Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE) at the top of the longer middle distance and long distance competition in Belgium for over ten years

Several years ago veterinary surgeon Norbert Ally from Aarsele, a town along the border of East and West Flanders, decided to start as a pigeon fancier. Now he can look back at a very successful career.

Stefan & Norbert Ally

His career saw him win national and provincial prizes and top rankings, as well as provincial ace pigeons with numerous top results from 100 to 700 km, including several first prizes with old birds, yearlings and young birds.

Throughout the years he developed a highly competent pigeon breed based on the following bloodlines:

  • Gaby Vandenabeele (70%); including the lines of Kleinen, Wittenbuik, Kolonel and Bliksem.
  • N & F Norman (15%); including the lines of Zorro and Nicolas.
  • Robert Willequet: the Vooruit line.
  • Rol. Dewaele: Ronaldo
  • Eric  Limbourg; a recent addition: the Blue Ace line

You can read more about his pigeon breed on the website of Norbert Ally.

In this article we provide an overview of the biggest achievements of the pigeon family of Ally up to today. We also introduce you to the greatest members of his racing team of 2012.

The achievements of the Norbert Ally loft: an overview

At national level:

The outstanding 2010 season is still fresh in our memories. It was then that Ally surprised many fanciers by winning a first, second and fourth National Souillac in perfect and sunny weather conditions. In that same season Norbert was also awarded as General National Champion KBDB. Such a title does not come for free. If you take a look at the results of his loft over the last fifteen years we can only conclude that he has always been at the top of the longer middle distance and long distance competition in Belgium, the country of origin of pigeon racing.

National rankings in the top 25 between 1997 and 2012:

1st  national  Souillac    (697km)  7,039 p. (2010)
2nd  national  Limoges     (595km) 24,084 p. (1999)
2nd  national  Libourne    (729km)  8,269 p. (2011)
2nd  national  Souillac             7,756 p. (2012)
2nd  national  Souillac             7,039 p. (2010)
4th  national  Souillac             7,039 p. (2010)
6th  national  Souillac             7,756 p. (2012)
6th  national  Chateauroux (482km) 15,902 p. (2012)
6th  national  Perigueux   (678km)  5,594 p. (1997)
6th  national  Limoges             10,737 p. (1999)
7th  national  Bordeaux    (747km)  7,519 p. (2004)
7th  national  Brive       (665km)  7,446 p. (2004)
7th  national  Gueret      (549km) 12,558 p. (2007)
8th  national  Argenton    (508km) 19,816 p. (2010)
8th  national  La Souterr. (547km) 11,649 p. (1997)
10th national  Dax         (875km)  5,026 p. (2003)
10th national  La Souterr.         15,406 p. (2005)
12th national  Chateauroux         17,109 p. (2010)
16th national  La Souterraine      14,957 p. (1999)
16th national  Brive               20,310 p. (2005)
17th national  Narbonne    (868km)  6,032 p. (2006)
17th national  Limoges             17,456 p. (2005)
21th national  Bourges     (440km) 38,172 p. (1997)
22th national  Brive               22,026 p. (2001)

At provincial level:

There is some fierce competition in West Flanders with such champions as Gaby Vandenabeele, A &R De Saer, Marc Pollin, N & Norman, Rik Cools, Etienne Devos and Gino Clicque.

Stefan & Norbert Ally

17 provincial & zonal victories between 2005 and 2012:

1st Provincial   Blois          (409km)  5,645 p. (2012)
1st Provincial   Brive          (665km)  3,400 p. (2005)
1st Provincial   Tours          (447km)  3,320 p. (2007)
1st Provincial   Argenton       (509km)  2,838 p. (2008)
1st Provincial   Blois          (409km)  2,525 p. (2006)
1st Provincial   Tours          (447km)  2,394 p. (2008)
1st Provincial   Gueret         (549km)  2,069 p. (2007)
1st Provincial   Souillac       (697km)  1,569 p. (2010)
1st Provincial   La Souterraine (547km)  1,563 p. (2005)
1st Zone         Argenton       (509km)  1,389 p. (2007)
1st Provincial   Libourne       (729km)  1,254 p. (2011)
1st Provincial   Narbonne       (868km)   809 p. (2006)
1st Provincial   Blois          (409km)   765 p. (2011)
1st Zone         Argenton       (509km)   759 p. (2005)
1st Provincial   Blois          (409km)   678 p. (2008)
1st Provincial   Orleans        (357km)   536 p. (2006)
1st Provincial   Blois          (409km)   465 p. (2011)

General championship of the Inter-West Flemish Union (I.W.V.) between 1998 and 2012:

  • 4 x First General Champion (1998, 2008, 2009 and 2011)
  • 2 x Second General Champion (1999 and 2003)
  • 4 x Third General Champion (2002, 2005, 2006 and 2010)

The championships of the Inter-West Flemish Union (IWV) are undoubtedly the most prestigious championships for the longer middle distance and long distance fanciers in the province of West Flanders. If you want to be at the top of the general championship you have to achieve excellent results in the classic races from 400 to 900km every weekend from May to September. Keep in mind that the very best pigeon fanciers from West Flanders take part in these races every weekend. Just to give you an idea of the heavy competition for this championship. There is always a fierce fight between the great champions to win this title!

2012 - yet anonther top season

Some of the highlights of 2012:

2-6-...                  nat.   Souillac 7,756 p. (7/17 per 10; 1st, 2nd,3rd &4th nominated in top 4)
6-47-113-123-134-155-... nat.   Chateauroux 15,902 d (17/30 per 10)
1-17-19-35-...           prov.  Blois 5,645 p. (10/26 per 10)
2-13-41-42-44-...        prov.  Blois 3,317 p.  (13/60 per 10; 1st and 2nd nominated on top)
3-4-11-14-20-24-...      prov.  Tours 1,052 p.  (9/18 per 10)
5-6-...                  prov.  La Souterraine 2,856 p.  (9/23 per 10)

The big names in the 2012 racing team:

The superstar of today’s racing team is without a doubt Lucas (10-3075506), which is in fact the very best racing pigeon Norbert Ally has ever bred.


His list of achievements as a widowhood cock (2011-2012):

2nd   Nat. Souillac    (697km) 2012    7,756 pigeons -  (1193m/min)
15th  Nat. Argenton    (509km) 2011   19,782 pigeons -  (1159m/min)
30th  Zone Montluçon   (520km) 2012    6,081 pigeons -  (1409m/min)
58th  Nat. Chateauroux (482km) 2012   16,479 pigeons -  (1217m/min)
141st Nat. Chateauroux         2011   25,263 pigeons -  (1069m/min)
182nd Nat. Limoges     (595km) 2012   14,679 pigeons -  (1733m/min)
227th Nat. Bourges     (440km) 2012   20,589 pigeons -  (1156m/min)

Norbert is very proud of his superstar (at least today), which was bred from the very best lines in the Ally breed. Click here for the pedigree of Lucas.

In addition he has some great old birds in his team as well. You can take a look at their pedigrees by clicking on their names below:

The yearlings’ team of Norbert Ally did very well in 2012 despite changing weather conditions. There were quite a lot of fast races this season. Norbert settled for second in the Inter-West Flemish Championship. Most of his opponents know very well that the Ally pigeons are particularly strong in good weather conditions with speeds between 1100 and 1300 m/min. So it was no coincidence that this season’s best result in the yearlings’ competition was the national from Châteauroux on 2 June. He won the following prizes against 15,902 pigeons: 6, 47, 113, 123, 134, 155, 190, 227, 237, 387, 399, etc. (21/30 with 17 prizes per 10). Almost all of his best yearlings were present: Young Bordeaux, Brother Souillac Junior, Last Speedy Boy, Robbe, Federer Talent and Promise, just to name a few (click on the names to see their pedigrees).

Gouda and Belle: the two champions of the young birds’ team of 2012

Gouda (12-3111204) is one of the very best Belgian young birds in 2012 (0.78% in four demanding heavy middle distance races. Unfortunately Gouda was not a candidate for the title of National Ace Pigeon. That is because the KBDB only awarded a young birds’ championship title for the sprint and the middle distance. This is regrettable; young birds with so much talent are rare! This is her list of achievements:

1st   Club  Blois           726 p.
2nd   Prov. Blois          3,317 p.
17th  Prov. Blois          5,645 p.
6th   Prov. La Souterraine 2,856 p.
18th  Prov. Argenton       4,524 p. - 48th Nat. 25,949 p.
176th Prov. Gueret         3,408 p.

Gouda stems from one of Norbert’s favourite breeding hens, the Federa Beauty (09-3018195), in a joint breeding with a Grandson Kaasboer of Gaston Vandewouwer. Norbert says that Federa Beauty is a wonderful pigeon in the hand. She also has an impressive pedigree. That explains why she did not race; she was immediately placed in the breeding loft. She became the dam of several great pigeons in a short period of time. She is for instance the dam of Belle, one of the other stars of the young bird team of 2012.

Belle (12-3111318) won four great prizes in six races: a first Provincial Blois 5,645 pigeons, a first Clermont 530 pigeons, a third Fontenay 504 pigeons and a 13th Provincial Blois 3,317 pigeons. Unfortunately Belle never returned from a routine training toss shortly after. Click here for the pedigree of Belle.

Of course, the outstanding results of Norbert Ally did not go by unnoticed; many fanciers were impressed. Consequently, many successful fanciers from around decided to introduce Ally pigeons in their own breed, and with success. Norbert Sierens for instance bred his first national Châteauroux old birds 2010 with a 100% Ally hen. This is one of many examples of success stories with Ally pigeons. You can find an overview at the website of Norbert Ally.