The new PiPa website went LIVE yesterday. The beginning of a new era !

Yesterday was the beginning of a new era. The start sign was given for the new PiPa-site.
Yesterday was the beginning of a new era. The start sign was given for the new PiPa-site. It was a great success, with no less than 56.000 visitors paying a visit ( see ).

Yesterday there was also champagne drunk at the PiPa-offices, because our programmers Erwin and Kristof more than deserved it. The previous night the “live”-gang were busy deep into the night so that we could go live on the 20th of April as promised.

It is difficult to imagine as a visitor how much blood, sweat and tears have flown to achieve this. The initial idea for a change began 5 years ago. There has been intense brainstorming for years, many meetings, much swearing ; losing our courage many times, because it was a monster work changing the old PiPa site to a complete new site. Why a monster work ? Well, one the one hand you have the front-end ( what you see as visitor ) and then there is the back-end ( what we as PiPa use to change things on the site ). Well, the back-end became one big labyrinth,
a tangle of loosely-related modules programmed by various individuals. You can compare it to a small factory that was built by a grandfather, and as the company grew the children kept building annexes, but there was no structure to it. Well, it was the same with the PiPa site. There a new, big virtual gigantic industrial building has been built, an enormous platform that allows us to change a lot of things in the future and to expand in an efficient manner.

So, both the altering of the information for the front-end user and for ourselves in a totally new site without having to worry about whether it would become a site where the front-end user couldn’t find anything was an exceptionally difficult task in which PiPa, on the basis of the hundreds of positive reactions, has been apparently successful.
This gives us the courage to continue.

We would also like to respond to a few of the important questions that have been asked about the new site :

( on the photo you can see programmers Kristof-left and Erwin-sitting and standing up is Nikolaas )


  • First and foremost thank-you to the hundreds, maybe even thousands of reactions over the new site from over the whole world, via e-mail, telephone, sms, on the site, etc…

  • The forum is one of the more difficult things and has the most shortcomings with respect to the old website. Many “features” that we used to have and that have still to be programmed ( eg. The most recently added reports, the private messages that you can send to each other, etc…). Our apologies, we’re working on it.

  • Column Club results can be found under racing season, but you won’t yet find the  results for 2009 on-line, we are working on it, it is also not yet possible to place new results, we hope to have this sorted out for next weekend.

  • It will soon be possible to log-in automatically. Now you have to log-in every time you visit the site, but soon you will be logged in automatically when you visit PiPa.

  • Top results / top performances from 2009 are on the site, those from 2008 and earlier have yet to be added, if you have a top result you can send it to , just like before. Later we will use a form that you can fill in.

  • There is a whole series of small details that still have to be “fine-tuned” so as we refer to it in professional jargon.

    If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form that you can find at the top by firstly clicking on Contact.