New employees at PIPA

In the past few weeks PIPA has welcomed three new employees. We would like to introduce them to you.

Tiffany Maertens (Trainee)

Tiffany was born on 7 February 1995; she comes from Oostveld (Oedelgem). She has a passion for tennis: she is a tennis instructor, she takes courses and she plays tennis at the highest level in Belgium: Ladies 1.

In secondary school she studied office & administration at the Sint-Jozefinstituut in Bruges. At the moment she is on an internship at PIPA. This is the first time she has been involved in pigeon racing. At PIPA her main task will be to support the administrative team.

Claire Duin (Trainee)

Claire was born on 21 February 1993 in Knokke. Four years ago she moved to Oedelgem, together with her parents and her younger sister.

She goes to the Sint-Jozefinstituut in Bruges, where she has been studying office & administration for three years. Prior to this she also studied tourism at the Sint-Jozefinstituut. As part of her studies she is now on an internship at PIPA. She works for our administrative department to learn the ropes.

Lisa De Beule (Administrative Assistant)

In June 2012, Lisa obtained a degree in Multilingual Communication (French-Spanish) at the Faculty of Translation Studies at Hogeschool Gent. In September 2012 she started working as a project assistant with Secretary Plus.

In October she was involved in a first project, which was at PIPA. Thanks to her Erasmus experience in Spain she soon felt comfortable in our international environment. She speaks many languages, which is why she assists her colleagues in Spanish communication and French translations. As an administrative assistant she also works as a receptionist and she supports the financial and logistic services. For instance she helps Taise to send invoices and she assists Niels with dispatching.

Lisa was involved in pigeon racing at an early age: her grandparents have a pub in Ertvelde, her hometown, where the local pigeon club meets. At the moment Lisa lives in Gent with her partner.