Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) add another chapter to their success story

They had a splendid 2015 season with a 1st National Montauban, a 2nd National Champion YBs and a 2nd National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance, and they did great in 2016 as well, winning the title of 2nd General National Champion KBDB.

After the successful year 2015

Norbert Ally is getting used to winning second places; he has been finishing in second place on numerous of occasions. We reckon he was not all too happy with this. In 2014 he finished in second place national in two different races (Brive yearlings, Jarnac old birds), before claiming a national victory in a sun-drenched race from Montauban in 2015; it was one of the highlights in the career of father and son Allé. 2016 was an outstanding season as well: despite their three best old birds (Neymar, Aaron and Den 341) being moved to the breeding loft (click here to reread our report of 2015), they still managed to win 11 national top 100 prizes, including 3 top 10 prizes national (4th National Limoges yearlings, 10th National Cahors and 10th National Jarnac yearlings). This shows that the team has plenty other talented pigeons, especially in the yearlings' team of 2016. Stefan: "This is one of the best generations we ever had". The team was well on its way to winning another national championship title as well. In the General Championship KBDB 2016 Norbert and Stefan had to settle for second place again, but they were very proud of their title nonetheless. 

Neymar moved to the breeding loft in late 2015. Click here for his pedigree and his palmares

2nd General National Champion KBDB 2016

If you aim to finish high in the general national championships you need a strong team of old birds, yearlings and young birds, and you have to be successful across the board: the sprint, the middle distance, the long distance and the extreme long distance.

Old birds

Two old birds have had a great share in this championship title: long distance racing bird Nestpender Lucas (BE12-3078407) and extreme long distance pigeon Den 124 (BE13-3126124).

Nestpender Lucas won an impressive 4 national top 10 prizes in 2014, including most notably a 10th National Cahors of 6,164 pigeons. He also won a 3rd National Limoges of 8,303 pigeons and a 15th Provincial Brive of 1,604 pigeons in 2015. Click here for his full pedigree.

The sire is Lucas, one of Norbert Ally's best racing birds ever. Lucas won a 2nd National Souillac, a 15th National Argenton, a 30th National Montluçon, etc. From his mother's side Nestpender Lucas is a half brother of Neymar, winner of a 1st National Montauban 2015. Click here for the full pedigree of Nestpender Lucas.

Den 124 won 4 prizes per 10 at national level in the long distance and the extreme long distance as well. He won quite a few championship points with his 46th National Perpignan of 4,191 pigeons. Click here for his full palmares. Click here for the pedigree of Den 124.


The highly successful team of young birds of 2015 developed into an exceptional team of widower yearlings in 2016 (there is no team of one year old or old hens here). Three one year old racing birds were particularly important in winning the title of 2nd General National Champion KBDB:

New Schumi (BE15-3126131): 2nd National Ace Pigeon YBs KBDB 2015 and winner of a 38th National Argenton of 18,363 pigeons and a 113th National Limoges of 6,946 pigeons this season.

New Schumi is a grandson of Schumi and winner of a 2nd National Limoges, a 22nd National Argenton and a 28th National Chateauroux. Click here for a complete overview of New Schumi's achievementsClick here for his full pedigree.

BE15-3134649: winner of top prizes in the longer middle distance and the long distance, including a 10th National Jarnac of 3,904 pigeons and a 6th Provincial Tulle of 1,176 pigeons. He was 11th National Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB 2016. Click here for the full palmares of this top class racing bird and that of his nest brother. His pedigree can be found here.

Sunshine (BE15-3126238): owes his name to his impressive results in temperatures of over 30°C. Sunshine won a 20th Provincial Chateauroux of1,159 pigeons and a 114th National Limoges of 6,946 pigeons in 2016. As a young bird he won a 13th National La Souterraine of 9,760 pigeons and a 24th National Issoudun of 11,984 pigeons, which proved crucial in winning the title of 2nd National Champion YBs KBDB 2015. Click here for the full palmares of Sunshine.

The sire of Sunshine is a half brother of top class pigeon Neymar, both bred from the same sire, Schalie Souillac (winner of a 6th National Souillac 7,760 pigeons in 2012). Would you like to see some more talented racing birds? Click here for the full pedigree of Sunshine.

An overview of the impressive results of the yearlings of 2016 can be found here.

Young birds

The best young bird of 2016 was without doubt Wittekopje (BE16-3073419), and she won two top prizes that contributed to the general national championship title. She is a full sister of Wittekop (BE14-3119967), which played a role in this championship as well but failed to return home from Limoges I with three other talented two year olds. Wittekop won a 19th Provincial Fontenay of 5,319 pigons, a 12th Provincial Tours of 2,122 pigeons, as well as a 3rd Provincial Chateaudun of 4,869 pigeons, which she won as a young bird from the third round. You can take a detailed look at Wittekop and Wittekopje here.

The sire of Wittekopje is Nestpender Schumi, and he is a full brother of Schumi Junior, or the sire of New Schumi. Click here for the full pedigree of Wittekopje.

"Aiming for the national championship KBDB again in 2017"

Norbert and Stefan are modest fanciers, not likely to make any bold statements before the start of the season. Nonetheless, it looks like they will head into 2017 with an exceptional team of old birds. And they have a promising new team of young birds for next season as well, based on Neymar, Aaron and Den 341 and other top quality breeding birds. We think 2017 might be another spectacular season for them, but not before they have celebrated their well deserved silver medal.