New auctions starting today at 5PM : Barcelona Special and Mark Gilbert

Today, Tuesday December 13, 2 auctions will start. These auctions will end on Monday December 26.

Mark Gilbert (UK)

Youngsters of his best Brockamp breeders

The introduction of direct Brockamp pigeons has enabled Mark Gilbert to close the gap with the world's best. The results were obvious: he won an international first prize and an impressive 15 national victories in Great Britain. The bloodlines of Euro Diamond and Mistral can be found in the pedigrees of all of his biggest stars, which shows that Mark has quite a valuable collection of Brockamp pigeons in his loft. He is now selling some of his most precious birds. Many extreme long distance fanciers will be looking forward to this auction, in which we sell youngsters of the very best Brockamp breeders paired to each other.

Barcelona Special

Children/ brothers/ sisters from famous Barcelona pigeons

Numerous fanciers across Western-Europe focus their entire season around the first weekend of July, for the most important international classic in pigeon racing. No other pigeon race comes close to Barcelona in terms of overall appeal and popularity. Every winner from Barcelona is a top class racing bird, and many pigeon breeds have been built around the bloodlines of Barcelona winners. PIPA is now selling youngsters of some of the most iconic Barcelona winners. In this auction we sell youngsters of the best Barcelona pigeons of Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Jelle Jellema, Mark Gilbert, Geert de Coninck, Pronckaert, and others.