New Auctions starting Monday 5 June at 5pm: Peter Janssen and PIPA Elite Center

On Monday June 5th at 5pm two new auctions will start: PIPA Elite Center and Peter Janssen. Those auctions will end on June 18th. The following auctions will start later this week: Ludo Claessens Collection, Collector's Items and June Auction.

PIPA Elite Center (BE)

Youngsters of best breeders

Over the course of this decade PIPA Elite Center gained an international reputation with their focus on quality, based around the iconic New Freddy, who developed into a world class breeder. A new chapter has been added to this success story now with the introduction of Porsche 911.

Peter Janssen (DE)

Youngsters of best breeders

Peter Janssen auctioned his entire breedingloft on PIPA last winter. The huge success of this auction is not a surprise since he’s a real supremacy on the highest level of pigeon racing. For this auction, several youngsters were bred out of his majestic breeding team. Some of these youngsters are now in auction. With parents like Best Son Kaasboer Ever ( Gaston van de Wouwer) and his superson 1. Nat. Ace pigeon Müller. Also the super brothers from Dolce Vita ( Veenstra), from which Der Beste bred the 1. Nat Ace Pigeon Miss Dolce Vita. But also the magnificent Lorg Lohengrin, Olympic pigeon Budapest 2015.