The newest member of the PIPA family is called Jef!

We are proud to announce the birth of the latest member of the PIPA dynasty, Jef Gyselbrecht. Jef was born on Monday morning the 23rd of November at 7:16am, 13 days after his due date, weighing in at 3.860 kg and 52.5 cm tall. He follows in the footsteps of his sister Amalia, who was born 14 days later than expected four years ago.

Congratulations Nikolaas and Jana on the birth of your son, and congratulations to the proud grandparents Carlo and Nadine Gyselbrecht and Jana's parents on your grandchild. We would also like to congratulate the proud godparents Thomas Gyselbrecht and Renata Muchova (Jana's sister), and granduncle Georges Gyselbrecht!