Nine auction will end on Sunday 17 December from 11am onwards

On Sunday 17 December nine auctions will finish: Performance Pigeons, Murez-Marichal, G&C Cooper, Hardy Krüger, Gevaert-Lannoo, Philippe Dobbelaere, Jan Hooymans, De Smeyter-Restiaen and Mark Gilbert. The first auction, Performance Pigeons, will end at 11am.

Performance Pigeons

Super class racing birds
Champions breed champions; this has been the key to success for many fanciers. With this in mind, PIPA is selling a group of exceptional pigeons, including first prize winners and national champions. Several renowned fanciers, including Jelle Roziers, Benny Steveninck and Davy Tournelle are selling some of their top class racing birds.

Albert Murez-Marichal (BE)

Performances pigeons
Albert Murez-Marichal is since many years one of the best fancier of the belgian national pigeon scene. In 2017, he achieved another wonderful season that he ended with the 2nd National Champion middle distance olds & yearlings KBDB. But over the last few years, he put himself under the spotlights with his numerous classifications in the KBDB championships :
1. National Ace Small Middle Distance Yl KBDB 2016
1. National Champion Small Middle Distance Olds & Yearlings KBDB 2017
3. National Ace Middle Distance Yl KBDB 2016
5. National Ace Middle Distance Yb KBDB 2016
7. National Champion Small Middle Distance KBDB 2016
13. National Ace Middle Distance Yl KBDB 2016

G&C Cooper (UK)

Youngsters of their best breeders
The top team of Geoff and Catharine Cooper marked the start of a successful era for pigeon racing in Great Britain. Besides their many great results at home they were also among the best performers in the international extreme long distance classics. Their stock breeder George proved invaluable for the team; his family bred five generations of (inter)national first prize winners, and no less than four international first prize winners. These include such renowned racing birds as George, Farmer George and Wollongong. Youngsters of all the champions of team Cooper will be sold in a prestigious PIPA auction.

Hardy Krüger (DE)

Youngsters of his best breeders
Hardy Krüger created a pigeon breed that was able to perform consistently, and that same breed has started winning top prizes across the globe as well. Hardy's own team has been very successful on a regular basis, in the German program races as well as in the international one loft races. It was in the OLR competition in particular that the German fancier made a name for himself. His exceptional Black Power Dynasty has gained international fame and it continues to deliver. Hardy is now selling a group of youngsters from his best breeders in a fantastic auction.


Gevaert-Lannoo (BE)

Youngsters of their best breeders
Excelling, dominating and eventually winning races. This has been the story behind the impressive palmares of the Gevaert-Lannoo combination. Gevaert-Lannoo gained national and international acclaim with their Chateauke and Kaafje bloodlines, which enabled the team to reach new heights, especially in combination with Gaby Vandenabeele's Bliksem bloodline.


Philippe Dobbelaere (BE)

Youngsters of his best breeders
Philippe Dobbelaere managed to rank himself among the leading pigeon lofts in Belgium in recent years in the longer middle distance (with the hens) and the one day long distance (with the racing cocks). His racing team gained international acclaim thanks to some remarkable results, including several provincial and zonal victories, as well as a national first prize from Chateauroux in 2014 and 2016. Their consistent level of performance throughout the 2017 season resulted in the team winning a 1st Nat. Zone A2 from Limoges, the title of Best Old Bird of Belgium Longer Middle Distance over 5 national races and 2nd Best Old Bird of Belgium Longer Middle Distance over 6 national races in the PIPA Rankings, a 3rd National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance olds KBDB and no less than 26 first prizes.


Jan Hooymans (NL)

Youngsters of his best breeders
The highly acclaimed Harry dynasty of Jan Hooymans was successful again in 2017, winning a first prize NPO from Bourges against 4,814 pigeons. This is yet another great result for this highly renowned and unsurpassed bloodline.Tens of NPO winners, national winners and Olympiad Pigeons owe their success to the Harry bloodline. Meanwhile Beauty Harry is well on his way to following in Harry's footsteps. Jan and his team selected a group of youngsters of their best breeders to be sold in a highly exclusive PIPA auction.

De Smeyter- Restiaen (BE)

Youngsters of best breeders
Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen is one of the leading pigeon lofts in the extreme long distance in Belgium. His impressive results in the extreme long distance classics from Barcelona and Perpignan have made his palmares even more impressive. His level of performance is simply outstanding. The marathon birds from Melden put up a show in almost every race, arriving home in quick succession and with high speeds, winning numerous top prizes in national and international races. We are now selling youngsters from their most renowned breeders and their best racing birds in a top quality auction.

Mark Gilbert (UK)

Southfield Supreme Special
Mark Gilbert's overwhelming strength in numbers in the UK in the international classics can be attributed to a large extent to his stock breeder Southfield Supreme. He won a 1st Int. Dax 17,416 p. and he is now the sire and grandfather of an impressive list of provincial winners and national top 10 winners. In this top class auction we are selling some highly talented descendants of the internationally renowned southfield Supreme dynasty.