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Norbert and Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) occupy the complete podium on Provincial Limoges Yearlings

Norbert and Stefan Ally gave a great show on Limoges with their yearling team. On the provincial level they managed to occupy the complete podium.

After years of dominance on the national long distance races, all breeders were auctioned off in 2021. The "2022 generation" which currently performs so well came about from racers and several new breeding talents. The hens of this 2022 generation were immediately crowned 1st National Champion Young birds Heavy Middle Distance 2022 in their birthyear. 

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Provincial Limoges Yearlings

The cocks from 2022 are the ones that perform exceptionally well in the current season. The dominance of these yearlings in the 2023 season seems even stronger than before. The highlight of the season thus far was on Limoges (627km) 2nd July: 

Club : 1-2-3-4-9-10-17-... /  306 d. (9 pr. / 15)

Provincial : 1-2-3-5-13-15-27-... / 1.600 d. (10 pr. / 15)

The athletes of Norbert & Stefan have excelled the whole season, illustrating the quality on the lofts in Aarsele is of an exceptionally high level. The famous yearling team counts 20 pigeons split into 2 groups on different lofts. Group 1 raced Orleans (13/05), Chateaudun (20/05), Bourges (27/05), Argenton (09/06) and another Argenton (24/06) before racing Limoges (02/07). Group 2 raced Orleans (13/05), Chateauroux (20/05), Chateauroux (03/06), Argenton (09/06) and Clermont (24/06) as preparation for Limoges. The first group includes 14 yearlings of which 9 were basketed on Limoges (the others were kept home in preparation of La Souterraine), whilst the second group includes 6 pigeons which were all basketed on Limoges. The 1st and 2nd Provincial are from group 2 whilst 3rd and 5th Provincial are from group 1. In total, 5 pigeons from each group win prizes from Limoges.  

We will quickly introduce the stars from Limoges to you below: 

1st Provincial Limoges was won by the BE22-3062401. This cock previously won 1st Prizes on Clermont and top results on Argenton, Chateauroux, Orleans,... The apple didn't fall far from the tree as his mother is no other than Miriam (BE19-3100623) : 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon 2019

Miriam : mother of 1st Prov. Limoges and 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon 2019

2nd Provincal Limoges was won by BE22-3062493. The fact that he was 1st nominated for Ally and previously flew top results on a/o Chateauroux shows that this is a real racing talent. His father is 'Witslag Beauty' (BE19-3100648), a true crack on the Ally lofts and shows to pass on his racing genes to next generations. 

Super crack and father of 2nd Provincial Limoges

3rd Provincial Limoges was on account of  BE22-3062563. Another talent who could previously be found at the top of the charts from a/o Bourges and Argenton. 

5th Provincial Limoges was won by BE22-3062413, a great talent bred from the best of G. Van De Wouwer and W.A. De Bruijn. 

 The BE22-3062556, 2nd nominated pigeon on Limoges (75th Provincial) has flown some exceptional results this season. Amongst his top results are 1st Argenton 444 p. and 4th Bourges 382 p. besides other top results this offspring of the world-famous Neymar Jr. he is racing a great 2023 season. 

We mustn't forget the BE22-3062427, who was not basketed on Limoges in preparation for La Souterraine. In the words of father and son Ally: "This is a good one..." winning a/o the following prizes in 2023: 3rd Argenton 279 p., 5th Bourges 383 p., 8th Argenton 444 p., 126th Chateaudun 4,007 p., 296th Orleans 5,857p.

Another phenomenon is BE22-3062547 who is also performing sensationally in 2023. With the 1st Bourges and nothing short of top result on his palmares, this too is a typical Ally pigeon. 

Old pigeons are also on top of their game

With such a fantastic yearlings team, the Ally family is ready for the near future. However, the old birds are also performing well this season. Amongst them is Lucas Junior Bis (BE21-3106187) who won 2nd Provincial and 117th National Limoges Old birds (headwind) against more than 10,000 pigeons. Last year he was the best yearling on the lofts of Norbert and Stefan and now he is racing another impressive season. 

Lucas Junior Bis: one of the big stars on the Ally lofts

Ace 688 (BE20-3025688) became 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance and 7th Best pigeon across 5 National races in 2022. in 2023, he continues where he left off last season with a 18th Provincial Limoges against 1,456 p. after he previously won 80th National Cahors against 4,155 pigeons earlier this season.  

Ace 688: stood in the spotlights in 2022 and having a strong 2023 season thus far

Results Yearlings 2023 (from middle distance onwards) :

13/05 Orleans : 2-10-20-22-26-27-28-30-37-... / 473 p. (21/23)

           Prov. : 16-81-146-160-195-196-217-230-... / 5,857 p. (21/23)

20/05 Chateaudun : 6-14-17-18-21-32-34-... / 427 p. (15/17)   

          Prov. : 27-71-89-113-126-161-170-... / 4,007 p. (15/17)

          Chateauroux : 2-9-20-26-... / 190 p. (6/6) 

          Interprov. : 15-126-... /1,559 p. (6/6)

27/05 Bourges : 1-4-5-6-7-8-10-13-16-18-25-29-... / 383 p. (15/16)

          Prov. : 48-105-131-149-187-196-219-283-... / 4,433 p. (15/16)

          Nat. : 180-359-444-504-623-659-... / 18,729 p. (15/16)

03/06 Chateauroux : 3-13-22-27-... / 362 p. (6/6)

          Interprov. : 33-82-170-195-... / 2,840 p. (6/6)

09/06 Argenton : 1-2-8-18-31-42-45-... / 444 p. (11/21)

          Prov. : 23-25-99-228-350-... / 4,396 p. (11/21)

          Nat. : 32-36-200-499-... / 17,210 p. (9/21)

24/06 Argenton : 1-3-10-16-... / 279 p. (9/14)

          Prov. : 4-34-93-198-... / 2,943 p. (9/14)

          Nat. : 63-274-594-... / 15,210 p. (9/14)

02/07 Limoges : 1-2-3-4-9-10-17-... / 306 p. (9/15)

          Prov. : 1-2-3-5-13-15-27-... / 1,600 p. (10/15) 

Great results and unbelievable high prize percentages, up to the highest level. 

No one knows where this will end, but the Ally family chooses quality over quantity. A choice that has not left them empty handed!