Noé Decoster (Obaix, BE) one of the leading names of the long distance in Belgium

Born in Aalter in East Flanders, Noé De Coster moved with his parents at the age of 15 years to the south of the country. Then he moved to his current location in Obaix in 1996. He contributed to make this little village famous worldwide in the world of the pigeon sport.

Noé with his crack, 'The Olympiade'.

A new start in 1989…

This is when Noé stopped his working career. He worked hard during all his life and he decided to start the pigeon sport with the one and only goal: reaching the top as soon as possible. And according to him, there was only one possibility to reach his goal: to purchase the best pigeons possible. Noé has been always fond of the long distance races and this is why he decided to focus on this discipline. He wrote  the names of the best fanciers from Belgium on a paper at the time. He visited them to purchase the best pigeons they had to offer: Etienne Devos, Robert Van Eycken, Jos Thoné, Julien Nibus, Roland & Guy Nihoul, Robert & Jean Calonne, Henri Van Neste, etc… Talking about some prestigious names ! Nowadays, 30 years later, we still find their names in several of the most important pigeons from the current loft.

More recently, he also purchased pigeons from famous modern fanciers like a.o. Rudi De Saer, Hugo Batenburg-Van de Merwe and also Gino Clicque with, for example, a daughter of the 'Golden Prince' before this pigeon became what he is today. Because at first, Noé is not affraid to pay big money when he wants to get what he wants but above all, he can make a good deal before it becomes no more affordable!

Aged of 84 years, he is known for his talent to regularly discover some talented cracks. He is a real goldsmith with a lot of patience who uses a strong selection program to judge the value of his pigeons. At his place, you can also find some pigeons aged of 5-6 years with several national top 100 positions to their name, something you'll notice by yourself while browsing this report. This has been only possible thanks to his philosophy that always turned out well: buy the cream of the crop, breed a lot, race a lot and select a lot. Throughout the years, he has been able to add to his name several top classifications at national and international level as well as several zonal victories. Concerning the national victory, the supreme consecration, let's say that he turned around several times but that his distraction prevented him to live one of the best moments of his life.

Two missed appointments with history

2013: a missed national title…

While 2013 should have been the year of the consecration, crowned by the title of National Champion Long Distance KBDB, nothing happened... Noé, who is not really used to the new technologies, noticed too late that if he had sent his form for the championship, he would have climbed on the highest rank on the national podium. Take a look at his results :

Montélimar  N.Zone C  3.395 p. 41 – 54
Brive       N.Zone C  2.693 p. 34 – 39
Souillac    N.Zone C  1.388 p.  9 - 74 
Tulle       SPE Prov    955 p. 26 – 55

So, a total coefficient of 19,9701% while the national champion won it that year with 22%...

2015 moral national winner from Narbonne…

In 2015, Noé sent 4 birds to Narbonne. In the evening of the race, he has been surprised by his 3rd nominated that he found on his loft around 23h00… then, he quickly went to check his clocking system and noticed his pigeon landed on the plank at 20h17''32. After a quick calculation, he noticed he should have been the national winner with an advance of 8 m/min… so, an average speed of 1123 m/min against 1115 m/min for the winner… This moral winner is a pigeon 100% bred from Nibus Julien from Mortier.

2017: the Olympiads

After you red these two incredible stories, you would think that Noé is purchased by a plague and that he will be an underdog forever. However, his performance list is uplifting. He already won several zonal victories and he has won already more than 100 national top 100 positions. But finally, the season 2016 ended the best way possible with a classification for the Olympiad in Brussels in the Marathon category. It was the pigeon BE11-9013043 now called 'The Olympiad' who booked this performance.

- The 'Olympiad' (BE11-9013043)

3 Belgian Olympic Pigeon Marathon '17
4 Best Belgian pigeon on Perpignan 15-16
8 European Ace Perpignan 15-'16
11 Perpignan nat      -  5.271 p. '15
   45 Internat        - 15.954 p.
16 Narbonne nat       -  5.215 p. '13
   20 Internat        - 11.448 p.
27 St-Vincent nat     -  2.562 p. '16
   116 Internat       - 10.642 p.
34 Brive nat zone     -  2.693 p. '13
   237 National       -  8.331 p.
43 Tulle nat zone     -  3.330 p. '12
   207 National       - 10.251 p.
43 Pau national       -  1.980 p. '15
   207 Internat       -  9.052 p.
98 Montauban nat zone -  2.106 p. '16
   218 national       -  4.337 p.
197 Perpignan nat     -  4.191 p. '16
   368 Internat       - 12.689 p.
381 St-Vincent nat    -  3.087 p. '15

Click here to check his pedigree.

We already talked about it at the begining of this report, Noé is really gifted to make the right pairings able to generate some cracks. After the 'Blacky', 'Olympiad' and 'Narbonne', all being confirmed racers with several national top 100 to their name, the last one discovered is the fantastic 'Limoges'.

- 'The Limoges' (BE13-9023661)

2. Best belgian pigeon on Limoges 2014-2015 (PIPA Rankings)
1. Limoges National Zone -  1.736 p. '14
1. Limoges I provincial  -  1.828 p. '15
   8. National Zone      -  7.128 p.
   14. National          - 15.009 p.
10. Limoges II nat zone  -  3.568 p. '15
   26. National          -  8.303 p.

A small but very competitive loft

Noé has a colony formed of around thirty racers, fifteen breeding pairs and 80 youngsters ringed each year. He always had an eye on quality rather than on the quantity. All his pigeons are paired up in december and the racers can raise a youngster. They are then separated and paired up again in april where they can breed for 5-6 days before the start of the widowhood and the first trainings. After several flights in sprint and middle distance, they are flying their first great middle distance race and then they are basketted for the long distance races. The yearlings are however raced in several great middle distance races. Noé takes a look at their results but he also pays attention to their shape when they come back home. At the opposite, the old pigeons are only selected on their performances and they need to win several prizes per 20 and even 30…

With such a level of selection and with such a quality in the breeding loft, it is no surprise to see the name De Coster ahead of the results each year...
Congratulations Noé for your longevity in your passion who is still motivating you like it did on day one. We wish you will be able soon to catch up your missed appointments with history... so that you won't have to go back on time to obtain what is owed to you.