Brive 6,117 p., 75th Nat. Tulle I 9,763 p., ... Ace 688 not only became 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB but also 7th Best Belgian Old Bird Long Distance across 5 races in 2022. 

There were several yearlings as well, who contributed to the wonderful 2022 season of father and son Ally. For instance, Lucas Junior Bis (BE21-3106187), who was crowned 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon Allround Yearlings 2022 and 7th Provincial Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance after a series of top results. With 2 victories (on Fontenay and Arras) and 3x Top 30 Provincial results he truly showed his class. 

Father of Lucas Junior Bis is Nestpender Lucas, who in turn is a son of the famous Lucas (son of Schumi, top racer and later top breeder in China) and the top breeding hen Daughter Provincial Poitiers, direct Marc Pollin and mother of a/o the famous Neymar (1st Nat. Montauban 3,990 p., 2nd Nat. Brive 3,850 p.). Nestpender Lucas himself flew 3rd Nat. Limoges 8,303 p. and the 10th Nat. Cahors 6,164 p. 

Mother is the 521-hen, who herself has a magnificent palmares and pedigree. She is a daughter of Nestpender Ronaldo, a son of stock breeder Ronaldo (father of a/o 1st Nat. Souillac) and of Arabelle, daughter of Aaron and Blue Surprise (a daughter of Schumi). 

Full brother of Lucas Junior Bis is top racer Lucas Junior (BE19-3100661) who was transferred to the breeding loft after three successful years as a widowhood racer. 

Another yearlings with several top results is Boss (BE21-3106215). He took 2 victories (on Clemont and Montoire) and won 3x Top 50 Provincial prizes. Boss his pedigree is full of top breeders and racers. 

Father of Boss is Den Schone 544, a grandson of both Schumi, Gouda, Super Bliksem (Gaby Vandenabeele) and Zora. 

Mother is 'Daughter Neymar x Goudina'. Neymar was paired to top racing hen Goudina who is a daughter of stock pigeons ‘De Gaston 039’ (Van de Wouwer) and ‘Gouda’.

References 2022

Descendants from Norbert and Stefan Ally their pigeons were also successful on other lofts and One Loft Races. We have selected 3 special achievements from the past years. 

Kaier OLR

The final of the Kaier OLR in China was flown across 518km. The winner against 7,493 pigeons won approximately 2,5 million euro. 

Grandmother on father's side of the winning pigeon is a daughter of Gaston 039. The father of the winner himself won 94th Final in the Kaier OLR and another child of his won 19th Final race at the Kaier OLR. 

PIPA Elite Center (PEC)

Casaert-Senechal raced two fantastic yearlings which were bred by PEC from a PEC x Ally cross. One of them is Schumi Porsche (BE21-4152958), the winner of National Tulle against 4,993 pigeons. Moreover, this cock was fastest of 9,178 p. 

Another top racer at Casaert-Senechal was the double provincial winner Angouleme Vooruit x Daughter Pioneer Porsche (BE21-4152914). She is bred directly from Angouleme Vooruit paired to a granddaughter of Porsche 911. 

The hen 21-914 won 2 provincial victories, on Bourges and Châteauroux I. She was also good for national top results on both occasions: 

1st Prov. Bourges 674 p. - 8th Nat. 10,366 p.
1st Prov. Châteauroux 348 p. - 47th Nat. Châteauroux 5,720 p.


The NL21-1504784 of C. & G. Koopman performed very well at the Victoria Falls OLR 2022. This prestigious OLR is located in Zimbabwe. The NL21-1504784 took 31st place in the Final (600km). A impressive end to a series of great performances as the NL21-1504784 finished high in the ace pigeon competitions of the Victoria Falls OLR ’22, winning 13th Super Ace & 15th Grand Average!

NL21-1504784 is a 50% Ally. His mother, Aime, is a direct descendants of the well-known Ally pair ‘Neymar’ x ‘New Schuma’ and this a full sister of Neymar Junior, 3rd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB and New Neymar, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB. 

Regulars at the top

It was another great season for the Ally family. Their own exceptional achievements were outstanding and the references they received were the cherry on top of the cake. Norbert and Stefan Ally are regulars at the top of pigeon racing. Ace Pigeon titles, National victories and countless references in Belgium and abroad are the result of a carefully built-up stock of super pigeons...