New Olympic classifications for Martial Maindrelle (Bretteville-sur-Laize, FR) !

The season 2016 has a special taste for Martial Maindrelle. ‘Another time’ we are forced to say as the 'flying doctor' has never stopped achieving astonishing seasons, one after the other.

Over the last few years, several French fanciers put their names under the spotlights thanks to their fabulous results. Whether they are racing the international races or the federal races (almost the same as a national race in Belgium), several fanciers are acting like 'pioneers' as they try to get their name on the international pigeon scene, helping at the same time the French pigeon sport to gain some reputation. Martial Maindrelle is one of them but we can also talk about Alexandre Margris, Gery Etuin or the Dechamps Brothers. Aged of 49 years, the so-called 'flying doctor' has been able to book another top season crowned by some prestigious titles, including two olympic classifications. It must be said that Martial has a solid basis of pigeons built with direct descendants of some of the best pigeons available in Europe. With a rigorous & modern management, this could only lead him to total success. More recently, Martial gained an interest in the genetics of the pigeon sport.

Genetics, a new trend in the pigeon sport?

The interest of Martial over the new orientations regarding genetics has increased a lot. Actually, two main genes are sought: the gene LDHA (lactate deshydrogenase) and the gene DRD4 (dopamine). After reading several scientific articles on this topic, he wanted to know more about his main pigeons, mostly his Olympic pigeons and that’s how he came to test them with Pigen. He was then really surprised to find out that some of his pigeons were bearers of the dopamine gene (DRD4). Even more interesting: Armin, nestbrother of Cannonball, is himself bearer of two genes, the LDHA (genotype AB) and the DRD4 (genotype CCCT). When you take a look at the results booked by these pigeons, we can conclude that the influence of these genes over the performances is quite significant.
We found an example with a result booked by the Maindrelle loft that can confirm what we think about this:
The 13th of July 2013 in the race from Poitiers, the Maindrelle colony won the 3 first prizes against 728 pigeons. The first prize has been won by Olympic Nico (gene CCCT), the second prize has been won by Olympic Cannonball (gene CCCT) and the third prize by Armin (nestbrother from Olympic Cannonball and bearer of the gene AB-CCCT). Fifteen days later, still from Poitiers and this time against 618 pigeons, another trick with the same pigeons (1st, 2nd, 3rd) but in another order this time. Some people will still be doubtful as to these scientific explanations but it is clear that these conclusions are bluffing! Anyway, Martial is convinced by this.

Third international exposition for Olympic Nico

It’s one of the most importants bird from the Maindrelle loft and he just added another prestigious line to his rich performance list: Olympic Nico has been qualified for the next Olympiads from Brussels as he will represent France as the first pigeon for the Cat D (all-round). It will be his third participation in an international exposition after the Europa Cup in Brno in 2014, the Olympiad in Budapest in 2015 and now Brussels 2017. It’s an exceptional pigeon bred from a crossing between the lines of Torero Van Nordenne, Pepper from Bosua and Blitz from Drapa (Click here to check his pedigree). Another important thing : he is bearer of the famous DRD4 gene (performing gene).

Here are the best results won during his career:

1. Pigeon Pre Olympic France Cat A (Brno 2014)
1. Olympic Pigeon France Cat A (Budapest 2015) - 20th mondial
1. Olympic Pigeon France Cat D (Brussels 2017)
1. Provincial Ace Pigeon '14
1. Vivonne      791 p. '15 (303 km)
1. Poitiers     728 p. '13 (286 km)
2. Poitiers   1,589 p. '13 
2. Poitiers   1,072 p. '13
2. Fontenay     652 p. '13 (295 km)
2. Poitiers     618 p. '13
3. Cognac     1,084 p. '14 (380 km)
3. St Yriex     446 p. '14 (416 km)
4. Langon     1,960 p. '15 (508 km)
4. Poitiers     849 p. '13
5. Vivonne    1,278 p. '16 
6. Bergerac   1,825 p. '15 (478 km)
6. Ruffec     1,274 p. '13 (345 km)
7. Ste Maure  1,380 p. '16 (235 km)
7. Jarnac     1,342 p. '13 (380 km)
8. Niort      1,540 p. '13 (309 km)
9. Niort      2,447 p. '16
10. St Yriex  1,575 p. '16

The end of his career was perfect as he just entered the breeding loft right after the season, like the other top pigeons from the loft. It’s not easy to replace such a pigeon in a racing team. However, another pigeon has already proved that he had enough talent to be able to replace him. This pigeon is still young (he will be only 2 years old in 2017) but he has just qualified as well for the Olympiad in Brussels.

Olympic Huracan

The new racing pearl from the Maindrelle loft just gained his Olympic title and, with the previous Olympic pigeon from the loft, he is forming now the olympic team from the Maindrelle loft! Olympic Huracan just qualified for the next Olympiad in Brussels as he will represent France in the Cat G (yearlings).
(Click here to check his pedigree.)

1. General Ace Provincial
1. Provincial Ace Yearling 
2. Olympic Pigeon France Cat G (Brussels 2017)
2. Provincial Ace Sprint
1. Ste Maure  1,196 p. '16
1. Marmande     482 p. '16
6. Roullet      452 p. '16
10. Ste Maure 1,380 p. '16
14. Vivonne   1,278 p. '16

Golden Algarve Race - 2nd prize final race for Aviators Loft

Over the last few years, the Golden Algarve Race has been considered as the most prestigious one loft race held in Europe. That’s why Martial Maindrelle wanted to enter his birds, as he wanted to let his pigeons compete against the best fanciers from Europe. It was the right decision as, for his first participation, Martial won the 2nd place during the final race, a performance booked by Aviator 3, a pigeon with an exceptional pedigree: click here to check the pedigree of Aviator 3.

This final, organized from Bragança (505 km), has been held in very tough conditions, typically from Portugal: heat and head wind. Only 8 pigeons from the 3,644 sent were able to fly above 1,100 m/min. For Martial, this was an unexpected performance but it trully proves the quality of the Maindrelle pigeons! Moreover, the nest-sister of Aviator 3 booked some top classifications as well during the Algarve Golden Race with the following prizes to her name:

105. Portalege - 4,411 p.
132. Castelo   - 4,002 p.

Maybe the discovery of another top breeding pair for Martial Maindrelle!? Anyway, we won't be surprised to hear about it in the coming years!
Martial, congratulations on your performances and see you in 2017!