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New auctions: Support Eeklo, Samuel Mbiza, Jos Thoné, Anthony Maes collectie & Alpdag Brothers

On Tuesday 2nd of April these new auctions will start: Support Eeklo, Samuel Mbiza, Jos Thoné, Anthony Maes collection & Alpdag Brothers.

Support Eeklo (BE)
Exclusive pigeons from top fanciers

A splendid auction for Eeklo, featuring pigeons from top fanciers Ludo & Ruben Lanckriet, Piet Blancke, Annick Goeteyn, Martin Dhooge, Schoors-De Waele, Sam Bostoen, Carlo Gyselbrecht, PIPA Breeding, Etienne Meirlaen, Paul Gevaert, Chris Hebberecht, John Debaene, Jelle Roziers. Each of them has contributed from their best, making this auction of sublime quality.

Samuel Mbiza (SA)
Gentle Lady Special

Perhaps one of the hens in Samuel Mbiza's breeding team was Gentle Lady... the direct PEC pigeon crowned as the 4th final winner of the Million Dollar Race 2019 under extremely challenging conditions. Gentle Lady produced a multitude of highly valuable offspring, and when PIPA Elite Center brought the unique team of champions to auction at the end of 2023, Samuel insisted that this hen be included in the auction; after all, there is hardly a more unique PEC pigeon for One Loft Races. Gentle Lady spent much of 2023 at PEC and was paired with several super cocks. Now, in the auction, there are 4 specially selected offspring of Gentle Lady, paired with: - Porsche II, 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2022 with 1st provincial Argenton & 1st National Zone Brive - Infinity, sire of 1st National Souillac, 1st National Zone Bourges & 7th National Ace Pigeon KBDB - Puggle, arrived first at the Million Dollar Race with a lead of 5 minutes, clocked in 4th place.

Jos Thoné (BE)
One Loft Race special

The Thoné loft, a household name in the global pigeon sport, has been at the top for years. Absolute world-class from sprint to heavy long distance, from Mettet (102 km) to Barcelona (1108 km) ... to top performances in One Loft Races all over the world. The phenomenon offers a top selection on PIPA, with the proven breeder Brother Nina 524 being a standout, father of the 27th final PIPR and brother of 1st National Bourges winner Nina. Furthermore, young pigeons from well-known breeding and racing pigeons, especially from One Loft Races, such as Figo James x Ria ... Pano x Sua ... Furano x Rhea ... Mara x her father Last Son Crow ... Billy x Konda ... Fyto x Crowchi ... Fytor x Iris ... and superstars Kajo, Remco, Kai.

Anthony Maes collectie
21 direct Anthony Maes pigeons from the very best, supplemented with offspring from them. Offered by Anthony Maes & Dean Pallatt. 3 children of Bonte Crack, 1 brother of Bonte Crack, and further offspring from Nestbr SeroSero, Papillon, Perfect SeroSero

For years, Anthony Maes was one of the stars of Belgian pigeon racing! His superb colony proved nearly unbeatable, with flagship birds such as Papillon (2x 1st provincial), SeroSero (1st Nat. Argenton 2016), Bonte Crack (1st Nat. long-distance ace KBDB 2019), Seven (2nd Nat. middle-distance ace KBDB 2021), and many more... In a hyper-exclusive auction, Anthony and Englishman Dean Pallatt jointly offer no less than 21 direct Anthony Maes pigeons from the very best, supplemented with offspring from them. Among them are 3 children of Bonte Crack, 1 brother of Bonte Crack, and further offspring from Nestbrother SeroSero, Papillon, Perfect SeroSero, Rudy-Papillon... Notably absent from the auction is the daughter of Bonte Crack (BE19-3130710), who, due to a wing injury, can no longer fly and has therefore been excluded from the auction.

Alpdag Brothers (TR)
Youngsters from the best breeders

In their unique drive to create a super colony based on the very best Belgian bloodlines, the Turkish brothers Alpdag invested in pigeons of remarkable lineage... think of offspring from 1st National Ace Pigeons KBDB like Little Star (Geerinckx), Armando (Verschoot), Best Kittel, Best Kittel II, and Blue Best Kittel (PIPA Breeding), as well as Lincia (Lambrechts)... but also offspring from PEC super breeders like Porsche 911, Prince Porsche, Lieve (mother of Porsche 911), Louise, and Geerinckx foundation breeders Gladiator, Blue Lagoon, and Wittekop Sylvester. From all these breeders owned by Alpdag, they are offering a fantastic group of young pigeons in auction.