Norbert Ally - Aarsele (BE) 1st general champion of Belgium KBDB 2010

Also at the top of the championships ’08 and ’09 with a.o.: 1st general champion long distance West-Flanders 2008 (West Flemish & interprovincial) 1st general champion long distance West-Flanders 2009 (West Flemish & interprovincial)

 12 X Top 100 national in 2010!
-  1st   nat.  Souillac             7039p
-  2nd   nat.  Souillac             7039p
-  4th   nat.  Souillac             7039p
-  8th   nat.  Argenton I yl       19816p
-  12th  nat.  Chateauroux II o.b. 17109p
-  50th  nat.  Chateauroux II Yl   22718p
-  55th  nat.  Tulle    yl          8323p
-  68th  nat.  Limoges yl          14211p
-  74th  nat.  Tulle o.b.           6695p
-  82nd  nat.  Narbonne             6330p
-  89th  nat.  Tarbes               4576p
-  95th  nat.  Gueret youngsters   13885p 

Racing method
By Norbert & Stefan Ally the emphasis lies on the classic widowhood game. In 2010 they started with 60 widowers and 12 “ late” yearlings. 85% of the widowers race every fortnight in races of 450km – 700km, with the most targeted races of the year being the national 1-day long distance races: Limoges (o.b./yl) – Brive (o.b.) – Souillac (o.b.) It is also so that  15% of the widowers are given further races so as Bordeaux – Montauban – Tarbes – Narbonne – Perpignan. About 100 early youngsters are tested every year with the ‘sliding door’ system’. The emphasis however lies on the widowhood game, so it is difficult to compete with ‘youngster specialists’ (a.o. due to lack of time). Then the selection of the early youngsters takes place, mainly on the basis of performances, whilst every year a round of late youngsters is also bred. The youngsters are only entered for the races of 200-300 km and sometimes  1 Tours

Stock building
The Ally loft is based on the following blood lines: G. Vandenabeele (70 %) -  Norman N&F  (15%) –  Robert. Willequet  – Roland. Dewaele.  They were also successful with direct pigeons from  E. Vermandere – Vandamme-Boddaert - N. Lippens – J. Muylle – Vancauwenberghe-Ally - A. Beulque – Vermeulen-Dujardin – G. Picue

The 2010 season
A)    Stunt work in the national Souillac 2010 with 1st – 2nd – 4th …..etc ……..!
 “The Souillac(BE06-3061102) : first national Souillac 2010
Best prizes:  Souillac ’10 nat.: 1st/7039, Argenton ‘07 zone A: 1st/1389, La Souterraine ’06 prov.: 6th/1605, Limoges ’09 nat.: 38th/11869, Limoges ’08 derby 236th/6016, Brive ’09 nat.: 382nd /17456
“Ronaldo”: top racer (a.o. 22nd nat. Brive ‘01 22026p.) and super breeder. Direct R. Dewaele.
“Mathilde”: 2nd best youngster loft Vandenbrande ’05. Pedigree  Engels J&J.

“The Souillac Junior(BE08-3081193): second national Souillac 2010
Honours list 2010: 10/05 Chateauroux 43rd/4093, 29/05 Brive nat. ’10: 113th/16815, 20/06 Limoges cup 139th/2300, 04/07 Limoges derby 297th/5607, 18/07 Souillac nat. 2nd/7039. This means no prize missed and always early (at least per 10).
: “Rapid” (502/00): top racer (a.o. 35th nat. Brive ’02 25352p.) and coming out stock couple II (“Son Wittenbuik” Vandenabeele X “Tineke”)
Mother: “Vermandere hen”: direct E. Vermandere directly out the top breeder “Noël” and so half-sister of top pigeon “Falco” from Vandenabeele.
Full brother of “Souillac Junior” = “Rappen”  raced a.o. 3 first prizes (Bouillon, Orleans Rekkem-Tielt and Nantes ).

"Lucky(BE06-3061226): fourth national Souillac 2010
Best prizes: 3rd/1712 prov. Souillac ’08 (as 2nd nominated), 4th/7039 nat. Souillac ’10 (as 1st nominated!), 5th/5134 prov. Argenton ’07 , the  10th/19084 nat. Bourges ’08, the 44th/5676 nat. Tulle ’09, the 196th/10448 nat. Limoges ’10. Was in 2007 as a yearling 2nd prov. Ace pigeon long distance KBDB.
: “Son Primus”: late cock 2005 which was placed directly in the breeding loft as son of “Primus” with “De goeie Picue”
“Primus” is full brother of “Rapid” (out stock couple II, “Son Wittenbuik” x “Tineke”). “Primus” was a top racer with a.o. in the nationals: Limoges nat. yl: 33rd/24084, Limoges nat. o.b. ‘02: 55th/16945, Souillac nat. ’02: 55th /7358
2 full sisters of “Primus” and “Rapid” were respectively 1st and 2nd provincial Ace pigeon long distance KBDB
Mother of “Son Primus” = “de Goeie Picue”, direct G. Picue, Ruddervoorde. “de Goeie Picue” raced as a youngster a.o. 1/1043 Chartres, 1st/588 Clermont, 2nd/588 Chartres and with this was Ace pigeon Bruges championships.
Two brother of the “Son Primus” are also good breeders in the Ally loft. The combination “Primus” with “de goeie Picue” seems to be an ideal match!
Mother Lucky (738/05) is a full sister of Norberts “La Souterraintje” which raced in 2005:  1st provincial La Souterraine (and 10th national) but was unfortunately lost a fortnight later in the disastrous Vichy race .

Ally Norbert , as “Mister Souillac” (national race, 693 km) results 2008-2010:

Provincial (1712p.): 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 22, 34, 60, 85,… (15)
Zone A     (3625p.): 30, 35, 46, 48, 52, 55, 88, 133, 203, 260,… (15)
Provincial (1444p.): 2, 6, 12, 34, 46, 80, 135,… (16)
Zone A     (3290p.): 10, 24, 46, 111, 159, 262,… (16)
National   (7039p.): 1, 2, 4, 105, 114, 148, 162, 257, 261, 317, 339, 402, 525,… (19) 

B)    1st General Champion of Belgium  KBDB 2010

  Tarbes     89th Nat.   1,9449
Narbonne   82nd Nat.   1,2954
Brive      356th Nat.  2,1172
Montauban  281st Nat.  4,2230
Souillac   4th Nat.    0,0568
Argenton I 385th Nat.  1,9429
Bourges    138th Prov. 3,9896
Argenton   1520th Nat. 6,7730
Clermont   14th Club   5,5336
Tours      7th  Prov.  0,2269
Blois      17th Prov .  0,9994  

Which pigeons won the title: 1st general champion of Belgium  KBDB 2010?
"The Fondman(BE06-3198070) was first nominated for Montauban and Tarbes.
Also raced in 2010: 383rd/7364 nat. Perpignan. Further 19th/177 Sint-Vincent II ’07, 55th/4660 Tarbes ’08 nat., 220th/7603 Perpignan ’08 nat., 370th/6257 Perpignan ’09 nat.
Comes out “Son Goeroe” (“Goeroe” raced 1st nat. Dax 2003 by Jacques Muylle) x “Vermandere hen”. This “Vermandere hen” is also mother of “Souillac Junior ”!


The “Chequered son Dax(BE08-3081180) is a two-year old cock which was 1st nominated for Narbonne.
Also raced in 2010: 343rd nat./17109 from Chateauroux II and the 114th prov./857 Bordeaux.
Full brother (also a 2-year old) raced in 2010: 49th prov./857 Bordeaux and 586th/6330 nat. Narbonne.
Father = the “Dax”: raced in 2003 the 10th nat. Dax, but also top in the extreme middle distance and long distance with 5th prov. La Souterraine youngsters and 6th prov. Bourges yearlings.
“Dax” is a crossing own strain (‘Son Wittenbuik’ x’ Brave’) with the “Fondduivinneke” (as youngster per 20 from Brive and Cognac and from origin 75% Norman N & F). 2 brothers of the “Dax” also raced in the top-10  national (from Perigueux ‘97 and Brive II ’04 respectively).
Mother = “Mooie geschelpte” comes out “Son Wereldkampioen” Vandamme-Boddaert in combination with good performing hen out own stock .

The “Dieter” (BE07-3127660) is a 3-year old cock which was 1st nominated from Brive. He is a result of joint breeding with the loft Vancauwenberghe-Ally. Is one of the greatest pigeons of the current loft.
Was in 2009 : the 7th best pigeon in four national long distance races (pipa) with: Tulle 32nd/5676 nat., Souillac 67th/7597 nat., Limoges 209th/11869 nat. and Brive 676th/17456 nat.
Raced in 2010: Chateauroux 1st Rekkem 604p and 6th prov. 4093p., Brive 356th/16815 nat., Limoges 681st/10448 nat. and Souillac 261st/7039 nat.
Comes out “Brother Speedy Boy” (lines “Speedy” Beulque, “Ronker” and “Blauwe Fideel” Vandenabeele) x “Chequered Aske” from the loft Vancauwenberghe-Ally .

The “Chequered Askewas first Ace pigeon long distance union Wingene long distance youngsters ’05.
-  From “Souillac” the “Lucky” (226/06) won as first nominated the fourth national (see description above).
-  The yearling first nominated and winning the 385th nat. Argenton I was the “710/09” 
This pigeon raced top prizes in 2010 in 3 nationals: Chateauroux II nat. 117th/22718, Argenton I nat. 385th/19816 (as first nominated), Tulle nat. 281st/8323
On father’s side this promising yearling is a grandson of Ally’s top breeder: the “Super Bliksem”. The mother is a direct Casaert (via joint breeding with the loft Demely Liliane, Moorsele ).
The pigeon first nominated and winning the 7th prov. Tours was the best yearling of 2010: the “Young Ronaldo”, BE09-3018085.
In 2010 he raced a.o. the 7th prov. Tours 3085p (as first nominated), but also the 2ne/137 Arras, the 3rd/114 Ablis, the 40th /801 Poitiers, the 48th /3501 Tours and the 72nd/6810 Limoges zone A .
Is also a son of top breeder “Ronaldo” (so half-brother of the 1st nat. Souillac 2010)
Mother of the “Young Ronaldo” is the direct Norman N&F-hen “502/08” which comes out top breeder “Nicolas” with “daughter Superman”.
Another son “Ronaldo”, the “Nestpender Ronaldo” (“207/08”) was put to the test this year for the first time and passed with flying colours. In 2010 he raced the 12th/17109 Chateauroux II national and 2 weeks later the 107th/10549 Argenton I national .

"Nestpender Ronaldo has as mother “Sjarapova” which comes out the super breeding couple “Andre” with “Steffie”. “Sjarapova” is then a full sister of the top racers “Federer”, “Boris”, “Rafaël”,… . Important detail: a grandson of “Boris” raced in the same Chateauroux II national o.b. the 1st national against 17109p. (in the loft Sierens-Vandenbroucke ).


A young hen 2010 raced three prizes as first nominated which were used for the general national championship .