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Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE) delivers impressive overall result in Limoges

The pigeons arrived home almost uninterruptedly, resulting in nine pigeons in the provincial top 100, and an astounding overall result.

Norbert and his son Stefan Ally gained plenty of confidence during the preparatory races, and their team lived up to the expectations in Limoges, putting in an impressive performance. Their racing birds arrived home almost one after another. They had basketed their entire racing team for the first longer middle distance race of the season in Blois (Montoire) two weeks ago, where they had 46 prizes with 68 basketed birds, including two first places: against 821 old birds and against 374 yearlings. These were confidence-inspiring results indeed. After a race like that, you know that your team is in good form and in good spirits.

The team continued to deliver in the first long distance classic of the season, in Limoges. We witnessed a tremendous overall performance that exceeded all expectations, especially since the weather was not in their favour. It appears that pigeons in good form can always push themselves a little bit more. Here are the impressive results:

Limoges club 276 olds:
2-3-5-6-9-10-11-12-13-19-31-33… and 22/29

Limoges Prov. West-Fl 3,037 olds:
3-13-21-31-48-55-60-66-78-116-231-240-302… and 23/29 (per 3)

Limoges Nat. Zone A2 – 5,024 olds:
7-36-51-77-102-125-132-142-167-274… and 21/29 (per 4)

Limoges National 15,981 olds:
19-82-115-166-241-287-302-329-386-701-1337-1377… or 12 per 10 and 22/29 (per 4)

1-2-3 Provincial Limoges with Ally bloodlines

The first pigeon back home was Nestpender Gueretje (a pigeon from early June 2017), who was taken to the French-Belgian border (around 30km) for his longest training flights as a young bird. He was not yet part of the racing team in 2018, but he did complete a number of provincial longer middle distance races with a few of his teammates. He would only be introduced in the racing loft in 2019, and Norbert and Stefan were glad that they had been so patient with this racing bird: he would soon excel at national level.

-Nestpender Gueretje BE17-3134061

   3. Prov Limoges  3,037 p. ’20 – 7. Nat Zone 5,024 p. – 19. Nat 15,981 p.
113. Prov Orleans  3,417 p. ’18
237. Intprov Blois  4,845 p. ’19
290. Nat Limoges  9,661 p. ’19
385. Prov Chateaudun 9,719 p. ’19
489. Nat Souillac   3,737 p. ’19

This Nestpender Gueretje is a half brother of Angoulême Vooruit (from the same dam).

Sire: Nestpender Ronaldo BE08-3081207
Himself a great racing bird, winning for instance a 12th Nat. Chateauoux 17,109 p., and a half brother of a 1st Nat. Souillac (son of the sire of the 1st Nat. Souillac: Ronaldo x Sjarapova). The winner of a 1st Limoges club 276 old birds and a 2nd Prov. 3,037 p. for Rudi De Saer is a grandson of this Nestpender Ronaldo.

foto Geuretje: moeder 1. Nat Angoulême

Dam: Gueretje BE14-3119232
She has a 22nd Nat. Gueret 16,619 p. to her name, and she is more importantly the dam of a 1st Nat. Angoulême in 2018: Angoulême Vooruit. She is a daughter of top pair Schumi Junior BE13-3126131 (the last son of Schumi) x Belle BE12-3111366 (a daughter of a grandson of Kaasboer: Gaston 039 x Sister Kim).

Pedigree Nestpender Gueretje

In other words, Nestpender Ronaldo is related to a 2nd (for Rudi De Saer) and a 3rd provincial (in their own loft). And the provincial winner in Limoges of Team BDS/De Clerck is a granddaughter of Son Gouda (himself a son of Gaston 039), another direct Ally bird and a top breeder for Joël Verschoot. Long story short: the Ally bloodlines have now won a 1st + 2nd + 3rd Provincial Limoges 3,037 old birds! Does it get any better?

Norbert and Stefan's second finisher in Limoges is 'Den 219', which originates from the same bloodlines as the son of Nestsister Gueretje:

-Den 219 BE18-3115219

  13. Prov Limoges 3,037 p. ’20  – 36. Nat Zone 5,024 p. – 82. Nat 15,981 p.
    8. Prov Chateaudun 3,305 p. ’19
556. Nat Tulle          7,155 p. ’19
711. Nat Limoges 10,783 p. ’19

Sire: Schalie Beauty BE12-3078469
A terrific breeder and the sire of a 1st Prov. Tours 6,741 p., a 1st Prov. Blois 3,367 p. etc. He is a half brother of Neymar and a son of Schalie Souillac BE10-3075514 x ‘418’-Duivin BE11-3036418 (daughter of 1st Prov. Narbonne).
Dam: Nestsister Gueretje BE14-3119233
Winner of a 35th N.Zone La Souterraine 2,877 p., a 73rd Prov. Tours 4,436 p., as well as a daughter of Schumi Junior x Belle (see earlier)

And lastly we present you the pigeon that finished in third place in Limoges for Norbert & Stefan Ally. This is a direct son of superstar Neymar and a full brother of Neymar Junior.

-Brother Neymar Junior BE18-3121469

21. Prov Limoges 3,037 p. ’20 – 51. Nat Zone 5,024 p. – 115. Nat. 15,981 p.
31. Prov Chateaudun   5,624 p. ’19
71. Prov Poitiers           1,688 p. ’18
117. Nat Tulle               7,155 p. ’19
165. Prov Chateaudun 3,305 p. ’19
847. Nat Limoges       10,783 p. ’19

Foto Neymar: 1. Nat Montauban

Sire: Neymar BE13-3126093
Winner of a 1st Nat. Montauban 3,990 p. (and fastest of 6,119 p.). Neymar was bred from Schalie Souillac BE10-3075514 (himself a 6th Nat. Souillac 7,760 p.) x Daughter Provincial Poitiers BE11-3050244 Pollin.

FOto New Schuma

Dam: New Schuma BE15-3126130
She had eight prizes per ten to her name as a young bird. She is a nest sister of New Schumi, 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2015. And she is another full sister of Gueretje (the dam of a 1st Nat. Angoulême), which makes her a daughter of top pair Schumi Junior x Belle.

Pedigree Brother Neymar Junior

The first three pigeons back home from Limoges are three grandsons of the fantastic breeding pair Schumi Junior x Belle. This is without doubt a golden bloodline for Norbert and Stefan Ally. This is the bloodline that has also bred Angoulême Vooruit (1st Nat. Angoulême), New Schumi (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB) and many others. This is an invaluable collection of breeders! These racing birds know how to win races in demanding conditions into a strong headwind, as well as in races with a tailwind, including for instance the 2020 edition of Limoges I. And isn't this the type of bird that we are all looking for?

We are interested to see if team Ally will be in for another great result in the national classic of Limoges II (18th of July). After all, you never know what to expect from a world class breed in great form.

dynasty Schumi Junior x Belle