Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE) wins Fontenay against 5,319 yearlings in WVOU competition

In addition to this impressive victory, Nobert also put in a great effort with his entire yearlings' team. He suffered a narrow defeat against Anthony Maes in the old birds' race, having to settle for second. The Ally pigeons are off to a great start!

Norbert and Stefan Ally

The middle distance season had an unfortunate start, given the tough weather conditions in the first weekend of racing. Pigeons were brought back to the border, and the races were cancelled. This means the pigeons had their first middle distance race of the season on Saturday 9 May. Pigeons from West Flanders were basketed for the WVOU race from Fontenay-Sur-Eure; the interprovincial WVOU competition saw a high number of participants, with 9,261 old birds and 5,319 yearlings at the start.

The pigeons of veterinary surgeon Norbert Ally from Aarsele made no secret of their ambitions for the upcoming races on the national calendar. Norbert had the fastest pigeon against 5,319 yearlings in Fontenay and he achieved a great overall result:

Fontenay WVOU 5,319 yearlings: 1-12-19-36-44-47-58-119-186-406-682-1034 (12/20)

His 12th and 19th pigeon in the race were also his first two nominated. They are in fact two brothers, and two grandchildren of Gouda.
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Norbert suffered defeat against Antony Maes from Waregem in the old birds' race. The old birds' team of Ally won the following prizes:

Fontenay WVOU 9,261 olds: 2-36-160-207-253-549-697-802-1557-1686 (10/16)

First nominated pigeon Aaron finished in second place in the WVOU competition. He was 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB YL 2013 (click here for his pedigree).
The pigeon family of Norbert Ally knows that a good start is half the work!
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