New SUPER Auction! 'Fenomeentje' 1st National Acepigeon KBDB 2009 in auction! Also a preview of the coming auctions!

Today and the coming days we will start again with some real high quality auctions! Earlier this week we took off with the total auction of 'Acepigeon Loft' A.M. Van der Rhee and the coming days we start some new top auctions! Today we already started with the auction of ALL the birds (minus some old birds of 1999 and 2000) of one of the strongest Short & Middle Distance Lofts of Belgium: Robby Wilms! In total there are only 33 pigeons in this auction, but with an extremely high quality. Main pigeon in the auction is 'Fenomeentje', winner of 1st National Acepigeon KBDB Middle Distance Young Birds. Also her parents, all her grandparents and some other topbreeders and topracers are in this auction. The next 2 days we start some more quality auctions with the total auction of Cees Schroevers his old birds and we also start with a new Jewels Of The Sky! Below is a small overview of some of the topbirds which are currently in our auctions or which will come in auction very soon!