New display of power for the combination Dehon-Demonseau (Thulin, BE) in the KBDB championships

The most titled sprint loft of the last ten years has not finished to impress us and they showed once again another display of power on the belgian sprint discipline.

They did it... once again

When you only focus on one racing discipline, the belgian KBDB championships are regarded as the most prestigious championships you can enter because this is where you can be put under the spotlights among your opponents and prove the real worth of your pigeon loft. When you are crowned as National Champion of the KBDB, that's because you simply won the most prestigious champion title possible. But it is also well known when you have reached the top, it is even more difficult to keep on racing at the same level. When we take a look at what just achieved the Dehon-Demonseau combination, we have to give them a huge credit. They won indeed the 1.-4.-7.-10.-15. National Acebird Sprint KBDB while also winning the 2. National Champion Sprint KBDB. If the racing season 2021 has been an exceptional one, what should we say about the titles won over the last 5 years:

1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2015 ob (with National Ace 2015)
1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2017 ob (with Best Kittel)
2. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2018 Yls (with Junior)
1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2019 Yls (with Daniel)
1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2020 Yls (with Best Kittel II)

In this report, we are not coming back again on the origins of this success story. We were likely interested to introduce you to the top performers of the 2021 season who will be classified among the unforgettable ones.

- 'Blue Best Kittel' (BE18-1045025)

Let's start with the big headliner of the 2021 season as he just won the title of 1. National Acebird Sprint KBDB old birds 2021, establishing at the same time a brand-new record with the lowest coefficient of the history in this discipline, with 0.68% (a record already achieved in 2017 by the legend 'Best Kittel', lowered afterwards and now back to their name again in 2021). This super crack already won the 4. National Acebird Sprint KBDB yls 2019 which put him right to the same level of his famous cousin 'Best Kittel': both pigeons ended their racing career winning this prestigious title after they were ranked as 4. National Acebird KBDB while being yearlings. But it's not over: the 'Blue Best Kittel' (previously christened 'Espoir') already have some prestigious breeding references, which drives us to think that he will probably be in the same line than 'Best Kittel' itself. Indeed, only a handful of his children were sold in 2019 and in 2020 (4 or 5 maximum) and two of them already proved their worth as breeders. It is especially the case in UK at Pieter Oberholster where a son of the 'Blue Best Kittel' became father this year of a pigeon who won the final race of the Midlands National Flying Club on Weymouth against 2.137 youngsters. Still in UK, Derek Rooney wins this year the 3. National Acebird Young birds RPRA 2021 with a granddaughter of 'BBK'. In Belgium as well we quickly noticed the breeding potential of this amazing line:

- 'Junior II' (BE20-1090910)

'Junior II' is a direct son of 'Blue Best Kittel' and it was quite remarkable to note that he finished his yearling year winning the 4. National Acebird Sprint Yls KBDB. Is it already a taste of what's going to happen next year? Because indeed, he will still be a part of the racing team in 2022. When we know what happened with 'BK' and 'BBK', we can rightly ask ourselves...

- 'Best Kittel 475' (BE19-1129475)

The 'Best Kittel 475' is one of the new flag-bearer of the colony and especially of the 'Best Kittel' breeding line as being one of his grandson (his father is the 'One Eye Best Kittel' son of 'Best Kittel' x 'Bulcka'). He won in 2021 the 7. National Acebird Sprint old birds KBDB. It's also another grandson of the famous 'Shakira', one of the key breeding hen of the Dehon-Demonseau colony being grandmother of ao. 'Junior II' but also mother of 'Milan' (6. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2017). He will be also raced in 2022.

- 'Best Kittel 905' (BE20-1090905)

The 'Best Kittel 905' ranked himself as 15. National Acebird Sprint Yls KBDB this year and is also a son of the 'One Eye Best Kittel 449' (father of the 'Best Kittel 475' - see above). It is also very impressive to remark that his mother is the 'Nestsister of Blue Best Kittel' ('BBK'). He will also enter the 2022 campaign.

- 'Best Kittel 941' (BE20-1090941)

This 'Best Kittel 941' won himself the 10. National Acebird Sprint Yls KBDB. His father is the 'Nestbrother of Mother Best Kittel' and he was himself 13. National Acebird Sprint KBDB before becoming an exceptional breeder. Beside of the 'Best Kittel 941', he is also grandfather of 'Junior II' (see previously).
The mother of the '941' is an original Adrien Mirabelle hen, direct daughter of his base breeding hen 'Last Hope Smiss' and herself already grandmother of 'Victoria's Secret' (2. National Acebird Middle Distance KBDB 2016).

Massive references on mondial level

We are not going back on all the references obtained by this loft since 2017 and the discovery of the Dehon-Demonseau combination, especially of the 'Best Kittel' line. But we must mention that during the 2021 summer, the 'Victory Best Kittel' won the title of 1. Super Ace at the Victoria Falls 2021 edition, one of the most demanding titles to win in one of the most prestigious one loft races on earth. This pigeon is a direct son of the 'Best Kittel' and he won this very competitive ace pigeon title in a discipline and on a distance where you don't really expect sprint pigeons to being the top performers. The final proof that this breeding line is not limited to the races of 250 km.

What's next for 2022?

For the combination Dehon-Demonseau, the next chapter of their successful story looks promising as the main racers of last season have not left the racing loft and they will be entered on the races in 2022. Moreover, the team has been armed with new gems discovered among the 2021 generation. So are two of the best young birds from this year direct children of pairing such as 'Best Kittel II' x 'National Ace Hen' (mother of 'BBK') and 'Best Kittel 102' x 'Van den Bulck 917' whose pedigrees can be checked under this part.
Will there be another golden chapter to be added to this amazing story? Only time will tell.