New Freddy has moved to the PiPa Elite Center...

One of the most prestigious Acebird titles each year is the Acebird grand middle distance KBDB. Astronomical amounts are paid/offered every year to the person who has managed to win this title...this year it was even more special....

The pigeon is just a yearling, with an exceptional pedigree, and Pierre Matthijs, who raced the pigeon, lives in a very unfavourable location on the Dutch border, with the greatest distance of the whole of Limburg, entirely in the North-East of the province .

And is it not the case that the pigeon, now christened "New Freddy", in the 2 hardest races het took part in last season, each time with a North-East wind, raced 2 x the 1st from the entire province, with the location against him (greatest distance) and with a head wind...( North-Eastern Wind )... In addition to these 2 provincial victories this pigeon also won 1 x 3rd and 1 x 6th provincial !


The great constant in the weather picture the last season : almost invariably races flown with a light headwind… in other words, races with a velocity around the 1.200 m/min… meaning that in many places more or less the same names or lofts decided the ‘weekly competition happenings’… in many cases even ‘dominating’! Notably the 1° nominated… the ‘favourites’ of the fanciers… so generally their ‘real toppers’ … could be found at the top of the competition happenings. In other words it was often the same pigeons which were by the ‘first’ in the roll call .

What the ‘Bourges’ ( now christened : New Freddy ) from Pierre Mathijs definitely has over his previous colleagues (ex-winners Acebird KBDB )… is the fact that this pigeon has to race ‘extra flying hours’ to achieve this sharp coefficient, and had anything but ‘place’ and ‘competition circumstances’ to his advantage. Pierre lives in Hamont-Achel which lies in the NE-corner of the province Limburg (on the Belgian-Dutch border) and has more or less the ‘greatest distance’ from our country in the underlying races… and with the prevailing ‘tough racing conditions’, with persistent headwind… it means extra kilometres on the counter, and extra flying hours on the schedule… which makes the performances of this pigeon even more ‘impressive’! This ‘Bourges’ was bred out the ‘Chateauroux’ B99-5000704, self 1° Provincial winner… and son of  ‘Brother Freddy’ B96-4603915, full brother of the ‘Top breeder Freddy’ by De Rauw-Sablon (now Pros Roosen) who a.o. was father of the world famous ‘Dromer’ De Rauw-Sablon (a direct Freddy Vandenheede-Zingem out the golden stock couple ‘Antigoon’ x ’t Krijt’) x ‘Blauwwitpen Vandenheede’ B95-4628426, direct Freddy Vandenheede and half-sister of  'Krijt’ (out the 2° Acebird Long Distance: ‘Tropical 219/87’ x ‘Sinja Mosa 535/86, the mother of the Krijt’ ).


The ‘Chateauroux’ was self an excellent ‘star racer’ with a series of remarkable top performances to his name, so as: 1° Prov. Chateauroux 4° Prov. Vierzon 9° Prov. Argenton 10° Prov. Chateauroux 1° regional St.Witz. Mother ‘Bourges’ is a half-sister of the 1° Prov. Chateauroux ’06 by Freddy Vandenheede, namely the ‘Granddaughter Limoges’ B06-4112378… daughter of ‘Hooverphonic’ B00-4065892 (son of the legendary wonder breeder: the ‘Limoges’ B91-4261261, yes indeed, the son ‘Dream-Couple’ De Rauw-Sablon and brother ‘2° Nat Acebird Long Distance KBDB’… x ‘1° Acebird FCD’ B96-4391925 De Rauw-Sablon) x ‘Thebe’ B03-4146313, self 1° Dourdan 42 p, 3° Prov Vierzon 2.535 p., 11° Prov Bourges 3.437 p, 54° Intprov Vierzon 7.839 p, 353° Nat La Souterraine 13.988 p… and a.o. mother of  the 1° Prov Chateauroux ‘06 (and daughter of  ‘Pablo 485/98’, 1° Prov Bourges ‘98 x ‘Fantastique 444/95’, self 1° blois 563 p. etc .).

The ‘Bourges from Pierre Mathijs is then not only a real ‘super crack’, he has also a pedigree to make you ‘lick your lips’… out the very best that the ‘brothers’ Vandenheede from Zingem have to offer. It is now about 18 years that Pierre visits the Vandenheede household… first by father Rene, later by Freddy (now Freddy & Jacques)… where Pierre obtained reinforcements almost every year. Pierre Mathijs could be found in the pigeon loft at an early age… but said goodbye to our sport for a few years. Sometime in 1974 he started again with pigeons from ‘grandmaster’ Jan Grondelaers and Robert Vanhees. It went quite well at the beginning, but after a few years the engine started sputtering and it quickly went downhill… through my own stupidity, Pierre admits, Jan Grondelaers had given me plenty of warning! I didn’t get back on top immediately… and just ‘muddling about’ is not in my dictionary! So I had to go in search of ‘other’ and especially ‘better’ pigeons! For this, Pierre read all the ‘pigeon magazines’ from front to back and from back to front… and inside and out, this to see who belonged to the ‘best racing lofts’ of our country… and from these he wanted to obtain ‘reinforcements’… in other words ‘other pigeons’. One of the lofts jotted down in Pierre Mathijs’s notebook was that of  the late Rene Vandenheede, later Freddy Vandenheede… and the current ‘5-star –colony’ Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede! Especially descendants out the 2 stock couples ‘Kilimanjaro x Expresso’ and ‘Antigoon x ’t Krijt’ enjoyed his preference… and over the years several Vandenheede pigeons moved to Hamont-Achel… so that the current loft is built up with about 80% Vandenheede pigeons… which are crossed with a few pigeons obtained from Pros Roosen and his friends ‘Rikske’ Custers‘, Gaston Bottu, Jos Thoné, Gebr Herbots, and a few out the line of the famous ‘Louiske’ from Jan van de Pasch (NL). But his Vandenheede pigeons… are the ones Pierre holds in his highest esteem… his ‘Bourges’ clearly showed us why !