Non-payers in the PIPA auctions (06/12/12)

In the 2012-2013 auction season, which has been ongoing for a couple of months now, many birds have been sold so far but not all have been paid for. We are now reselling those non-paid birds.
You can find information about the non-paying customers below. The pigeons which haven’t been paid for are presented below and are still for sale, unless mentioned otherwise. Interested buyers can contact us via

GB09-Z40339 - Premier Stud, resold

NL11-1185720 - Koopman Gerard

NL11-1185732 - Koopman Gerard


BE10-4005928 - Debusschere Roger


BE07-4115066 - Baetens Willy & Ivan


NL07-1207406 - Bakker R.A & Zoon


BE12-4048808 - Steveninck Benny, resold

BE06-4153411 - Van Laere Stijn



BE06-4361305 - Demeester Wilfried


BE06-4191659 - Van Eycken Robert, resold

BE10-2070546 - Van Eycken Robert


BE06-4384025 - Lefevre Yvan


BE06-4371784 - Lefevre Yvan


NL07-1435831 - De Ruiter Jan



NL09-3900545 - Schroevers Cees


BE12-6032343 - Lemmens Ulrich


IHU11-S003148 - Harris Billy


IHU11-S003147 - Harris Billy


NL11-5016752 - original Herman Beverdam, resold

BE10-2169322 - Hazaert Kamiel & Gerry, resold

BE12-3156474 - Lietaert Koen, resold

DV08098-11-135 - Hermes Raymund, resold


DV04087-07-347 - Lecke Theo & Markus, resold


DV04087-09-464 - Lecke Theo & Markus, resold


GB10-X33893 - Premier Stud, resold


GB11-B46508 - Les Green, resold


GB11-R04242 - Premier Stud, resold


BE11-5035929 - Premier Stud, resold


GB10-X35602 - Premier Stud, resold


GB11-R04117 - Premier Stud

NL06-1597464 - Premier Stud, resold


NL06-1781801 - Les Green

NL07-1386877 - Les Green

NWHU11-X4150 - Crehan John