New auctions starting at 5PM CET : DVV , Black Sea One Loft Race and Big Andy One Loft Race

Today, Tuesday November 22, 3 auctions will start. These auctions will end on Sunday December 4.


Youngsters of their best breeders & some top class racing birds

DVV Pigeons is without doubt one of Belgium's strongest pigeon lofts in the middle distance and the long distance. De Vroe, Van Gaver and Vandeputte joined forces and they managed to get the most out of an exceptionally valuable stock pair: Kleine Schonen x Van Gaver Duivin. This breeding pair raised several generations of nationally renowned racing birds, and the DVV racing and breeding team is based around such invaluable pigeons as Den Tom, Den Tiets, Den Drinker, Benji, and many others. DVV pigeons is now selling some of their best racing birds and young birds bred from their best breeders.

Big Andy One Loft Race (USA)

Winners 2016

The role that Andy Larentzakis has played in the international scene has had a significant impact on the development of our sport in North America. Acting as a middleman Andy enabled fanciers from North America to obtain top quality pigeons from Europe on a regular basis, and these pigeons managed to excel in their new homes as well. The descendants of these important pigeons have achieved some great results in the numerous One Loft Races across America. The final race of the first edition of the Big Andy One Loft Race took place in the USA a short while ago, and the winners of this first edition will now be sold on PIPA.

Black Sea One Loft Race

Winners & ace pigeons

The internationally renowned “Black Sea” FCI One Loft Race in Romania has been increasingly popular among European fanciers in recent seasons. The closing race over 550km with a release along the Black Sea and a course in north-westerly direction is particularly suited for strong athletes. The entire top-10 from the 2016 edition will be sold exclusively on PIPA.