Nihoul Roland & Guy - Senzeilles (BE) lengthen in 2009 with success their national title “National Champion Long Distance K.B.D.B. 2008”.

We first came into direct contact with the father and son combination Nihoul from Senzeilles (Cerfontaine), lying at a stone’s throw from the marble quarry of Beauchâteau.

A valuable piece of heritage that has to be kept in honour because of its fauna, flora and  geology as well as its industrial history and marble that was quarried there was exceptionally rare. It is more than four million years old and has its existence to thank on the Coral Reef from middle-Devoon out the primary era. In that period there was an equatorial climate and our country was submerged by a warm sea. That explains the large number of fossils at this location. The unique view made it inviting to stay for a picnic, but the prospect of getting to know the brand new national champion had the upper hand
The winning of the national championship Long Distance KBDB 2008 was in fact an addition to all the good that we had learned about the successful goings on of the top colony which can undoubtedly be classed as one of the flag bearers of the Waals “Long Distance school”.

They first hit the limelight of the international pigeon sport happenings in 1980 with the winning of the first prize international yearlings from Barcelona. Exactly 30 years later the prize cabinet is bursting at the seams. Championships from all kinds of plumage with the current highlight, the winning of a national title, in fact the logical conclusion to a high standing sport season 2008, a sequence of real “Goosebumps moments” including:
-2nd national Montelimar;
-1st- and 5th provincial Old birds Montauban;
1st provincial and interprovincial Old birds Bordeaux;
1st and 2nd provincial –1st and 6th interprovincial Bordeaux Yearlings
1st provincial and 1st interprovincial Old birds Soulliac
-1st provincial and 1st interprovincial Old birds Narbonne;
-1st provincial old birds Perpignan.

Le Professionnel-Le César-L’Oscar, le Magnéfique and le Turbo were the five main players which obtained the highest stand of the national long distance podium
During the winter period the outsiders demanded a great sportive performance. With a good dose of healthy common sense father and son Nihoul distinguished the steep expectation pattern. Doing more than their best, just like the previous years, hoping for good weather and that the “best may win” formed the healthy approach of the so called “year of the confirmation”. Doing better was stamped as impossible, let alone keeping the high sportive performance curve at the same performance level.  Quite early in the 2009 season the insiders new that it could be the year of the Nihouls once again. The presumptions were strengthened every week because Guy and father Roland walked from one success to the other.

A short anthology:
1st Prov. & 1st Interprov. Vierzon
1st Prov. & 1st Interprov. Argenton
1st Prov. & 1st Interprov. Limoges
1st-2nd-3rd Prov. & 1st-2nd-3rd Interprov. Cahors (10/10.)
1st-2nd Prov. & 1st-2nd Interprov. Orange (5/6)
1st-2nd-3rd-5th-6th-7th Prov. Perpignan (8/8 )
61st-62nd Nat.C Brives 6567 old birds.
11th-13th-18th-42nd-67th-70th Nat.C Cahors 2896 old birds
75th S-Nat. Montlucon 9350 yearlings.
1st-2nd-52nd-64th Nat.C Orange 3173 old birds.
2nd-3rd-94th Nat. Orange 5237 old birds.
46th Internat. Bordeaux 8358 old birds.
72nd Internat. Bordeaux 9316 -yearlings.
10th Nat.C Limoges 2429 old birds.
98th S-Nat. Jarnac 3989 old birds.
59th S-Nat. Jarnac 4827 yearlings.
62nd Nat. Tarbes 4812 old birds.
68th Nat.C Souillac 2708 old birds
18th Nat. Libourne 8723 yearlings
19th-28th Nat.C Tulle 2780 yearlings (2/2)

A single achievement in the Belgian pigeon sport history
or a second consecutive title, was a fact. Reason enough to travel once again to Senzeilles, a jewel in the crown of the tourist region “LES BARRAGES DE L’EAU D’HEURE ».
This shining performance of the father-son combination wins more worth when you know that three pigeons that showed the way to the first national podium in 2008, now also played a part in 2009.

Photo 4-Le Cesar

Photo 5-Le Professionel

Photo 6-Le Turbo

Last year the “Turbo” was the head man of the excellent racing team. From Orange, under very tough weather conditions, this clapper missed winning the first national by just three seconds (1061, 570 against 1061, 467). Three movements of the 86400 that the pendulum of the astronomical clock of Seinzeilles made in 24 hours.

Photo 7- astronomical clock of Seinzeilles made the difference between the highest and the second stand of the national podium which was also completed a few minutes later with a second pigeon from the Nihouls.
Magnificent, we can say.
The Turbo was not making his debut because his sporting career of top performances includes:
2nd Soissons (199p);
26th Collegien (126p) ;
19th Nanteuil (168p);
11th Loris (124p)-53rd FCN (899p) ;
From Bordeaux -1st club(218)-1st LNL (949p)-1st N.D (1395p)-8th National (2728p)-11th international (7708p);
2nd (244p)-17th (454p) from Nanteuil;
13th (416p)-75th FCN from Lorris;
35th club (387p) and 113th FCN (1910p) from Lorris;
Brive: 67th (731p)-592nd zone C
Bordeaux : 14th club (151p)-120th CFW (1038p)-301st national (2257p)
Soulliac : 1st club (152p)-1st interprovincial (916p); 6th national (7315p)
19th Nanteuil (363p)
160th (1283p)-Lorris ;
55th (1159p)-273rd (1336p) Gien ;
1st club-1st national Zone (3173p)-2nd national (5242p) Orange.

When we ask our hosts about the “how and why” of their successes, they invariably refer to the value of their breeding loft. Roland and son Guy swear by breeding from proven top pigeons. At the end of the nineties a first generation of real toppers laid the basis for the current success formula. The breeding from own crack pigeons so as:
the « PORTOS « 9095885-98  -
the« ASTICOT » 4522498-97 –
the« MARC » 9102014-96 –
the « RONALDO » 9102070-96
did well fort hem because no less than 13 sons of this illustrious four achieved the top hundred national and/or international.

The current generation of breeding pigeons scored just as high with toppers so as “Le Petit Chef” -The Oscar-and le Magnéfique


With these last two pigeons, without forgetting a brother of them, namely the « BORDEAUX » 9048374-06
(winner of the 1st Club (218p)-1st L.NL 5(528y)- 1st (949p) – 1st N.D. (671yearlings )– 1st –(1395p) – 1st (601Yearlings)- Noyau 1000 – 1st (1248p) –2nd (1057 yearlings) CFW– Nat C 8th zone C (2728yearlings);  – 12th International (7708p)) we land at the stock father and mother of the Waals long distance topper, namely the « Couronne  9049586-97 » X « La Bolletje 3244757-97. »
In addition to the noble letters of the earlier cited sons, the children also performed well with the following top performances to their name, namely:

1st Interprovincial Bordeaux 2000
1st HMC Bourges 2000
1st HMC Angoulême 2000
1st Interprov Châteauroux 2001
1st Rég Sens 2001
1st Rég Angoulême 2001
1st Rég Béziers 2001
5th  S.N. Châteauroux 13054p
1st-4th –5th Prov Brive 2002
4th-13rd-17th ZC Brive 10645p
1st Rég Orléans 2003
1st Rég Perpignan 2003
40th ZC Bordeaux 2004
48th ZC Narbonne 2006
54th Int Narbonne 2006
69th Nat Bordeaux 2006
12th International Bordeaux 2007.

For the men who like to unravel the homecoming, for the sake of completeness we give you the pedigree card of this truly golden breeding couple.

Pedigree :  Click here

The new season is rapidly approaching. The outside world will follow the performances of the resigning couple more eagle eyed than in previous years. Doing better than the previous months will be difficult, our hosts know that all too well. After tens of year at the top of the pigeon happenings, father and son know that winning and losing are very close together. To use the words of father Roland  ”What we have won, no-one can take away from us, whatever else comes, we will gladly accept”.
The question is “Whatever else can come – a third consecutive title? It would be unique in the Belgian pigeon sport memory. They have now already earned their place in the collective pigeon sport memory, but isn’t there a saying “ No two without three”. It would be criminal. Never say never…we will know more over the coming months.